Solitude For Saturday. #8

Good morning everyone! It felt so good going out to feed the birds this morning. None of that bone chilling cold. No breathing it that brutal lung freezing cold air. No tensing of the muscles as soon as I get out the door. None of that. It was a much milder -4F (-20C) this morning. This is what it should be like this time of year. And if the 2 week forecast is close to being right, it will stay approximately like this over that period. It would be nice if it warmed up just a bit more and started to melt, but it does not look like that will happen any time soon.

But things can change. No snowstorms in that 2 week forecast either, but they can be a lot more difficult to predict too far in advance. It started off cloudy this morning, but the clouds have nearly gone now and the sun is shining beautifully. Just after I spread fresh seeds on the main feeder, a female redpoll landed there beside me and hopped onto the feeder to start eating her breakfast. I said good morning to her and she gave a little chirp and continued eating. That is solitude.

Canada Jay.

I talked to her for a bit and she came closer. I stood there watching for a little longer then said good bye. As I left she gave another little chirp. Two other redpolls joined her as I was going back inside. The chickadees showed up shortly after. The nuthatches were a bit later arriving here this morning, a milder morning means they do not need to be in such a rush to get here.

But several of them are now here feasting on the suet cakes and sunflower seeds. Now that the weather is going to be nicer I will be able to spend more time outside with the birds getting more pictures. Hmm, those clouds seem to have returned again, blocking out the sunshine for a while. However, it is supposed to clear completely this morning.

Male pine grosbeak with redpolls.

The street where I live is normally very busy as it is a main road going in and out of town. But this morning it is very quiet. So nice and peaceful. Hmm, it was, the neighbors dog just came up on the deck barking at the birds. Sigh. Minor detail I guess. Solitude. It is a real blessing. So sad that today not everyone can enjoy this blessing of solitude. My prayers are with the people of Ukraine. Solitude, something they cannot enjoy right now. God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

14 Comments on “Solitude For Saturday. #8

  1. You have a benevolent climate on your side that gave you the opportunity to go out and as you say, in that landscape you can find the peace and tranquility that nature gives. amazing photo. Good weekend Steve.

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