Musings For Monday. #9

Good morning everyone! I hope your Monday is off to a great start! It is early here, which means it is still dark outside. Mostly anyway. There is some daylight showing off in the east already. I enjoy early mornings. When it is daylight nice and early, like around 4am. And it is a warm summer morning. And I can sit outside on the deck with my coffee and listen to the birds singing. Sigh. So nice to think about that. Anyway, it is another mild morning, okay, mild for us morning. All over the area here people are shoveling snow off the roof of their house.

Mine was cleared off on Saturday, which I think I mentioned already. So there are big and very hard mounds of snow beside the apartment now. They got hard very fast. Unfortunately the dryer vent for my apartment got buried by all this snow. Happens every year though, so I was not surprised. But the snow was much harder this year than usual. So I go out with my shovel to dig out the vent so I can continue to dry my clothes. I was walking over this mound of snow quite easily until, floomph!

A snowy look at some snow.

That is kind of what it sounds like, floomph! And I was up to my chest in snow. Good thing I had my shovel with me or I might have sunk deeper. How I managed to find that soft spot is quite amazing in itself. But getting out was not easy. My legs would not move. So I had to dig myself out, but the snow was hard all around me. So I was trying to chop the snow with my shovel. It was not going so good. I put my one hand on the snow to try and push myself up, but I was too deep.

Then I chopped the snow again with the shovel. I missed the snow and hit my hand. I have no idea how I could do that with all that snow around me. I took my glove off to look at my hand and it slid down the side of this mound of snow. Naturally. But I could just reach it with my shovel and pull it back to me. I did manage to get myself out and dig out the dryer vent without much problem after that. Except I shook my sore hand and my glove came off and fell in the 4 foot deep hole down to the dryer vent.

Even more snow than the previous photo.

I could easily reach it with the shovel, but I could not lift it out of the hole. So I had to dig a bigger hole to get my glove. Sigh. I still do not know why they put that dryer vent down nearly at ground level. It could have been put 6 feet off the ground and there would be no problem. Sigh. Oh well. Thank you for reading, have a great Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (Remember Ukraine)

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

18 Comments on “Musings For Monday. #9

    • Agree with you Jim. The landlord should make sure the vent for the dryer works. If he has snow shoveled off the house, the snow should not be next to the house as it could comprise the foundation when it melts. Landlord’s issue!

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      • Yes, but it takes too long to work through the landlord. As I mentioned earlier to Jim, it took 2 months to get him to clear the snow off the roof. And now I will be dealing with water leaking in here once weather warms up to melting temps. My previous landlord worked much faster at getting things done.

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    • Probably, but I needed it right away and going through landlords can take a while sometimes. It took 2 months to get him to clear the snow off the roof and now there is going to be a lot of water leaking in here once the weather warms up.

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  1. Snow , snow , snow ❄️❄️❄️…woke up to more snowing…your problems are notable ! The dryer vent should be higher…yes, you are more like Dad ! Have some tea ! πŸ™‚πŸ˜»

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  2. The placement of the dryer vent likely occurred in summer weather and was easiest and cheapest to run an almost straight line from the dryer (whose vents are usually at the bottom).
    In older houses in Kentucky, hose bibs were always put 4-5 inches off the ground, meaning to attach or detach a hose, one has to crawl down to the bib. In all the houses I built, we always made sure hose bibs (and dryer vents, along with any other penetrations) were at least a meter off the ground for easy servicing. ‘Course, one meter where you live would still be too shallow for your winters, but better than “nearly ground level!”
    You might ask the apartment management if they would move it up for you, or at least allow you to move it. Just be sure there is adequate air flow so you do not have a problem with clogging that becomes a fire hazard!! 😱 Get someone who knows what he is doing if you are allowed to move it.

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    • It was summer, but they chose the longest way possible, about 17 feet, instead of going straight from the dryer to the outside wall, 6.5 feet. Then the vent would be 8 feet off the ground. I don’t think my landlord would want to move it for something that happens once a winter. However, things will be done a bit different next winter which might be my last winter in this place anyway.

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    • Yes, I’m okay! But it was quite an exciting time. And we have March left which normally gives us the most snow of any month! Thanks for reading Cindy, have a great day! God bless!😊😺🌞

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