The Investigators, Inc. The Castle Mystery. Chapter 13.

Meow,meow?=You okay? Wake up please! Jennifer opened her eyes, as did Angel with Muffin licking her face. Their legs were covered in a pile of debris from the collapse of the ceiling above them. No one else could be seen, or heard. The girls got shovels out of their backpacks and went to work digging themselves out. It did not take long and the 3 of them stood there looking at this mountain of mud, gravel and stone. They called out but there was no answer from anyone else. Were they all buried completely under all that rubble?

They looked at each other, there was no way they could dig out all that by themselves. And more could cave in at any moment as stones hung ominously above their heads. “That one large stone hit my leg quite hard,” said Angel as she limps around. “Don’t walk too much just yet,” said Jennifer, “it could have cracked a bone.” Then they heard some sounds, it was someone calling for help from that side corridor. They could see the corridor so started digging until they had a spot big enough to climb through easily. It was Annelie and Candace! “Rock pushed us aside as the ceiling collapsed,” said Annelie.

She was buried to her waist under that rubble, while lying face down. Candace was lying down on her back and was likewise buried to her waist. The girls began digging frantically to get them out before any more of the ceiling collapsed. Meow,meow.=Activate alarm device, Muffin told Jenny. “It might not work too far under here, but I guess it is worth a try,” she said and activated it. Muffin also tried to call out to MC. Their devices can transmit further than the alarm devices.

Meanwhile, back at the clinic… MC yowled loudly bringing Chung running. Baldwin was having his afternoon coffee and donuts when he got a phone call. Shirley came in running after she heard Baldwin yell for her. He handed her the phone. “Hi Chung, what is the matter?”, she asked, “oh my, oh my.” Then she handed it back to Baldwin. He quickly called someone.

“Eddie?, I am putting you through to a man named Chung,” he said, “get him whatever he wants, and get it NOW!” “Okay boss,” said Eddie. Shirley saw Baldwin crying. “I haven’t cried since I was 6 years old,” he said choking on every word, “what am I going to tell Steve?” “I am sure you can think of something,” she said, “you are his best friend.”

Meanwhile… “Hey Carl, we got something here,” said a man. Carl checked, sure enough, there was a signal coming through, but it was weak. Baldwin gets another phone call, which he did not want to answer, so Shirley looked at it. “It is from MC,” she told him. Then he took the phone and MC told him he got a message from Muffin that they are trapped underground in one of the corridors because the ceiling collapsed, Rock is missing and 3 of the girls are hurt.

“What is going on around here?”, he said to Shirley, “the whole team is getting hurt.” Then a phone call from Carl came in and Baldwin told them to go in and look for the others, and approximately where to look for them. They already had a copy of the map for the corridors and were waiting in case they were needed. It was a dozen of Baldwin’s best men.

Meanwhile, back to the girls… Jennifer and Angel managed to dig out Annelie and Candace and aside from cuts and bruises, they were not really hurt much. Meow,meow.=I hear groan again, down here. Off they all went and stopped at the first door they saw, but it was locked. Meow,meow.=Yep, human Kara in here. Muffin was sniffing at the bottom of the door. It was a very solid wood door, and locked. Each of them tried to open the lock, but without success.

Jennifer then told Angel and Candace to go dig their way into the other corridor if they could and see if Rock is in there. Muffin went too and helped them dig. Finally there was a hole big enough for Muffin to go through, which she did. She came back quickly, meow,meow.=Rock here, but only head, rest hide under dirt. Candace gave an oxygen container and mask to Muffin who then hauled it into the next corridor and put it on Rock. She was trained to do this in case of emergency.

Finally the girls got through too and began digging out Rock. Annelie joined them while Muffin went back to be with Jennifer. Just as Muffin got to her that whole part of the corridor caved in filling the remaining part with thick dust. Jennifer got out masks for her and Muffin, along with oxygen so they could breathe. But what about Kara? However, the ceiling collapse had broken open the door so they rushed inside and Jennifer began sharing her oxygen with Kara. Of course that means it will not last long with two of them using it. What should they do now? This is a dead end corridor…

To Be Continued.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

4 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. The Castle Mystery. Chapter 13.

  1. Oh my ! They are in trouble, deep trouble ! Is Kat dead or kidnapped ? Maybe it is not a dead end…hmmm…🕵️‍♂️👩👩👩🤔😼😿

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is possible there is another way out, but if not they don’t have much time. Yes, what happened to Kat? This is definitely a bad case!🤔😬😮😯😟😿😾🕵️‍♂️


  2. I wish I could keep up with your Investigators series but I’ve been overwhelmed lately. FYI, today is March 12, and it is snowing in my neck of the woods! I remember quite some time ago, I went to New Orleans, Louisiana for a business trip in March and it snowed! The weather is crazy! 😱🙀❄️ ☃️☕️☕️Take care and stay safe.


    • That’s okay Eugenia, life gets busy sometimes! Wow, hard to believe snow that far south in March! But we are getting unbelievable cold right now too, unreal for this time in March. Enjoy your weekend!😊😻☕☕🌞❄️

      Liked by 1 person

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