Coffee And Thoughts For Thursday. #1

Good morning on this very bright and beautiful day! Time for a nice cup of coffee and relax for a few minutes before continuing our day. I would say “beginning” our day, but most of you are already at least half way through your day, so it just would not sound right. So this way it works out nicely no matter where we are in our day. But here the day has begun with a sunny, warm morning.

Here we have Jasmine, she seems a bit upset that I was taking her picture.

The birds are definitely fewer in number now as they have spread out to begin nesting, then they will start to return again later in the summer. But some will stay with us right through summer. There are still about a dozen evening grosbeaks that come each day, but they come and go throughout the day now, instead of staying all day. There are a few chickadees and nuthatches.

The blue jays, Baxter and Betty, with their family of 3 are here most of the day now. There are still some grackles and blackbirds around. There are 2 pairs of chipping sparrows and a pair of white-throated sparrows here as well. There is a pair of goldfinches and a pair of pine siskins. Plus a male hairy woodpecker stops in sometimes for some peanuts.

One of our black-capped chickadee friends.

For chipmunks we still have Pocket, Choco, Skamper, Crunchy and Scooter. The others have disappeared, perhaps too scared to come because of the dog and cat that now live in the house, and are outside here a lot. Jasper, Jasmine and Chase are here a lot now, Slim and Freddy have disappeared. Chase seems to be the new boss. Jasmine has babies now, and she is starting to get a lot more friendly now.

And a female evening grosbeak.

Actually all the squirrels are getting very friendly again. Jasper still gets along well with the chipmunks. They were out here yesterday eating side by side. I was just going to take a picture of them when someone came along and scared them, though not deliberately. But they are not used to other people and so will run if anyone else comes around. Hopefully I will get another chance. Today I am showing pics of critters looking right at me.

Nature’s Beauty photo; we have new growth on a wild rose bush.

Then at the end our “Nature’s Beauty” photo of the week. I enjoyed our coffee and chat today, I hope you did as well. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

6 Comments on “Coffee And Thoughts For Thursday. #1

  1. Yeah, I’m half, um no full, no I’m in next day 😁😁 so I say it was a day, now midnight🙄😀😅 Jasmine looks she is in a hurry to leave 😅 black capped chickadee is stunning, liked its natural hairstyle 😉 what? A cat and a dog? Omg, your friends must be scared of them, i can understand why Jasmine pose that way🙄 wild Rose have amazingly started its journey.. more flowers to bloom 💝 Nice shots today… Hope your week had gone well, just one more day and you are entering the weekend, have a lovely Thursday 🏃💝👻

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Jasmine was in a hurry to leave and she first wanted to go where I was standing, but since I didn’t move she went a different way and I don’t think she was impressed by that!🤪😂 Yep, I think that cat and dog have scared some of them away,🤔😮 or maybe worse!😬😱 But I don’t want to think of that. My week is going nicely, fantastic weather which I am enjoying very much,🌞😎 but more rain coming on the weekend, still have tomorrow with sunshine though! Have a fabulous Friday Simon!😁🌞😎😻


      • I enjoyed nice weather. It was a good relaxing busy week in my native place. Went for my wife’s brother marriage. It was busy whole week… But enjoyed it for sure 😇.. thank u uncle Steve, it’s good to travel time in Blog 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, that is so nice! Weddings are always a great time! So happy you enjoyed yourself. Have a good night!😁😴🌛☕☕


  2. Thanks for the coffee and your info on the birds ! 🙂😻☕️☕️☕️☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for stopping by again, glad you liked the coffee! Have a wonderful restful night!😊😻🌞😴😴


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