Coffee, Musings And Humor. #2

Good morning everyone on this wet Monday! Well, it is a good morning for coffee, so time to grab a cup and relax with Muffin and I for a few minutes. Plus, today we start the week with some color, bird color that is. So I do hope you enjoy another look at some of our brightest birds we have. Though this is only a partial list, we have many others.

Male purple finch.

I know you have seen these birds before, but they look so nice all on one post like this. Anyway, on these rainy days it is nice to have some color to enjoy. And we do not have a lot of flowers blooming yet, though a few of the early brave flowers have begun showing their beauty here and there. The red elderberry bush out back here is starting to show a bit of white color on the buds, though no flowers are actually open yet.

Male American goldfinch.

It is definitely the small birds favorite bush to use, summer and winter. It has so many branches that it is a safe place for them to hide from danger, and it is a good place for them to go and eat their sunflower seeds. Plus they love all those beautiful red berries that are produced each year. But although the birds can eat and enjoy those berries, they are poisonous to people, and eating only a few can send people to the hospital very quickly.

Apparently it is the only elderberry species that is poisonous, all the others are safe and delicious to eat, providing you can beat the birds to them. Dandelions are now blooming in good numbers, there are even some daffodils blooming too. The yellow violets have begun to bloom out back here as well, and a few other wildflowers have also started to bloom, including wild strawberries.

Male indigo bunting.

Last week when I walked to the river the blueberry bushes were loaded with buds, but none were close to blooming. Perhaps some will have started blooming by the time I take my next walk down there this week. I am sure glad I got some nice pics of that indigo bunting while he was here, since he obviously decided to move on elsewhere. Though I suppose I could have missed him yesterday, I was not outside that much.

Male Baltimore oriole.

I did sit outside for a while in the afternoon though, when the sun was trying to peek through the clouds, just to get some fresh air. It did have that nice fresh smell after the morning rain. There were 4 chipmunks around in the afternoon, Choco, Crunchy, Skitter and Pocket. Well, now it is time to take a look at some humor to begin our week…

I finally realized why I look so bad in pictures. It’s my face.


He suffers in silence louder than anyone I know.


I accidentally sat on my phone and Siri suggested several local gyms.


Wisdom From Children…

Don’t ask your mother to brush your hair when she is arguing with your father. (age 8)

You cannot hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk. (age 7)

Never argue with your sister when she is holding a baseball bat. (age 6)


Well, thank you all for joining us today, I hope you have a marvelous Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

26 Comments on “Coffee, Musings And Humor. #2

  1. Amusing 😍😻😺
    Well, I can’t understand one thing why I look *different* in cameraman’s camera, while my camera shows my face quite acceptable πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
    Have joyous day Sir Steve 😺😻😍😊

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