The Investigators, Inc. Ghost Town Mystery. Chapter 12.

Everyone just stood still, not really believing what they just observed. Then Rock ran to the burning helicopter, but it was much too hot for him to get close. Kat yelled to him to get away in case there were any other explosions. Then they began a methodical search going in circles around the burning helicopter, just in case anyone had been thrown out and perhaps survived. But there was nothing. Then they heard the sound of a small jet flying in circles overhead.

“That is one of Baldwin’s jets,” said Kat. Rock ran back in the open and phoned up to the jet and let them know what happened and to call Baldwin. He was sleeping when the call came through. “What??,” he yelled, “I want everyone out of there, now! Put me through to Rock.” He told Rock that help was coming, and it would be safe help so he was to tell everyone to get ready for leaving once the help arrived.

Soon two large military helicopters arrived and they loaded all their gear on board, including the jeep that Rock and Caren arrived in. A special medical team came to gather the remains of those on the downed helicopter. Kat and the rest of the girls were unable to watch. Maggie and Val said they were going to stay and wait for Sam and Melinda to get back. After the helicopters left the two women walked over to the house, looked around and then went inside.

What they did not see was a face in the window of the hotel attic watching their every move. “Now we learn something perhaps,” said a man’s voice. “I hope so,” said a woman’s voice. “Why did Sam and Mel bomb the helicopter?”, said Val, “now the police will likely come out here to find out what is going on.” “I never thought about that,” said Maggie, “I hope they do not find out what we are doing here. All that time and effort would be wasted.”

“Not to mention we would end up in prison for a long time,” said Val, “and I do not like that idea. What were those two thinking anyway?” “Who knows,” said Maggie, “Mel has always been somewhat unpredictable, she just goes and does what she wants and doesn’t care about anyone else.” Soon Mel came along riding a horse and stopped by the house. “Hmm, so that is how she gets around,” said the man, “she must have left Sam at the mine to watch things.”

Mel throws open the door, “okay you two, what is the big idea planting a bomb on that helicopter? That is certainly a great way to attract attention to what we are doing here. Was that Sam’s idea?” “We thought you did it,” said Val, “we certainly would not do it, I don’t want to spend time in prison, which is where we are heading if the police get involved.” “Well, where is Sam anyway?”, asked Mel very agitated. “Isn’t he with you?”, asked Maggie.

“Of course not, if he was would I be asking where he is?”, said Mel very sarcastically, “he came back last night.” “We were in the hotel last night,” said Maggie, “those PI’s wanted to keep us protected, more like they wanted to keep an eye on us. I am sure they suspect we are up to something.” “Then he is probably still sleeping,” said Mel, “he is the most lazy man I have ever met.” She then went and opened the bedroom door and jumped in shock.

Sam was hanging from the ceiling. “Maybe he killed himself,” said Val. “Oh right,” said Mel, “he stood on that chair by the wall and jumped off, then after he hung himself he put the chair back over by the wall. Start thinking for a change. Obviously there is someone else involved around here and they did not want the PI’s to hang around, and they killed Mike and Sam.”

“I do not like the thought of someone else being involved,” said Maggie, “we need to get out of here.” “All this work to get those PI’s out here so we can brainwash them to do what we want and now someone gets in our way,” said Mel, “we will have to use that bus to haul our equipment out of here.” “How?”, asked Val, “someone stole the battery.” “That was just Sam,” said Mel, “and I know where he put it.” “But if we leave, maybe someone will find our stuff,” said Maggie.

“Who is going to find it?”, said Mel, “only the 3 of us knows it is in that tunnel under the old boarding house, no one will ever find it. And we will be back soon enough. But we will have to get that PI team another way now, I doubt they would be willing to come back here. And we need them to complete our plan.” “Well, well,” said the man, “now we know where to look and find out what they are doing out here.” “I sure hope so,” said J, “I sure do not like this.” Meanwhile, back with Baldwin…”Jake, we need to talk…”

To Be Continued.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

45 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. Ghost Town Mystery. Chapter 12.

    • I can guarantee we did not plant the bomb. Why would we want to kill ourselves and the two pilots? Everyone saw us get on, no one saw us get off. The medical team retrieved the bodies of people and cats. Plus we did not kill Mike or Sam, there is definitely someone else involved. But who? Somehow I don’t trust Mel, I think she is just acting and actually working with that third person. Or maybe not.🤔😬🙀🙀🙀👩

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  1. Where are the cats ? Where were you ? What is going on ? 🕵️‍♂️👩👩👩😼😼😼🤔

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    • The cats, 3 girls and myself had left on that helicopter that exploded. Now the rest of the team has been taken out on military helicopters. They also took the remains of everyone on the burned helicopter. But who is the face in the window? John? Someone else?🤔👻👩🕵️


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