Coffee And Thoughts For Thursday. #10

Good morning on this another wet day! Time to enjoy some coffee, though from the inside. It is a cool, mostly cloudy morning and we did have some rain earlier so everything is nice and wet. Unfortunately cool and wet is not good for insects. They tend to hide away somewhere until the weather turns nicer again. Except for mosquitoes. They enjoy the cool and wet.

I am like the other insects, when it is cool and wet, I hide inside. And enjoy some hot coffee. Lots of hot coffee. And my coffee flavored cupcakes. Freshly baked. Hot coffee cupcakes and hot coffee, mmm, what a combination! Please try as many as you would like, there is lots for everyone. This weather is even keeping the chipmunks away.

A lone harebell.

I think there was only 2 of them yesterday, plus 2 squirrels, Jasmine and Copper. I think the chipmunks were Choco and GPS. So not too much happening here lately. The weather is supposed to be nicer starting tomorrow and carrying on through the long weekend. People will get some nice weather to enjoy the long weekend with, so I am sure they will be happy about that.

More harebells.

And maybe I will finally get my walk to the river again, with some nice weather. I really do prefer sunshine for my photography. I will take pics on cloudy or rainy days if there is something I do not already have pictures of, such as a bird that I have been trying to get for the last 4 years. A cloudy picture is better than no picture. But sunshine really brings out the colors of things so much better. The colors are vibrant and just really stand out so beautifully.

That is true with birds, flowers, even insects. Plus, I think, everything else too. Cloudy, rainy pictures can look good in certain instances if that is the focus of the photo. But for me it does not work in my photos. Like the photos of wildflowers today. But that is just me and what I like in photography.

Northern bedstraw, each individual flower is quite tiny, but together they produce a beautiful floral arrangement.

Hmm, the sun is peeking out a bit right now, it has done that 3 times now, but it does not stay out long and it is not warming up much. Right now at 10:30am it is 59F (15C), and going up to 64F (18C) with showers all day. This is our third cool day in a row. I think summer left us. Oh well, it will return beginning tomorrow, I hope.

An old fashioned rose growing in the yard, it dates back to the 1940s.

Really not much happening, but I am getting some needed cleaning done and sorting things. I am downsizing a bit. One of those necessary things to do now and then. Muffin does not like it, she hates change. I can understand that too. Wow, it has really gotten windy out there, it is really tossing those trees around. Well, thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Coffee And Thoughts For Thursday. #10

  1. Looked at accuweather map of Canada’s rain and seems to be centered around James Bay, making a big counter-clockwise sweep that may keep the bay’s shores wet for some time ahead. LOTS of lakes in the area. Assuming you are in Ontario, are you south or more directly west of James Bay?

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    • Yep, this weather has been stalled here for a while but we should get a day or two of sun before it comes back again. I am in northwestern part of Ontario, not really close to James Bay but an area full of lakes and rivers in every direction. But not many people.

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  2. Cupcakes and coffee are welcome anytime ! ☕️☕️…love the flowers you shared with us today !❗️📷

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  3. Downsizing is good, I need to do that soon. We accumulate so much unnecessary junk over the years. My cat Venus gets anxious when I move around the furniture or throw things away!

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    • Yes, it is amazing how fast stuff accumulates. Sometimes I’m sure someone else must live here too. That sounds just like Muffin, she really hates having furniture moved around.😾🙀

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  4. I can imagine this insect wearing huge jeans and feeding birds and little critters, it is such a sweet insect named Uncle Steve 😜 cloudy and rainy means everyone takes a break, except human 😐😂😅windy and tossing the trees around? U should stop going out 😐😁take care, and stay safe. Hope u enjoy the little walk and the windy climate… Have a nice Thursday night and a Beautiful Friday ahead ❤️

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    • Well, it started off being a beautiful, sunny Friday, though a bit cool,🥶 now it is a cloudy Friday, though a bit cool.🥶 I’m wearing a jacket in July!!😮🙄 This should not be happening. Sigh. And now with all the boom boom boom on the roof I’m getting a headache.🤕 I think poor Muffin has one too. Sigh.😾 Happy Friday!😁😁


      • So that we call it cool Friday 🤭not good 😕 your heater policy 🙄🙄you have no options, have to wear a jacket 😂stay warm with more blankets, if that fails try our idea, just a spark and a lot of woods 😎 alright, not a good idea again. How long this shingles replacement works will go on 🤔 hope it soon ends. Poor muffin and you. Take care.

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      • They finished finally an hour ago, they started at 7am and finished at 5:30pm, only 10 and a half days,🤯 or is that minutes?🤪 Hours maybe?😵‍💫 Sigh. It’s warm now, 23C! Throw off the jacket, time for T shirts again! Yay!!🌞🌞😎


      • They are soooo fast!!!! Wow.. if i got this project I would have taken 2 days and collected double the charge 😂😜. T-shirts? Is it warm that fast? Oh I’m sorry it’s Canada. It’s possible, it’s like Chennai, except we don’t get snow here, but the climate is freakishly unpredictable 🤣. Have fun in the sun!!

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      • Yep, back to T shirts, open windows, fans going and it’s already too hot!🥵🥵 But tomorrow back to the cool rainy weather!🥶🌧️☔


      • How about no t-shirt bare body 😁😁on. Cool day 🤣 I’m sorry, don’t even think about it 😅jus kidding. Good night 🤗🌃


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