The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of Avina. Chapter 4. Problems.

Although we could probably get help from more of the prisons, not all will likely help. So, those ones we will not even try to ask or we will just give them warning that we are coming and that would make things even harder for us. Next on our list is going to be the woman in the Brazilian prison. This will likely be our toughest job so we may as well get it out of the way now.

Annelie hacked into their records to find out which cell the woman was kept in, then we hoped they did not change things at the last minute. And hopefully they keep their records up to date, or we will be in big trouble. This is a large prison so we cannot afford mistakes, we will not likely get a second chance. We needed to borrow some of Baldwin’s men for this job since we need pilots and helicopters, plus some specialists in other things.

Two of these people have been going through our entrance course to join our team. If they pull off this one for us, they are in for sure. We spent most of our time flying across the ocean sleeping, then the final couple of hours going over our plans so that we all had everything memorized. Timing was going to be very key in this one, because we will not have much time.

Annelie will hack their computers and mess them up a little just prior to our visit. At about the same time our new team helpers will cut the electricity and their back up so nothing will work in the prison, but, Annelie will make sure that the cell door that we want will be unlocked. Other doors we will have to unlock. Plus she will give the prison a message on their computers to hopefully make sure they will have everyone in their cells at the time we arrive.

That will make things easier for us since there will be no chance of a riot happening. I think all of us were a bit nervous about this one, but I think no one more so than me. After all, this really is a private problem and if any of my team gets killed or captured, that would finish me. I think my PI business would be finished too. On a regular case we all take our chances, just part of the business. But this is different. I know they all volunteered for this, knowing the risks involved, but still…

Well, here we are at last, landing at the airport. Fortunately Baldwin has more than one company over here, so help is close by. And he always has helicopters here too and that is helpful. But, we need to make some changes to them so they will not be recognized by anyone. We need 3 of his helicopters for this job so we started with painting them.

This is a special paint that can be washed off quickly and easily with a pressure washer but it will stay safely on if it happens to rain. We had to bring the paint with us unfortunately, so that means the work could not be done ahead of time. And there is a drying time as well. Plus we needed to add a few extras to the helicopters so we could get in and out of that prison quickly.

But if all goes as planned we should be at that prison just after dark. Annelie did her job perfectly, Bellamy and Sovia did theirs with perfect timing, now it was up to the rest of us. We split into 2 groups, one attacked the opposite side of the prison in a showy way to attract attention, and it worked. They set off explosions and bright lights, the helicopter came in nice and low and noisy.

Our helicopter came in on the other side dropping our team off and then leaving. We made our way through the corridors, blasting open gates and doors along the way, shooting any guards we saw with our dart guns. Finally we found the woman’s cell and got her out, identifying ourselves with the code word supplied by Avina. So she came with us and we rushed outside again calling the helicopter just before getting out and they were ready with the ladder lowered for us and soon we were on our way.

The other team left at the same time. But something went wrong. Jennifer, who was in our team was at the back of our group and was captured by a guard coming out of a room. We were in such a hurry that no one noticed until we were racing away back to Baldwin’s company. “Hey, where is Jennifer?”, I asked as we landed…

To Be Continued.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

28 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. Mystery Of Avina. Chapter 4. Problems.

    • What? And leave Jennifer behind at that prison? We just broke out a high profile prisoner, Jennifer will be in big trouble. We can’t just ask for her to be returned. Jennifer will be treated as a criminal too now and likely be in prison for a very long time since she cannot reveal who she is or who she is working for.😮😬👩😾😾😾🕵️


      • Yes, they will likely have her under heavy guard and probably will not record where she is being kept, and that is a big prison to just randomly search. Then there is our rules to consider, if someone gets captured we can’t go back for them. Everyone on the team knows this. It is just too dangerous going back. We could wait until all of this is over, but, what will happen to Jennifer in all that time?


      • Yes, John knew this woman, so maybe we can get help from him and this woman too. Biggest thing is we need to find her quickly once we get inside, so we need to know where to look for her.🤔👩🕵️


      • Yes, if she is willing to help us. They likely have a special area of the prison for people like Jennifer who will be charged with helping to break out a prisoner. That could lead to a long prison sentence.😬👩🕵️


      • It won’t be easy doing what you’re attempting to do… but you’ve got a good team and they are very resourceful, so someone will think of something 🤔

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yep, no matter what it will be tough going. We also need to be careful that Baldwin’s helicopters are not identified in this too, that would be bad for him and it would also identify us. This will also set us back a couple days which is not good. There are at least 2 other prisons that we will have to tackle the hard way.😬👩🕵️


      • Possibly, but finding out when would be a problem. They would likely keep it secret. Unfortunately she does not have one of the new alert chips inserted yet and the old one has been removed since they turned out to have defects. The new ones work perfect, but none of us have them yet except Kat and Annelie.🤔👩🕵️


      • Yes, and we don’t want to lose any more of our team. So…do we leave her for later or go after her now?🤔👩🕵️


      • Yep, that’s what I think too, but, it must be put to a vote since this is all volunteer, so we shall see what happens. We certainly are not going to get much sleep.🥱👩🕵️


      • Yep, need to stay awake so that is the way to go! Lots of work to be done on this one!🤔👩🕵️


      • Yes indeedyo! Now, to get in touch with Baldwin, he is not going to like this!🤔😯👩🕵️


  1. Is this woman Jennifer ? Trouble, trouble ! Interesting that she was left behind to be captured 😲 …were the cats aware of this development ? Watch out for any deviation to the plan ! 🕵️‍♂️👩😼😼😼

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is Jennifer alright. She wasn’t left behind deliberately, she was at the back of us coming out and was grabbed by a guard. Everything was going so fast we just didn’t notice in the darkness that she was even gone. The cats were not along on this trip. But now we have a big problem trying to get her back if we can do it.😮👩🕵️


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