Coffee And Chatting. #12

Good morning to everyone on this sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy Tuesday morning! Hmm, did I miss anything? No, I guess that is it. The morning began mostly clear, then the sun rose over the trees so it looked like it was going to be a nice day after all. The forecast was for mainly cloudy with showers this morning. So I once again cancelled our road trip since I really do prefer a sunny day for pictures.

Sir Henry looking for more food.

Flowers, insects, birds, all look much better in the sun. That sunshine really brings out the colors of nature. With clouds those colors become muted, dull and not very accurate. Even scenery looks better in the sunshine. Unless the photographer is looking for a rainy day subject for whatever reason. But I do not really care for rainy day pictures. That is just me.

Anyway, the chipmunks were busy again yesterday. I had put out peanuts for them, a little while later I looked and the peanuts were all gone and a couple chipmunks were running around looking for food. So I grabbed more peanuts and sunflower seeds and out I went. There were 5 chipmunks out there and all came running over to get the food.

An older picture of Skitter.

Pocket was first, GPS managed to get in second though he just took one peanut and ran to a corner to chew it open. He can carry more peanuts that way. Skitter was next, then Skamper showed up, then Coffee. By that time GPS was ready for another peanut. Then Choco came along and lastly Crunchy showed up. This is the new crunchy and he is not so brave as the others yet. GPS managed to get brave rather quickly and even though he is the smallest chipmunk, he does not mind pushing his way in.

However, he usually gets chased away when he tries. Still, he does not give up. There is not as much chipmunk action this morning. Right now the sun is shining nicely, but it is quite windy. If it stays sunny I am going to walk down to the river later. It has been too long since my last walk to the river. This is usually a good time of year for dragonflies down that path. It would be nice if it was not quite so windy though.

Another older picture from 2 years ago. A Hairy woodpecker looking for food.

But it is a little hard to get perfect weather, plus a good day for my back, both on the same day. Oh well. Yesterday morning there was a dead deer on the street right in front of our place. It was obviously hit by a vehicle overnight. And it was a doe. Most likely it was Mama, my favorite deer. She is the only one that has been coming around for the last couple of weeks. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Ā©2022 Steve McLeod.

6 Comments on “Coffee And Chatting. #12

  1. Sad to hear that mama is no longer with us…she was a good mother…love the pics ! Sleep well ! šŸ™‚šŸ˜»

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