The Investigators, Inc. Mystery of Avina. Chapter 9. Doctor Mriya.

After dropping off our prisoner we decide to drive to Germany for our next job. Annelie had done her work very nicely, it seems the prison has some plumbing problems and 3 plumbers a day are going there to work from a certain company. Benson, Bellamy and myself will take their place and do some different plumbing for them today. We rehearsed what to do and fortunately Bellamy is a plumber so that will help us immensely.

What we wanted to do was find the water pipe that went to the cell of the prisoner we wanted. He was in a cell by himself which was nice. Unfortunately the water also went to several other cells through that pipe. And we need a way to make sure our prisoner wants to drink some water. We got hold of his medical records and discovered he is overdue for a checkup. That is just perfect.

So Mriya went in with ID from his doctor’s office to just give him a quick checkup, and give him a pill that will make him exceptionally thirsty. That will guarantee he will want to drink water, and quickly, while Mriya is still there. So she can put something in his water that will give him a high fever and severe stomach pains. So they will have to send him to the hospital.

We will pick him up before he gets there however. That meant we could forget the plumbing part and go with the medical idea instead. Everything went well, except they wanted to call the clinic where this guy’s doctor worked to make sure that Mriya was who she claimed. We were set up ahead of time to intercept the call and confirm that she indeed did work with his doctor.

So they let her in and all went well. His fever went high very quickly so they called an ambulance to come get him. Unfortunately because he was an important prisoner, they also sent an escort with him. However, we were ready for this too and had a work crew ready ahead of them to stop them at a bridge due to an accident on the bridge.

The prison escort was 4 motorcycle guards, 2 before and 2 after the ambulance. The 2 before walked ahead to see the accident, the 2 at the back suddenly felt, “Thwock!, Thwock!”, and they were knocked out. The 2 at the front were shot with dart guns and the ambulance crew joined them in a nice sleep. The two cars were ones we “borrowed”, so we returned them to the parking lot we found them at and left the ambulance there as well while we left in our own vans.

Our “work crew” wore disguises invented at one of Baldwin’s factories, just like I had worn in Thailand. They are very realistic and quick to put on and remove. I am sure we will use them more from now on. Muffin and Storm did well on their part, MC had stayed home with Carine this time to rest with her. Half of our team was able to stay home and rest. Well, this prison did not do so well in keeping us from getting their prisoner.

Too bad they did not want to cooperate with us, now it looks very bad for them that we took their prisoner so easily. That is now 5 down and 4 to go, 2 in the US, one in Mexico which we will have to break out, and 1 in Australia. About an hour after getting home, when we were just about to leave again, John called me. “Every hear of a guy named Mack Sumner?”, he asked.

“Yeah, sure do,” I said, “that was back when I lived next to Susan and he would not leave her alone, so she asked me for help. I convinced the guy to leave her alone, in ways he would understand.” “Well, that is Toledo,” said John, “he wanted to kill Krissy, which would hurt Susan and you, but since Avina had Krissy already, he decided to kill Susan to hurt you.”

I was in shock for a moment not knowing what to say. “You still there Steve?”, asked John. “Um, yeah, it is just…hard to take this in,” I said, “Susan is dead and Krissy an orphan because of me. Where is this guy?” “Hey, you do not worry about him,” said John, “this is my job, that is all about that matter. Hey, take it easy Steve, this is not your fault.

Toledo did this himself, he is the guilty one. Now, take it easy and do not think about this guy anymore.” “Okay John, thank you, I appreciate your help in this,” I said. Unfortunately this did hit me hard, even if it was not my fault, it still felt like it was. Galyna saw how it affected me and talked to Baldwin. “Next stop is Australia,” he said to me, “and they are cooperating, so you do not need to go. You are staying here, no arguing, you need a break and you are talking with Galyna. Kat and Sigurbjorn are staying behind too.”

To Be Continued.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

17 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. Mystery of Avina. Chapter 9. Doctor Mriya.

  1. Well that was a. Interesting twist with Susan!😳 The operation went very well I thought! Well planned and executed! I guess things should begin to get easier since the hard ones to retrieve are In your hands now. It is time for you to take a break! I agree with Baldwin and Kat on that point!😁

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  2. A good time to relax…or not…I hope Muffin is in good form for what will happen next ! 😾 help is nearby…πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ€­πŸ€”

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    • Yes, some relaxation is definitely needed right now, but more trouble is coming our way! Always more problems! Muffin is ready for any problems, I hope.πŸ˜¬πŸ‘©πŸ˜ΌπŸ˜ΌπŸ˜ΌπŸ•΅οΈ


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