Coffee And Chatting. #14

Good morning on this cloudy and wet Tuesday! Time for coffee and a short chat, though today it is best to stay indoors. There is no rain out there however, it is just wet from previous rain. Yesterday we had some thunderstorms move through the area but they mostly missed us. We did get some rain however, especially from one storm, but only about 1/4 inch (6mm).

But because it stayed cloudy and very humid then things did not dry much afterward. And it is still wet. It is not stopping the chipmunks however, they are still busy as ever knowing they only have a short time left for gathering their winter food supply. Hard to believe that most of them will be gone in one month. There is usually one or two that will stay around longer, maybe an extra week or two.

Baxter is back again.

Just depends on what the weather is like this fall. Looks like the clouds are breaking up and blue sky is showing so hopefully the sun will soon be shining too. That will warm things up a bit but likely make things very humid again too, like yesterday. If it stays sunny perhaps I can head down to the river again. If not I should be able to make a trip down there later this week when it is supposed to be sunny and a bit cooler.

Although the water level on the river is going down I doubt it will get back to normal before winter. But it might, if it stays dry enough. It does have at least 8 feet to drop yet, that is a lot. Amazing that it stayed so high all summer. And of course it meant I was unable to get to my favorite spot again this summer because of the path being under water. Oh well. Oh, I see Baxter is out here, I must give him some peanuts.

So are the Black-capped chickadees, though they look a little rough going through their molting period.

There we go, he came down right away. Oddly he has been by himself the last few days. Normally when he returns in late summer he brings his whole family with him. I hope nothing happened to them. Likely Betty, his mate, is keeping them hidden for a while yet. They must have had a late nesting this year. Hmm, I see the chipmunks are out of peanuts now too. I will fix that right away.

The food was all gone and so were the chipmunks, so I put out more and started to call them and five were there around my feet before I finished calling their names! So I put peanuts under their box for them and several small piles of sunflower seeds and soon they were all busy and happy once again. I am using more sunflower seeds for them right now since I cannot get them their peanuts right now. Only one place in town is selling them at the moment and it is quite a bit more expensive at that store.

The river level still needs to go down a lot yet.

The chipmunks like the sunflower seeds too so it is working out okay. The peanuts I have will only last until the end of the month. I had stocked up on peanuts to last the summer but did not quite start early enough. I will start in January to stock up on peanuts this time, just to make sure I have enough to last the summer next year. Well, guess it is time to try for more pictures. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

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