Coffee For Friday. #14 Nature Fun.

Good morning and Happy Friday everyone! It is a beautiful, sunny morning today. It was cloudy earlier but the clouds moved away allowing the brilliant sunshine to flood our surroundings once more. It is an odd morning though. The last 2 mornings the chipmunks were so busy out here, but this morning only one chipmunk came and he was only here once.

Hard to believe that I could put out food for them and 3 hours later it is still there. I went out with more peanuts and discovered that none were missing yet. Some of the sunflower seeds were missing from one of the piles I put out each morning, but that was all. Baxter was here but he only took one peanut and left again. The chickadees, goldfinches and evening grosbeaks have not been here either.

Mother mallard and her 2 babies.

A very strange morning. I mean, every other morning this week has been busy with birds, chipmunks or both. I have not even seen the hummingbirds this morning. How can everything stay away on the same morning? What has suddenly changed? I have no idea. But it sure is quiet out there. Sir George and Lady Pearl were here for breakfast, they are the only gulls left it seems.

The crows came around too, but I would prefer they did not. They scare the smaller birds away. But that is not the problem for this morning. When I walked to the river last week I met this little family of mallard ducks. I showed them in the “looking at you” post. I am showing them again today. It almost looks like the mother is trying to show off for the camera.

White-throated sparrow chirping at me for being too close to his family.

Then when my friend and I went for our day trip to some small lakes 2 weeks ago, at one lake there was a family of white-throated sparrows. I got a bit too close so the parents were chirping loudly, wanting me to leave. I am showing one parent here today as well. The last picture is a cuckoo wasp. They are generally a metallic green, but can also be blue, this one shows green and blue.

They look similar to a type of bee, often called sweat bees, which can also be metallic green, or blue, or brown. Both the wasps and bees are common around here right now. I have had the sweat bees crawling around on my arm and hand, and even sit right on my camera.

A cuckoo wasp showing its beautiful colors.

The cuckoo wasp has also been on my arm. The are small, about 3/8 inch (9mm) long. But they can sting. I have been stung by the bees anyway. Now I just leave them alone, that way they will not sting me if they are on my arm. I never knew that we have blue bees here, that is quite interesting. Yes, I do have a photo that I will show soon. Well, have a wonderful Friday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

34 Comments on “Coffee For Friday. #14 Nature Fun.

  1. Never have seen this type of wasp…pretty, actually…why does the mallard mother stand on one leg ? Maybe she is posing for the camera ! 🦆😂🙂😻📷☕️☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually she is stretching her leg, I have seen ducks do that quite often.
      Yes, they are a pretty wasp, colorful and quite friendly. Have a good night!😊😻🌛☕☕


  2. Wowwwww the cuckoo wasp.. just amazing shot 😍 the colour is just awesome 😍😍 birds stay away? Like how 🤔🤔 someone else is feeding 🤔🤔 maybe 🤔🙄. Don’t get stung by wasps and hornets, Have a lovely Friday 💝

    Liked by 1 person

      • They must have been getting some Nice treats somewhere else 😉Take care of them, and it’s okay for them to take a break 😉😂 enjoy the peaceful weather 🤗. Have a great day ahead 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’s a nice rainy day and all the birds and chipmunks are back today!🐿️🐿️ Everyone is having fun in the rain,😁 well, maybe not me, I like to stay dry unless it is a warm rain, but this is a cool rain. Enjoy your weekend Simon!😊😻☔☔


      • Around here there is, if the temp is 30C and it rains, the rain is warmer than if its only 20C. But actually it has more to do with the upper atmosphere temperature.🤔😁☔


      • That’s right, and we call it science 😅🤣😂 Let’s not talk about scientific part, because my creative part of the brain is drowsy 😜🤣😂 needs to sleep. Have a lovely Sunday Uncle Steve 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

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