Coffee For Friday. #17

Good morning to everyone! It is a chilly, rainy morning here, a great time for a cup of coffee and an armchair walk along a forest trail. It is just 50F (10C) this morning with the wind blowing and rain off and on. Good weather for staying indoors, that is for sure. I do not mind walking in the rain in the summer when it is warm, but this is just too cool for me.

I prefer to stay dry when the temp is like this. I made some of my coffee cupcakes yesterday and I have some nice hot coffee to share this morning while I take you for a stroll down my path to the river. Well, it is not my path exactly, but not many people actually use that trail so most of the time it is just me back there. Such peace and tranquility walking along that trail, listening to the birds singing in every direction.

Mosquito section of the path.

The squirrels are certainly abundant along that trail this year as well even though I usually just talk about Scramble. I have not tried to make friends with the other squirrels, but I am sure that would not be hard. Along the first part of the path, we go through some low, wet areas and the mosquitoes are usually quite abundant in this area.

Walking onto some higher ground.

Even the last time I went through there, which was just on Monday, the mosquitoes were still abundant. But they were not around much beyond that area. This is an area of mostly trembling aspen, also called quaking aspen. Plus, there are some black spruce and black ash trees. A little frog went hopping along in front of me, then finally turned and hopped off the path. For a little critter he could sure jump high.

Then we go uphill just a bit as we enter an area with more spruce, balsam and pine trees. There is not much undergrowth through this area, it is too well shaded for anything to grow very well. But there is a lot of fallen trees, mostly balsam and spruce that often do not live long. As we keep going, we soon see the sun shining up ahead and then we step out into an open field area bordered by different wild berry bushes like pin cherry, Saskatoon and elderberry.

We keep walking slightly uphill.

Wildflowers bloom abundantly in this area all summer as well and normally it is a great place to see butterflies. But not this year. I saw a total of 4 butterflies (3 species) this summer, normally there are lots of them. Butterflies were just not abundant this year. Hopefully they will be around in good numbers next year. At this point we are now about a third of the way to the river.

We then leave the shaded area and come out into the field, which is the featured image at the top.

Hmm, I see the chickadees are here, they look rather wet, same with the blue jays who have also returned for more food. Autumn. It can be beautiful. It can be cold. But it is here for us to enjoy. Have a great Friday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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