Nature’s Beauty! #20

Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday!

I hope you are all doing well today. Well, today we have a nice picture of what looks like, to me anyway, a bunch of fancy little lights that are glowing brightly. The sun just hit them beautifully so I could not resist taking a picture. This is the remains of a wildflower called “Yarrow”, and now it has dried and gone to seed. There is just so much natural beauty out there waiting to be photographed. Why not see what you can find? Have a beautiful Sunday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

7 Comments on “Nature’s Beauty! #20

  1. Good morning, Steve! ☕️☕️ You are so right! Nature is the best artwork around! The light hitting these yarrow plants are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your joyous find with us today!

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    • Hello Renee! So happy you liked my little treasure find today! I always enjoy looking for these little beauties in nature around us. My pleasure and thank you so much! Have a wonderful week ahead Renee!😊😺🍂🍁


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