Midweek Coffee Chat. #18

Good morning to all of you on this very chilly Wednesday! What a difference from yesterday. Right now the temperature is only 44F (7C), compared to yesterday when it was 59F (15C). And there is a strong northwest wind today, and that makes it feel colder. Tonight we could see our first frost of fall. In some ways that would be nice as it would get the trees changing color at the same time.

The blue jays are busy out here this morning, plus the chickadees and nuthatches. I have not seen the goldfinch this morning, nor have I seen any chipmunks. I am sure they will all be staying home today. I do not expect to see them again this year. Only GPS was around most of the day yesterday. Skamper was also here for a short time. But Monday was such a beautiful day.

As we continue along the path from last time we are now nearing the half way point, along a ridge of mostly red and white pine trees.

I went for a walk to the river. The sun was shining, it was warm, and there was no wind at all. A perfect day for a walk. I met 3 people, 2 men and a woman. The first man had 2 large dogs, I have never seen him along the path though he said that he walks along there 3 times a week. His dogs were loose at first and when they spotted me, they came running over barking and growling.

Now we are at the half way mark and will be heading downhill from now on.

The man yelled that they were friendly. He was quite a distance behind them. They sure looked friendly as they growled and showed me their nice big teeth. He called them back to him, but they showed no sign of wanting to obey. Finally, they went to him, and he put a leash on them. He did apologize and said the dogs get a little excited when they see someone they do not know.

That is another way of saying that he is not quite sure how the dogs will react. Now, I like dogs, but there is a law here that dogs must be leashed at all times on public trails, or anywhere else in public for that matter. Anyway, the owner was very friendly and stopped to talk and introduced himself. The other two people were by themselves and also stopped to talk a bit which was nice.

Now we head down what I call boulder hill, there are rocks of various sizes all along the trail here. This hill is much steeper than it looks.

Finally at the river, I sat on a newly exposed rock for a while to enjoy the view. The river is down about 40 inches (1meter), so more of the shoreline is being exposed all the time. Plants are beginning to grow in that newly exposed soil. It still has to drop another 5 or 6 feet to reach a normal fall level. The beautiful patterns in that wild water are truly amazing to watch as they continually change.

At the bottom of that hill we turn and head toward Scramble’s territory which rarely gets to see much sun. We are still going downhill but it is a gentle slope.

There are a lot more mushrooms growing now. Recent rain has made it quite damp along the trail, great for mushrooms and other types of fungus as well. I will begin showing these mushrooms once I identify them. Scramble was there to greet me again and was excited to get his peanuts which he hauled away quickly back to where he lives. He also posed for me nicely in the sun this time.

It was just such a beautiful walk all the way. But it seems everyone I talk to asks me the same question, “are you not afraid to walk back there all alone?” Perhaps I am just too crazy to be afraid. Oh well. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

36 Comments on “Midweek Coffee Chat. #18

  1. I believe that most people are good!😁😊 Absent minded or just plain unaware of their short comings, but still good nonetheless. It looks very pretty along that trail! Makes me miss it a little bit..

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  2. Amazing that anyone would actually stop and chat ! …I think with all the trouble around these days, I would never walk alone ! πŸ™‚πŸ˜»πŸ€” great pics Steve ! Sleep well tonight ! 😴

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    • Most people are quite friendly along the trail. All but 2 women I have met over the years have stopped to chat, but not many of the men. Thank you so much! Have a good night too!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜»πŸŒ›πŸ‚πŸ


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