Coffee For Thursday. #21

Hello everyone on this wet and chilly autumn day! We did get a fair bit of rain overnight, with flurries. This morning it was snowing quite a bit for a while, but it all melted as the snowflakes hit the ground. Too wet right now for the snow to actually stay. But it is chilly, just 34F (1C) and very windy from the west. Basically, it just feels cold.

The shore of a small lake in town.

But it is a gradual way to get us used to the winter temps that are coming soon. The forecast says we should get some slightly warmer weather beginning next Wednesday. Those poor little birds out there in this wet and cold. But it does not seem to bother them, they just go about their day looking for food. From now until spring, that is what they do, spend the day looking for food. And watching for danger.

A blue jay came onto the feeder this morning scaring all the grosbeaks away. Except one female grosbeak, she just kept eating. I guess the blue jay did not like that, so he chased her. She did not like that idea either, so she flew at him and chased the blue jay away, then continued eating like nothing happened. The blue jay was sitting about 3 feet away with his crest sticking up high, looking quite shocked. But he did not try chasing her again.

The shore of another small lake in town.

Monday was a nice day and GPS was here for a while in the afternoon getting more peanuts. But even though Tuesday was nicer, he did not show up, nor any other chipmunk. I guess that was the last day for my chipmunks. They do not like colder weather, they prefer to stay in their little underground homes where it is warmer. And eat peanuts until spring.

They do have other food too, like sunflower seeds and other seeds that they would have gathered over the summer. It gives them some variety in their diet. Autumn. A beautiful time of the year. At the beginning anyway. Now, most trees are bare. And now starts the end of fall which usually gives us a lot of cloudy weather and colder temperatures. But when the sun does shine it can still be quite beautiful at times.

A different look at the shore of the above lake.

Still, it is kind of an empty time of year, between seasons. A time when everything seems to be waiting for that blanket of snow to come and wrap around the landscape. Personally, I do not mind waiting a little longer. Just looking outside makes me feel cold. Must be time for some hot chocolate. What do you think? Have a most wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

12 Comments on “Coffee For Thursday. #21

    • Hi Wael, nice to see you! Yes, it takes time, and it is certainly moving quickly now with this sudden cold Arctic air hitting us. It is snowing heavily at the moment, but still warm enough to melt at 1C.


      • I certainly hope it wouldn’t be that cold in October! But it is colder than normal anyway! We are to get some “slightly” warmer days coming up next week, but it won’t last long. Can’t expect much this time of year.


  1. WoW! Your fall colors around the lake are absolutely amazing!
    Did you see my Wordless Wednesday blog? We had a one-night frost, but it made the maples POP into brilliant color!
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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    • Thank you very much C. A.! I did see it, love those red leaves! We have a few sugar maples in town that turn red in fall. They are not native trees to our area though. Too bad really! 😁🍂🍁📷

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  2. How pretty ! The warm mustard colour goes very well with the green firs ! 📷 Excellent shots Steve ! Hot chocolate you say ? Count me in ! 🙂😻❗️

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  3. Hi Steve! I hope that you are doing well these days. WP is acting up since the most recent update and I am having issues with that. Your photos are lovely and really captures Autumn 🍂 It is cold here in Calgary – this morning it was 0C but is supposed to warm up to 19C today. I am not a fan of cold mornings, but look forward to the hot beverages. I am on my second cup of tea. 🍵

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Hilary! I have been doing well, thanks. Though not enjoying the colder weather, but that’s normal for me. It was 1C this morning and warmed up to 2C by this afternoon. It was snowing heavily a few minutes ago, but melting as it hit the ground. Good thing we had that rain first. Thank you so much, I enjoy taking pics of the autumn beauty. Have a wonderful evening!😊😺🍂🍁❄️❄️

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