Saturday Sharing With Coffee. #8

Good morning and Happy Saturday to all of you! Time to grab a cup of coffee and sit down with us to enjoy some quietude for a few minutes. I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. Do you plan your Saturday or just kind of leave it open to do just whatever you want, when you want? More of an unplanned and relaxing type of day? Or perhaps a more busy schedule for shopping, cleaning and such?

If the weather is nice, I like to spend time outside trying to get pictures of the birds. Some of them will soon be gone until next winter. Though for me, they will just be gone as I will not be feeding birds again next winter. I think I mentioned that before. This is my last winter for feeding the birds. Kind of sad in one sense. Especially since I have been feeding birds for so many years now. Kind of nice though, that my last winter of bird feeding is ending with Boreal Chickadees coming to the feeders.

Male Pine grosbeak with female Evening grosbeak in the background.

That is how my first winter of bird feeding began. Of course there are other birds that began and ended that way, but they have been around all along. The Boreal chickadees have been absent from the feeders in between the beginning 7 years and now. So I am trying to get as many pictures of them as I can. Last evening I went out onto the deck, it was cold, the sky was clear and the moon was smiling so nicely.

Female Pine grosbeak.

So I got my camera and took some pictures. However, I was having trouble holding the camera steady enough while looking up. A common problem with me. So I laid down on the deck and got some nice pictures. Getting back up again was certainly interesting.

Bare hands and a cold, snowy deck do not go well together. But I finally managed to get myself back on my feet. After a bit of cracking, popping and groaning. The things I do sometimes. Still, the pictures were nice, so it was worthwhile. I like looking at a smiling moon. It always makes me smile too. Try it the next time you see a smiling moon. It is really quite beautiful.

Male Pine grosbeak.

Speaking of beauty, those Pine grosbeaks are sure beautiful, especially when you get to see them glowing in the sunshine. I think the female is just as beautifully colored as the male. It is cloudy now, the sun was shining earlier. Oh well, I will still try for some pics this morning. Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful Saturday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

18 Comments on “Saturday Sharing With Coffee. #8

  1. Had a wonderfully peaceful week without my OH who was cycling in Gran Canaria. He’s back tomorrow. I’ve missed him but not the work he creates!

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