Friday Fun With Coffee! #12

Good morning and Happy Friday to everyone! Time for Coffee and a look at what is going on around here. Sort of anyway. I missed my post again yesterday, that is 2 Thursdays in a row now. It has been an exciting week. Sort of anyway. Well, not really in the good kind of exciting, but the different kind of exciting that I can really do without, but it usually comes along anyway. Sigh.

Wednesday night I was going to get Muffin’s snack ready for her before going to bed. I was finally going to get to bed early for a change. Nice. I did not have the kitchen light on, but the one in the living room gives enough light for what I was doing. I went over to get Muffin a clean dish and…squish. My foot got wet. Oh no. What did I just step in? Then…squish. My other foot got wet. Both were soaked actually.

Female Pine Grosbeak.

I turned on the kitchen light and discovered water all over the floor. About 4 liters of it actually. So I had to clean that up and move some stuff around. Water was still coming in, but not much. Sigh. So much for early bedtime. Sometimes frost builds up in the attic space, then melts in spring and leaks in here. I will not go into detail of why that happens, it would take too long. My new landlord does not like cleaning the snow off the roof, and that is the main problem. Oh well.

Another one.

Last night it happened again, but not quite as much water this time. Sigh. Then, yesterday was garbage pickup day. We had 4 inches (10cm) of new snow, as I mentioned before. The driveway was already ice covered, completely from end to end, about 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10cm) thick of ice. Very slippery. Now it was covered with this snow which hid the ice making it even more slippery. Which I discovered taking out my garbage and recyclables to the street.

I slipped and met with the ice twice. It was a jarring experience to say the least. It was also not much fun and finished me for the day. So I got nothing done yesterday. Including my Thursday post. Again. Sigh. I actually think my back and legs feel worse today than yesterday. I have not seen my Boreal Chickadees since yesterday morning. I hope that does not mean they have left me already.

Male Pine Grosbeak.

I know they will soon, but I was hoping they would be around a little longer since it is still far from being spring. But they do start nest building early. They dig out a hole in a dead tree for their nest. Just like woodpeckers do. But it takes the chickadees longer since they have much smaller beaks to use for the task.

And another one.

Chickadees are easily attracted to bird houses (properly called nesting boxes) as well. Much less work for them. Well, I should maybe go out and sit with the birds for a while and hopefully the Boreal Chickadees will come around. Have a wonderful Friday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

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