Saturday Sharing With Coffee! #12

Good morning and Happy Saturday everyone! Another weekend has arrived and that means…another weekend has arrived! For me it does not really matter. But for some people it does matter, it means the work week has ended and they now have the weekend to do other things. Makes sense. Speaking of pennies, or 1 cent coins, we used to have those here in Canada, but the government decided to stop making them.

It cost more to produce them than they were worth. And really, what can you do with 1 cent these days? Nothing. So our government decided to stop producing them. So our government no longer makes cents. You might have to read that out loud to really appreciate the play on words there. Well, I thought it was good. Anyway, moving on to other things.

This is Chloe, one of the two female Boreal Chickadees.

It was actually quite warm yesterday, with a high of 36F (2.1C) and the sun was shing beautifully. I was actually sweating sitting out on the deck with the birds in the afternoon. About an inch or so of that last snow melted yesterday. Not bad. And the waterfall in here was going quite well yesterday too. Actually there are two spots now. My apartment is quite small, and also crowded. That means I have lots of stuff. And it is a little hard to find places to put things so they do not get wet.

This is Benson, the only male Boreal Chickadee, spreading his tail because another chickadee was trying to get on my hand too. He was saying to wait his turn.

Nothing can be done about it now, however. There is frost in the attic, and it melts when it gets warmer. And comes inside. And makes things wet. The snow needs to be shoveled off the roof so it does not block the roof vent. But no one wants to go up there to do that. Anyway, on a brighter note. The days are getting longer, but it is supposed to get colder next week again. Sigh.

Each year I begin looking for the return of birds in the spring. Bald Eagles and crows are the first to show up, both in March, and both are back now. Both species of birds also stay here all winter. The only way to tell when they return from the south, is the fact there are a lot more around now. Yesterday another spring bird showed up, our local Canada geese.

Benson again, looking for the biggest piece he can find.

Well, there was a small flock of them anyway, likely scouts coming to check on things. They were likely surprised. And maybe will leave again too. But they were still here this morning flying around. There were also two American Goldfinches out here this morning, but they likely stayed the winter. There were some around the beginning of January for a few days.

And, the first chipmunk showed up, though just briefly, yesterday. Not sure which one it was, it did not come onto the deck. Perhaps he will be back today. The birds are still enjoying coming to my hand for food, even if food is available elsewhere. One time the crow came flying in low and the alarm call went out.

This is Carine, Benson’s mate, raising her wings to fly away.

There was a Boreal chickadee on my hand and he immediately went onto my leg behind my arm to hide. He knew where to find safety. He stayed until the birds sounded the all clear signal, then he flew off with his food. That was very cool. That is solitude. Well, guess it is time to be off and tackle my laundry. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

12 Comments on “Saturday Sharing With Coffee! #12

  1. I am sure your birds are very thankful of the food and protection they get from you ! The pics are very clear ! …Did you have water problems from your place before this year ? …Sleep well tonight !


  2. Too bad the new owner of your building does not want to get the snow shoveled off the roof. It would save him money in the long run. Around in the Far North they were shoveling roofs in February and earlier. We have had some roofs cave in under the snow load.

    Great that all those chickadees are growing more trusting and even hiding from crows behind your pant’s leg and flying off with their food! Trust the colder weather will not be as predicted and you will have more warmth instead!

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    • Yes, my landlord is just causing more problems for himself by not dealing with things now. All that water hurts the insulation and causes mold to grow, which is likely why my allergies are bad. I am allergic to mold, and some other things too.
      Yes, it was so cute to see that chickadee hiding with me like that. And not that long ago they would not get close to me.
      It is already cooling off today, but maybe not quite as cold this week as they originally said. I hope anyway! That ice out there is so treacherous!πŸ˜―πŸ™€

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      • And it is worse by the day, especially with the return of colder weather again. Only got to 20F today and dropping down to -8F tonight. Too cold for this time of year.πŸ₯ΆπŸ™€

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      • It’s warmer in the Far North. We have 37 F right now with a low of 16 F tonight with snow. Springtime is notorious for having fluctuating temperatures and different weather. One thing is sure, the daylight is rapidly increasing. The leaves on the trees should pop out in mid-May. Have a wonderful evening and no more drips of moisture in your apartment.

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      • Yes, spring is very up and down with those temps, but the days are getting longer for sure, the last of the birds just headed off to bed a couple minutes ago. The return to cold stopped those drips and hopefully they won’t come back again. Enjoy your evening!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ΊπŸŒ›

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