The Investigators, Inc. The Ringing Resort Case. Chapter 9. No Time.

When I yelled and fell to the floor it really scared Carrie and she backed up against the wall. “It is okay Carrie,” said Crystal, “Steve is having another headache attack, which seem to be getting worse.” “You will not be able to come with us Steve,” said Sky, “you stay here with the girls. Can either of you use a gun?” “Not me,” said Carrie, “never even touched one before.” “Same with me,” said Tamara.

Sky and Kristina helped me up and put me on the bed lying on my stomach. “Can either of you massage his neck and upper back?” asked Sky. “Yes, I can do that,” said Tamara. Muffin lay down beside me and began to purr, then looked at Carrie. “Muffin wants you to lie down beside Steve and purr,” said Sky smiling. “Well, I can do that, except the purring,” she said, “but I can hum.”

“Perfect,” said Sky, “that is what I do as well. He needs to know someone is close by, that is all. Here is Steve’s phone, I will leave it on, if there is any problem at all, just hit this and help will be here fast. And if you change your minds about the guns, here they are, I will put Steve’s gun in his hand, just in case he is awake.” Then off they all went and met the guys and Storm outside.

Then they went to where they would ambush Brandish and his men. All except Mac, he had a special job, going onto the yacht and look for Brandish. He figured a coward like him would stay on the yacht until the action was over, and leave quick if things did not go well. But he had to swim out and come in on the other side so he would not be seen.

The yacht would likely have a crew on board, but he figured they would be watching the action. And he was not far off on that thought. But, there is always someone who wants to be different it seems. My team picked a great spot to ambush the Brandish crew just as they would come ashore and before they would have time to hide. What they did not know is that Brandish let some of his men off in a small boat further back so that everyone would not be in the same spot. He was smart after all.

I wanted to tell my team he might try something like that, but did not have time before that last headache hit me. It was a bad one too, but the girls were faithful in helping me. Tamara filled Carrie in more on these attacks and why I had lost my memory. Carrie felt so sorry for me, not even remembering my wife, yet she stayed with me. That really impressed her.

“That is the kind of woman and wife I want to be,” she told Tamara. “Yes, I would like to be that way too,” she replied, “and I hope to join The Investigators, if they will let me and if I can pass the tests. I will have to learn how to use a gun, and how to fight.” “Well, I know how to fight now,” said Carrie, “do you think they would let me join too? I know that my age is against me, but maybe I can do something to help them.”

“Well, all you have to do is ask them,” said Tamara. Meanwhile, the yacht had docked, but no one came off. Perhaps they were just waiting to see what would happen if they just sat there for a bit. Mac was not quite sure what to make of it though, something was not right. But off he went when he saw some men getting onto the dock. “He did not bring so many men,” said Sky to John.

“Yeah, makes no sense,” he replied, “unless they are not all getting off at the same time. He might smell a trap since there is no one around. And maybe he let off some men further back too. That would be bad for us.” But they could not wait and let these men go past, so once they were on shore the ambush began. Mac then climbed aboard on the other side and saw no one around, so he went up to the top deck. There was a crew member up there watching the fight.

Mac came up to him. “Where is Brandish?” he demanded. “He is not here,” said the frightened man, “he go ashore.” “You lie,” said Mac, “I never saw him.” “He dive, go underwater over to the beach,” said the man, “then he go to hotel, think maybe their leader stayed behind because his mind is not good.” The man then fell. Mac checked for a phone, but he had none.

He looked around for a radio of some kind, but could not find anything. Finally he found another crew member in a room, using a phone. He relieved the man of the phone and called me, but no answer. “Come on Steve, answer,” he said, “if Brandish gets you I will never forgive myself.” “Hello,” said Carrie. Mac told her what he knew and told her and Tamara to get out of there, and fast, before…

To Be Continued.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

35 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. The Ringing Resort Case. Chapter 9. No Time.

  1. Now we will see if these newbies might have what it takes to be an Investigator!😉 I sure hooe thay can get you out of there before Brandish shows up! I wonder how the others are doing with the ambush?

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  2. I hope that you are well protected ! 😬😼 ..Maybe you are “ faking “. Your headaches for some reason ? 🤔 That could be a “ weapon “ of a sort…hmmm…Be extra careful Steve ! 🕵️‍♂️👩‍🦰👩‍🦱😼😻

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, Tamara and Carrie are the only ones here to protect me and they have never used a gun before. No, I am not faking it, wish I was. Right now I can’t do anything and since the girls have been told to leave, it could be bad. But it was my order to tell the girls to leave if there was danger. But will they listen?🤔👩👩😾😾😾🕵️‍♂️🚁


  3. The best plans have flaws in them. Carrie and Tamara would be better to stay with you. United we stand and divided we fall. If Brandish and his men are nearby they could easily take them and then you.

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