The Investigators, Inc. The Case Of Carrie’s Family. Chapter 1. Problems.

Well, it was time to have a meeting with Carrie about joining the team. Even though we unanimously voted in favor of having her join, because she is under 18, we need to get her parents permission for her to join. It is one of our rules, but one that is going to cause us some problems this time. We have never actually come across something like this before, since we have never had someone this young join our team.

So, we were in the library, Baldwin, Rock, Annelie, Galyna, Sky and myself, plus Muffin. Muffin’s job was to sit with Carrie to help keep her from being too nervous. “We have not been able to find out anything about you after the age of 13,” I said, “that is unusual for us. Annelie can normally find out everything about a person right up to the present.

Plus, because of your age, we need to get your parents permission to let you join.” “Oh,” she said, putting her head down and looking at Muffin, “guess that means I will not be able to join after all. How long before I have to move out?” “No one said you had to move out Carrie,” said Sky, “is there a problem with getting permission from your parents?”

“Yeah, it will never happen,” she said through tears, “my mom died when I was 13, that was my last year of school. Dad would not let me go back to school, he said I needed to take mom’s place and look after him and my 2 older brothers. They moved me into the basement, which was dark, dirty and full of bugs. There was only an old laundry sink for me to wash at, and a toilet.

They put my bed down there and kept me locked up except when it was time to make meals for them. I ate in the basement after washing their dishes. They would beat me and do other stuff…how much do I have to tell?” “Nothing more about that,” I said. “When I was 15 dad kicked me out, he said my cooking was getting worse and I was not keeping the house clean enough for his guests.

He also wanted to sell me on the street, but I said no, I am not doing that. He got real mad that time and beat me again. He was into drug deals and black market guns and other things. He worked for a gang called the Red Stars, but he never seemed to have much money. I knew where he always kept some cash, so when he told me to leave, I took that when he wasn’t watching and took a bus to Los Angeles and lived on the streets until Brandish found me just after I turned 16.

But dad will never give permission for me to do anything that might be good for me. He would never even let me have any friends. That is why I am so happy here, I have friends.” “We need to pay a visit to this guy Steve,” said Rock, “he needs to be taught some manners on how to treat women and young girls.” “I agree with you Rock,” I said, “what do you think Mr. B?” “Go get him,” he said, “but do not take chances, all of you go, you may have to deal with that gang too.”

“Carrie, you will always have lots of friends here,” I said, “never worry about that.” “The other girls, will they find out about all this?” she asked. “Only if you tell them,” I said, “but we will not, that is a rule we have too.” Just then Crystal came to the door. “The Major is here to see you Steve,” she said. “Bring him in,” I said. He comes in and Carrie gets up to leave.

“Major, this is Carrie,” I said. “Nice to meet you sir,” she said, “Aasta and I have become such great friends.” “Just call me Major like everyone else,” he said smiling, “sir makes me feel old. Aasta has told me about you and how you really have become wonderful friends, I am really glad to hear it.” After Carrie leaves I close the library doors.

“From what I hear, Carrie is a very nice girl,” he said. “Yes, she is,” I replied, “amazing considering what her family life has been. Know anything about a gang in the US called the Red Stars?” “Yes, they have been growing quite a bit the last couple of years,” he said, “even more now that Carnival is out of the way.”

“Carrie’s dad and 2 brothers are with them,” I said and showed Major a pic of them. “I have met this guy,” he said of the dad, “never liked him, not a man that can be trusted, but not dangerous, a coward more than anything. He brings guns and drugs in for the gang to sell. Spends all his money gambling. I imagine he is in debt big time by now.”

To Be Continued.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

23 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. The Case Of Carrie’s Family. Chapter 1. Problems.

  1. Do we believe Carrie at this point ? πŸ€” She sounds okay , but is this a ruse ? 😳 I need to know details that Carrie is honest ! πŸ€” Good storyline …πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘©πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°πŸ˜ΌπŸ˜Ό

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    • Well, so far we have no reason not to believe her, but we shall see. At least Major did help to point out one thing which matched what Carrie said about her dad. But we are going to check things out anyway and find out the truth.πŸ€”πŸ‘©πŸ˜ΌπŸ˜ΌπŸ˜ΌπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ


  2. It’s such a sad story… πŸ˜” 😟 But she has friends and lots of support now, and I’m sure you’ll allow her to stay until she is an adult age.🀨 Then she won’t need that dirt balls approval!!😠 I hope Rock πŸͺ¨ teaches him a good lesson!!

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    • Yes, she has had it hard for her short life, but now things will be easier for her and she does have lots of good friends here too. The girls will watch over her very well I’m sure. Yes, we could just wait until she is 18, but we still want to “visit” this guy and let him know what he did was the wrong way to treat his daughter. And let him know she has it good now and his problems will just be getting started!πŸ˜ πŸ‘©πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

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      • Oh, I don’t know if I want to suggest that. If we do this right, then the Red Stars will take care of them for us. If he has been cheating his boss, then his life expectancy will be 0. We can’t really kill the man, just rough him up a little. And if the Red Stars don’t do anything, then we can always get the police involved and put him in prison for a while. Considering what he did to his daughter, his life would be not worth much in prison either.πŸ˜ πŸ‘©πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

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      • I think it should work out okay. But it depends what we might find out about this guy, and what we might find at his house. He certainly got that money of his from somewhere and I would like to find out where.πŸ˜ πŸ‘©πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

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      • Maybe you could make it seem as though he has more than his share should be? Ya know… an extra toy or purchase than he should be able to afford…πŸ˜‰

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      • Hey, he already had nearly 9 million dollars in the bank, too much for a man in his position. And now we know what he has been paying for the drugs and guns he brings back, we just need to find out what Painter has been paying for it. That could be enough right there. Hopefully. But he may be involved in working for two gangs at the same time to increase his take. That also would not go over well with either gang.πŸ€”πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

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      • That’s an understatement if I’ve ever heard one!!😳😲 He’ll be lucky to live till sundown if the gangs find out about it!!πŸ€”

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      • Oops, I forgot, you’re still on chapter 1, that shows up in chapter 2. Yep, I think Painter, the leader of the Red Stars, will have something to say to Menton, and it won’t be good.πŸ˜ πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

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