Friday Fun, With Coffee! #13 Story From The Past.

Good morning and Happy Friday everyone! Time to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy one of my stories from the past, with my dad this time. They always seem to have some funny parts to them and this one is no different. It is warmer this morning, and sunny, with a temp of 18F (-8C) and it should get up to 34F (1C) by this afternoon.

Not hot, that is for sure, but warmer than the last few days, so that will be nice. Not many birds out there this morning, just like yesterday, not sure what happened to all my grosbeaks. Maybe they will be back later. Anyway, let us get started with our story for today. It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was shining and it was warm at 80F (about 27C). A perfect day for dad and I to be out working on our shared cottage.

We had squirrels out there too, though not this one. This is Jasper from a few days ago.

It was all closed in by this time so it was all inside work left. We were putting up the walls separating the bedrooms from the rest of the cottage. Very simple work for us and we should be able to get things done quickly enough. Unfortunately we left in a hurry last time so there was quite a mess inside. Dad decided to sweep up while I brought in some 2×4’s for the walls. Okay with me.

I left the door open to make it easier coming back inside, but when I got there the door was closed, though not tightly. I pushed on the door, but it wouldn’t open. Dad must have put something in front of the door as he was sweeping. So I gave a really good push and the door opened nicely for me and in I went. I turned around and dad was lying on the floor with his head in a pile of sawdust. “If you’re tired, why not lie down on the bed,” I said to him.

Female Common Redpoll, from yesterday.

He lifted his head out of the sawdust and began wiping it off. All he said was, “bonehead!” Then he explained that it was him standing in front of the door when I came ramming my way inside. Actually I was just pushing, dad always liked to exaggerate. “You should be more careful,” I said, “after all, you knew I was coming in with the wood.” Dad just looked at me. “Bring in some more and put them over there,” he pointed. Off I went, and while outside the Canada Jays came by, and since our lunch was in the cooler outside I quickly got part of a wiener out to feed them.

Off they went and I picked up my wood and came up to the door which was open this time. Then dad came and stood in the doorway, but I didn’t have time to stop myself and ‘whump’, right in the stomach. Dad groaned a bit and sat down on the floor. Apparently he came to the door to see what was taking me so long. “You should be more careful,” I said again. “Bonehead!”, was all that dad said. I told dad I was feeding the Canada Jays. “Good idea, let’s eat,” he said.

Male Common Redpoll, from 2 days ago.

Well, I think this would be a good place to stop and I will finish this story tomorrow, otherwise it will be very long. So, please come again tomorrow to see how our little story turns out and get a few more laughs too. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

8 Comments on “Friday Fun, With Coffee! #13 Story From The Past.

  1. 😂 Waiting for the second part ! ☕️☕️ Coffee is good …I think…for me , that is…Lovely pics again…never get tired of them ! Keep them coming ! 😻🙂❗️

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad you enjoyed this first part!😂😹 The ending will come tomorrow morning. Glad you enjoy the pics too! Thank you so much, have a great Saturday!😃😻🌞📷


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