Sunday’s Flowers! #16

Hi once again everyone! Here are some more beautiful geraniums to enjoy! They look so nice in the early morning sunshine of summer. Have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Sunday’s Flowers! #16

    • Down in the south it is, not here though. Very cold, only -1C yesterday and snowing. Everything is frozen solid again today. Supposed to stay cool for us the rest of the month! Not much snow left to melt anyway. Late spring again. Thanks Hilary! Happy Sunday to you as well!😃😺☕☕

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      • This is the first day I’ve seen it 15°C in the afternoon. It was so nice and I could get used to this weather. The mornings are cold in Alberta but was above freezing this morning which was nice. I spent the last 2 weeks in Singapore and it was very hot and humid there.

        You’re in the north, right? Isn’t it usually colder there than southern ON? That would make sense. Hopefully it warms up there soon!

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      • Wow, Singapore! That would be great right now! Yep, we’re always much colder up here and usually with snow on the ground until the end of April and we probably will have this year too unless it warms up. I am waiting to get out walking again, still too much ice around yet. I hope that will be gone soon. Now the bears are out and coming around looking for food which is no fun. Might be 5C tomorrow so that will be nicer.😊😺☕☕


    • These geraniums are very beautiful, I like the two tone effect on them. Glad you enjoyed them Sharon! Have a lovely evening and a good night!😊😻🌛☕☕😴


    • Happy Sunday Renee!😊😻🌞 These ones are real beauties! Yes, I agree with you, especially with the weather we are having right now! Feels like we have gone back to winter.😂😹☕☕


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