Wednesday Words, With Coffee! #18

Good morning to everyone on this cloudy and rather cool Wednesday! Grab yourself a cup of coffee and sit with us for a few minutes this morning and enjoy the solitude around us. There is quite a noticeable drop in the number of birds today, and even by yesterday afternoon really. There are still lots of Evening Grosbeaks out there chirping wildly in the trees.

But there are only about 2 dozen juncos now, the others have gone north or just spread out through the area. Other birds have begun nesting. There are only about half the number of Purple Finches now as they are also spreading themselves out through the area, picking out nesting territories. A small Sharp-shinned Hawk has moved into the area and keeps coming after my birds.

The Daylilies have begun to grow! Nice to see some new growth finally.

Hopefully he will not stay around all summer. They are bird hawks and can easily kill off nearly every bird within their territory during nesting season. Jasper comes around every day now and I was able to get some nice pics of him. Jasmine no longer comes around, but Mica does, always at the same time as Jasper. I think those two enjoy arguing and chasing each other.

More new growth with the Bi-colored Monkshood.

There seems to be only 3 chipmunks coming around right now and Jasper still gets along with them, but Mica does not. Pocket is the top chipmunk right now. That is because Coffee is not coming around anymore. Baxter, the Blue Jay, comes around usually twice a day to get some peanuts. He always calls when he shows up if there are no peanuts on the step for him. It is nice that he lets me know.

All the birds have suddenly disappeared, possibly that hawk is around again though I cannot see anything out there. I went walking around the neighborhood a bit yesterday. I definitely need to get my legs strengthened again before walking down to the river. The robins were singing so beautifully last evening when I went out to bring the bird feeders inside for the night.

Jasper watching Mica just before chasing him.

I love listening to the robins, they have such a cheery song. And this morning a Common Loon flew overhead, doing his laughing call as he went. That sounded so nice! One of my overall favorite birds! I think that is the latest date I have for their return from the south.

They might have been back before this however, but since I do not get out much right now, I could easily have missed them. The top featured image is a male American Goldfinch. Well, thank you for visiting with us today, have a wonderful Wednesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

20 Comments on “Wednesday Words, With Coffee! #18

  1. Sounds like the critters keep things lively up there.. I’m guessing it’s warmed up now?
    May I askβ€”what is that little yellow bird? We have tons of Mockingbirds, Blue jays, Cardinals, Hawks, and a murder or two of Crows but no tiny yellow ones..

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    • That is an American Goldfinch, the male. Females are a very dull yellow. And they are tiny little birds, but bright and with a cheery song! The odd time they will spend the winter up here, there were a few this winter, but mostly they migrate south. However, they only go as far south as is necessary so likely never make it down your way. It is getting more lively all the time as birds return from the south. The singing in the morning is fantastic!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ΈπŸŒž

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      • It’s a beautiful little thing but I don’t know about the singing.. the Mockingbirds here have kind of killed my love for bird song.
        How are you doing? Warmer?

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      • It is real spring here now, it’s a lovely morning with a temp of 57 already and is supposed to hit 70 today which would make it our warmest day so far. We might even get up to 80 by Friday, if the forecast is right. That seems a bit warm, but we’ll see what happens. Hope you are having a great day!😊😸🌞

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      • Took it long enough! 57 sounds perfect right now. We got up to ‘feels like 101’ the other day and it was miserable.. I’m not looking forward to seeing how hot this summer will be.
        We had a nice Mother’s Day weekend here, how about you?

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      • Very nice indeed, we are in the 70s every day now with sunshine mostly, although today the sky is dark due to smoke from forest fires. The fires are in western Canada, not anywhere near us, but the smoke is sure traveling! The sun is just a red ball in the sky.😊😸🌞😲

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      • Well, the fires are in western Canada, about a thousand miles away. But we have been blanketed with heavy smoke from those fires for several days. Today it is clear finally!

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      • Well, yesterday we hit 97, our warmest day yet this year. Today is supposed to be 95 and same for tomorrow. Then we drop to the low 80s for a couple of days. It was 105 in my apartment yesterday, about 88 right now.


    • Yep, I think that spring might be here to stay now, with a few nice days to greet the beginning of May!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ΈπŸŒž


  2. Lovely poses ! πŸ“· thanks for sharing ! Hawks are a real enemy of our smaller birds ! Enjoy your day ! And rest while you can ! 😻😍😴

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