Saturday Sharing, With Coffee! #18

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday! So nice to have you with us today, just help yourself to some coffee and join in our sharing time today.

It is going to be a bit different today, normally I would be sharing a story from my past, but it has been a rather busy morning, and the rest of the day looks like it will be busy as well. It happens sometimes.

Some of the female Purple Finches here yesterday.

This morning I was about to go outside to put up the bird feeders but I saw Muffin looking at something rather intently. That means something is out there.

A beautiful male Purple Finch.

So I looked. It was a bear. But not the huge one that has been coming around, this was a more normal sized bear. And he was climbing up onto the railing of the deck and it looked like he was going to crawl over onto the feeder itself.

Another male Purple Finch, though I am not quite sure what he is trying to do. But he does look cute.

Surely he will not do that. It would break. And he would go crashing to the ground and likely get hurt. It is an 8 foot drop. That is a lot, even for a bear. But he wanted to try, and try he did. But, he lost his footing on the railing and… down he went, scratching, clawing and… THUMP!

My friendly Pileated Woodpecker trying to figure out what happened to his favorite suet snack. I cannot put it out anymore, it just melts now that it is warmer.

He kind of landed on his backside. But he got up and walked slowly away. Probably hoping that no one saw that. Maybe he will leave my bird feeder alone now. I hope so anyway. Sigh.

Female Evening Grosbeak at the feeder.

Today I am still sharing and as you can see, I am sharing pics today, which is kind of normal, but today there is more than normal. I hope you enjoy them.

Male Evening Grosbeak at the feeder.

Have a most wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Jasper, the Red Squirrel, relaxing with a peanut.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

12 Comments on “Saturday Sharing, With Coffee! #18

  1. That bear must have been really hungry ! 🐻😯 Loved the pics ! Sleep well tonight ! 😍😻😴

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, but hopefully he will stay away from the feeder now.😲🐻 I wish the others would stay away too! Have a good sleep tonight!😊😻🌛😴


  2. Well, I hope the bear learned his lesson! LOL Beautiful photos of birds, Steve!

    Liked by 1 person

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