The Investigators, Inc. The Case of the Mysterious Castle. Chapter 14. They Died.

Well, we are back home again. Annelie was able to track down Andrew’s family for the police. He only had one son who was married with 3 children, and they were just barely making ends meet each month. They decided to sell the castle and made good money on that deal. They also insisted that we take 25% of the treasure for our fee in helping sort this out.

We did not want to do that, but he said that they would be hurt if we did not, so we gladly accepted. It will come in handy to help support our growing team family. Toledo disappeared completely again as I knew he would. Anne was charged for killing Andrew as well, since it was her gun that was used to shoot him. But she never made it to prison.

On the first day of the trial, as she was coming out of the police van at the court house there was a shot and she fell dead. The police found a rifle that was used on top of a tall building some distance away. It was obviously a pro, likely hired by Toledo. He does not like being betrayed. Kendra and Fiona both wanted to join our team, but shortly after we got home they were killed in a car accident, someone had tampered with the brakes.

We buried them 2 days ago. “That was the most scary thing I have ever done,” said Catalina. “Me too,” admitted Cynthia, “the PI business is dangerous.” We all laughed. “Just wait until the danger begins,” I said to them. “What if someone was to check our family history?” asked Catalina, “We do not have one.” “Not so,” I said, “Annelie does a perfect job and you both have a real history, with real relatives, though all of your relatives are dead.

You even have health records, dental records and education records. Everything is very real just in case someone checks you out.” Kendra and Fiona did not really die, but it was part of their cover story, even made the local news, complete with a badly smashed up car.

Kendra, who is now Catalina, had been in the army for 5 years, knows how to use a variety of weapons, but is an explosives expert which will come in handy for us. “I can remain calm whenever using explosives, even when defusing something,” said Catalina, “I really do not get stressed out easily, though I will not say I never do. But never on a job anyway.”

“That is good to know,” said Sky, “you will be a good replacement for MC, who was our previous explosives expert, though Steve is quite good too.” “Thanks for that Sky,” I said, “nice to know you have such confidence in me. But MC was good, if not for him one time, Muffin and I would not be here, he was very quick thinking with that one bomb, and quick moving!”

“Was MC in the military too?” asked Catalina. “No, he was self taught,” I said. Meow,meow.=MC my hubbycat, he killed by coward man. “Oh, I am so sorry to hear that Muffin,” said Catalina and she gave Muffin a big hug. Catalina and Muffin have become good friends already and both Catalina and Cynthia have gotten used to hearing our cats talk with them now.

Fiona, now Cynthia, can use two handguns and has a black belt in Karate and Judo. The girls have made Cynthia forget about her embarrassment from the way she acted in the dungeon. Kristina and Cynthia have become best friends already too, which is good. However, I always encourage the girls to keep up friendships with everyone and constantly do things together.

During training exercises I always pair the girls with someone different each time so they can learn to work with anyone. Catalina and Cynthia are taking our training and have nearly passed all the tests. I am sure glad they both decided to join our team, they will make great additions. When Baldwin found out he just shook his head.

“Two more people to feed and pay,” he said. He changed his mind though when he found out how well they can cook. “You already have good cooks Steve,” he said, “so they may as well come and work for me.” “No way,” said Sky, “if you need good cooking, you can come here to eat.”

So now Baldwin, Mac and John eat here too. We are going to need a bigger dining room. I wonder what our next case will hold for us. I have a feeling it will be a rather strange one.

The End. But join us Monday for a whole new case.

Β©2023 Steve McLeod.

3 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. The Case of the Mysterious Castle. Chapter 14. They Died.

  1. Your team is certainly growing. Many more females than males. It might help to do another chart of all the characters because of the additions and new identities.

    Looking forward to your strange new case!

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