Thursday’s Thoughts, With Coffee! #21

Good morning everyone on this very beautiful spring day! The sky is such a nice blue this morning, the sun is shining brightly, and it is mild! Such a difference from yesterday morning when it was so cold. My heater actually came on yesterday, something that has not happened this late since I have been living here.

However, today should be beautiful and warm, more like summer than spring, with a high of 77F (25C). When I saw the forecast last night I thought today would be a great day for a walk to the river. Except for a couple of things. It is very windy which makes it hard to hear surrounded by trees. Second thing was that huge bear showed up early this morning again. Sigh.

Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, looking at me.

He is still coming around looking for food. I would just be a snack for that big fella. So… it might be better to stay at home, maybe walk around the neighborhood. Except I cannot take my camera with me. People get upset when they see someone walking around with a camera. They automatically think that person is taking pictures of them, or their house.

I have had a couple people get quite upset with me, one even said he would call the cops if he saw me around again with my camera. Sigh. I do try to be very respectful of people’s privacy and will go and ask if I can take photos of their flower gardens for example. But even then some people get upset, like one lady that began yelling at me to get off her property and she was going to call the police.

Another one, also looking at me.

She obviously did because the police stopped me a short time later. They agreed I was doing things correctly, but they suggested it would be better not to go on private property, even to get permission. Hmm, that makes it a bit tough to get permission. Sigh. However, birds continue to come around here, like the Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Two of them, both males, showed up yesterday, so I decided to feature them today. A couple of the pics are from last year. They arrived rather late this year. I keep hoping that one pair will nest close by, but it never seems to happen. The females should arrive in the next few days. The female hummingbirds showed up yesterday for the first time, 2 of them as well.

Still looking at me.

There are also two males around. They spend most of their time chasing each other. Now the 2 females are chasing each other. Today I will try to get a pic of the female hummingbird. Well, my coffee is done so it is time to head out. Have a most wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2023 Steve McLeod.

9 Comments on “Thursday’s Thoughts, With Coffee! #21

  1. Hope you do not have more trouble with angry people ! 😯😳🙄🥺 lovely pics Steve ! …Sleep well ! 😍😻😴

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    • Yes, me too. Just have to leave my camera at home I guess. Sigh. Thank you! I hope you get some good sleep as well!😊😻🌛😴🌷


  2. As long as you are in a public place, you can take photos of anything including people. This includes someones house or car etc. Let them call the cops. You are doing nothing illegal as long as you are in a public place and not on private property. So don’t leave the camera at home as you might miss that shot.

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    • We have some tough restrictions here in Canada on a number of things. Taking a picture of people in a general sense, say at a beach or festival is okay, but if I was to purposely single out a person on a beach that would be considered an invasion of a person’s personal privacy and could get me arrested. It has happened to people. Taking a picture of a house if I am on the street or sidewalk is legal providing I don’t focus on a window. Taking a pic of a car is okay providing the license plate doesn’t show and the car is on public property as well. It gets a bit tricky if the car is on private property, there are lots of different interpretations of the law in cases like that and not worth the hassle. But yes, I can take my camera and stay with taking pics of things not on private property, though a bird in a tree would be fine though it may get the cops tracking me down again. And if that happened too many times it could be a problem too. I have talked to a lawyer about a number of different scenarios just to make sure. I found out a lot of interesting things I never knew before. But I’ll keep carrying my camera and be careful with it.

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