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Tuesday’s Blue Skies.

Welcome everyone on this beautiful sunny day!  I hope you will join me once again on my deck, enjoy the sun and watch all the different visitors that come around.  So, grab a coffee, or tea, hot chocolate, and a chair and join me… Continue Reading “Tuesday’s Blue Skies.”

Humanity Begins With Pity and Compassion.(Collaboration)

My good friend Ilona and I have taken on another collaboration today on this subject. Please check out Iona’s blog if you haven’t already.  She has a great blog and loves to share her positive outlook and encouragement each day. Humanity begins with pity… Continue Reading “Humanity Begins With Pity and Compassion.(Collaboration)”

Unconditional Love.

Hello again everyone!  And here we are with our second collaboration between my good friend Ilona and myself.  If you haven’t done so yet, please check out her blog, you definitely won’t be disappointed. It says it all right in the word: unconditional means… Continue Reading “Unconditional Love.”

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