Happy Family Day!

Good morning all!  I imagine most of you have never heard of Family Day, but it is a holiday here in Ontario and some other provinces as well, though they don’t all refer to it as Family Day.  I must admit to being a bit confused by this particular holiday.  I admit I’m single, no kids, therefore no family.  Maybe that is why I’m confused.  Of course, I do get confused rather easily anyway.  However, it just seems a bit odd that there needs to be a holiday to remind people that they need to spend time with their family.  I mean, shouldn’t that just be kind of automatic?  You know, more than once a year sort of thing. Or maybe I’m just missing something.  But I guess it’s like Valentine’s Day.  I mean, do people really need to be reminded?  Honestly?  Hard to believe.  But maybe it’s because I’m single.  Some things I just don’t understand.


There are a lot of things I don’t understand.  Like blue Monday.  Well, okay, that I understand.  It certainly started out that way for me today.  But things started to get better when Muffin jumped on my lap and curled up purring away.  Hard to stay down when there is a cat purring on your lap!

And then…

Since it wasn’t too cold out today and the sun was sort of shining, there was some clouds around too, I decided to go out and try to get some pics of my birds.

gray jay 5
The friendliest of my 3 gray jays.

  When I went outside there was 4 deer out back here looking for seeds dropped by the pine siskins.  Those little critters go through the sunflower seeds looking for ones that are already shelled and they toss the ones they don’t want.  Sigh.  Still, with their small beaks I guess it is understandable.  They have a terrible time breaking open those seeds.  They can’t peck it open like the chickadees, they just don’t have the right kind of bill for that.


Are sometimes cooperative, and sometimes not.  Sigh.

redpoll 1
A female common redpoll in the apple tree.

  But I did get some nice pics anyway which I am sharing today.  Yesterday things went even better.  It was a bit milder too which made it easier on my fingers than today.  Plus there were more birds around.  While I was standing there taking pics one of the pine siskins looked over at me and then came hopping over and jumped on my camera!  He looked it over real good and then stood right on top looking at me.  So I talked to him for a bit and then he went back over to the feeder.  Just a couple minutes later a female redpoll looked at me and came hopping over and jumped onto the camera, doing exactly what the siskin did.  Guess they were trying to figure out what I was up to.  It would have made such a great picture.  Sigh.  A little hard to do though.  I just love the antics of these birds, it’s just great!  They can be quite comical at times.

male redpoll
A male common redpoll.

  I would like to show a pic of Mama deer and I, but that one will have to stay private unfortunately.

I could hardly believe…

What I was seeing.  It was LB, my very nasty little squirrel that chased all the other squirrels away from here.  There he was yesterday and today…with another squirrel! He actually found a mate.  Hard to believe.  Love got to him after all.  Well, their kind of love anyway.  They were running around, jumping through the snow, having lots of fun together!  Amazing things happen sometimes.  It was nice to see though.  Maybe now he will settle down and be normal.

Here I sit…

Enjoying a nice hot cup of mint tea.  No, I didn’t make this myself, it’s bought from the store stuff.  Fresh, grow it yourself mint, is best though.  And it can be dried like the raspberry leaves to keep through the winter.  Still, this isn’t bad.


At the moon.  Or something.  A dog was howling last night.  All night.  I know.  I was awake enough and heard it.  Sigh.  Must admit it was getting a bit irritating.  I don’t think it enjoyed being left outside.  I didn’t enjoy it much either.  And I wasn’t outside.  Sigh.  But the moon is looking nice right now.  Just wish my pics had turned out better.  But it had cooled off quite a bit and I was a shivering a little.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.  If it was always easy there would be no challenge and that would get boring.  Just makes us try harder.  Or it should.

Yes, I know…

Next time we will be on another adventurous adventure!  Okay, bad grammar.  That’s normal for me though.  I think.  Yes I do.  Sometimes.  Though it usually makes my head hurt.  Which reminds me.  Oh, wait, it’s time to quit for another day.  Sorry it wasn’t very exciting today, my brain just isn’t working too good.  Come to think of it, that’s kind of normal too.  Sigh.

Don’t forget to check through the rest of the stuff on my site, you just might find something else you like!  Anyway, enjoy the next few days and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod


11 Comments on “Happy Family Day!

  1. Happy family Steve. I’m not sure if we have this day in South Africa, or if we have, which date. I know only the holidays put on the calendar, not bad. It seems like the birds know when you are taking a picture—they pose nice well.

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  2. Hmmm i like family day!! At least i could spend time with my family!! COOL steve!


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