Dreams and Other Things.

Good morning everyone on this rather nice February day and welcome to Steve’s Country once again!  Well, considering the terrible cold we have had it really wasn’t so bad today.  Barely froze my fingers out there taking pics today.  Yes, I do that most days.  Except when it’s really cold.  And even then I will if there is a lot of activity or something new around my place.  And it’s amazing the things that can happen around here sometimes.  Simply amazing.  One of my readers wanted to see a pic of my desk.  The place where I do my writing.  Or try to at least.  So here it is, open.straight copy

Shopping time is…

Rather an interesting time for me.  I mean, nothing goes normally for this guy.  I never know quite what to expect.  Most people go shopping and nothing out of the ordinary will happen to them.  Must be dull.  So there I am.  I have one item to buy, bird seed.  It’s a holiday so there is only one checkout open.  And 8 people ahead of me.  So I stand and wait like everyone else.  Person at the front has some problem with item being bought. So they had to call for a replacement item.  No answer.  The lady calls again.  And again. Finally someone shows up with the replacement.  Another person has trouble with their credit card.  Even the second card tried did not work.  Finally she pays with cash.  Sigh. I should never go shopping.

Another time…

I am going around with my cart, everything is normal.  Suddenly this older lady runs into me with her cart.  Sorry, she says.  That’s okay.  She was nice.  A little while later she hit me with her cart again.  Oh, I’m sorry, she says.  That’s okay.  This time she caught me right on the heel and knocked my shoe off.  Sigh.  I bent over to put my shoe back on.  Wham!  A young lady came quickly around the corner of the aisle and slammed into my cart.  Which hit me on the head, since I was still bent over.  Sorry, she said.  That’s okay, I enjoy headaches.  I didn’t actually say that last part.  But considering how many times I hit my head I sometimes wonder if I really do enjoy headaches.  Sigh.

Here I sit…

Drinking my raspberry leaf tea and dreaming of warm summer days.  When everything is green.  And I can sit outside without freezing.  And it doesn’t take 20 minutes to get dressed to go outside.  And I still freeze anyway.  A nice gentle breeze, warm sunshine, birds singing, chipmunks sitting on my lapchecker or crawling into my pockets looking for peanuts.  Such nice thoughts.  Though sometimes when one of those chipmunks crawls up my back it makes me wonder if it really is a chipmunk.  Or one of those giant spiders that live under my deck.  AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!  So much for my nice dream.  Sigh.

Another dream…

Is to spend a day by one of my favorite lakes.  Listening to the water gently lapping against the shore.  Loons calling from across the lake.  Fish jumping.  Gulls crying.  Ducks swimming by, mother and a dozen or more little ones.  Song sparrow singing.  Maybe for my birthday this year.  Right.  Every year I say that.  Every year it doesn’t work out.  Sigh.

Birds were busy…

Today.  A lot of common redpolls.IMG_0724  And that hoary redpoll which I have been trying to get a pic of for some time now.  He always hides when I go out with my camera.  Speaking of hiding, one bird is getting way too brave.  While I was out there this morning taking pics of pine grosbeaks, suddenly they fly off.  And who should land on the feeder, right while I am standing out there?!  That big beast of a bird, a raven!IMG_0617  Such nerve.  So I clicked a pic and then promptly sent him on his way.  Amazing.  Right in front of me.  He’s not exactly on my favorite list.  Why?  Because he is mean.  Scares everything else away.  And he will just sit on the feeder even if there is no food.  The little birds are just too scared to come around when he is there.  So I run out and scare him away.  Sigh.  I wouldn’t mind so much if he just took the food and left right away.  I think he delights in scaring the other birds.  He’s big, with a four foot wingspan.  And ravens are not scared of anything really. Which make is hard to scare him away.  Oh well.  Another pic for my collection of birds.

I think…

I should go back to dreaming of warm summer days.  They seem to be so far away right now.  We’re not even close to spring yet.  Maybe another six weeks.  More stuff has been added on my site so please look around.  More coming tomorrow.  Hopefully.  Unless there are technical difficulties again.  Sigh.  Some winter pics will be added to my gallery tomorrow as well.

I hope you all will have a great remainder to your week and I will see you again Friday, God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod


21 Comments on “Dreams and Other Things.

  1. Well, I must tell you I expected you to say she over your rear end which then made you hit your head 😂 Bald men and hitting our heads is crazy. I have so many scars.

    I so love you sharing your pictures with us. So cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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