Wednesday’s Wanderings…Walking.

Hello to everyone on this Wednesday afternoon!  Going outside without having to wear a jacket is so nice.  Listening to the many birds singing.  Squirrels chasing each other.  The last of the snow melting.  Sun shining brightly.  Well, it was anyway, the clouds have moved in and blocked that warm sunshine.  But it is still beautiful out there.  So nice to hear the robins singing again.  That is definitely a real spring song.

A beautiful male purple finch checking the ground for seeds.

There is nothing quite like a nice spring walk.  One time I decided to follow this old trail I discovered.  There really wasn’t much of a trail, but what was left of it was still visible anyway.  Off I went.  There were no leaves out yet so I could see for a long distance through the trees.  The only sound for the first part of my walk was the sound of my footsteps.  Then I heard some rustling in old leaves.  Sure enough, it was a squirrel, looking for something to eat.  Then I heard some birds singing up ahead.  White-throated sparrows, a fox sparrow, even a warbler, my first of the year.

Two male goldfinches, this way you can see the front and back at the same time.

I came to some muddy part of the trail.  Hmm, some bear tracks, big ones at that, and fresh.  Probably made the previous night I assured myself.  I kept on going.  Then a large crashing through the trees.  It startled me I must admit.  But it was only some deer running away from me.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  Overhead a majestic eagle soared higher and higher. I kept on walking.  Soon I came to a beaver pond.  I noticed close to the shore a nice freshly cut stick, just perfect to walk with.  Who knows, it might come in handy.  I didn’t know just how handy.  After about half an hour I came to a small clearing and it looked like a pile of old lumber over on one side of that clearing.  So I started across to check it out.  Maybe there will be something interesting lying around.  As I got closer to the pile of lumber I suddenly heard a cracking sound.  I looked down to see I was standing on some old wooden door or something.  Then a very loud crack and down I went.  Fortunately I had that stick with me and managed to put it across the opening.  It was a cover of an old well.  And my feet were in the water.  Sometimes these wells can be quite deep.

One of my new female squirrels, which until today would not come near me, and now she sits on my knee.

And cold.  That water was definitely cold.  Now I’m thinking how long this stick can hold me, it’s not exactly large.  The sides of the well were lined with wood and were very slippery.  So that didn’t help me much to climb up.   Well, guess I will hope that stick will hold me so I can pull myself up.  I’m just about at the top, then, another crack.  The stick.  This isn’t good.  At the top of the well was a large metal hook which I quickly grabbed.  Then I was able to pull myself the rest of the way up.  Nice to be back on firm ground again.

Here we have a female goldfinch, a little braver than the males.


Well, at least I knew where the well was, now I don’t need to worry.  After all, they wouldn’t have two wells.  I mean, why?  At some point in the past some people lived here.  But why?  There was really no reason for living so far out, certainly wasn’t farm country.  Oh well, probably never know the answer to that one.

A beautiful male evening grosbeak.

The sun is trying to come out again.  It’s one of those days that is just so nice.  I will finish my little walk next time, which will be on Friday.  Until then, enjoy the rest of your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.




124 Comments on “Wednesday’s Wanderings…Walking.

  1. Since the weather has warmed in you “Neck” of the woods and the Sun is higher in the sky.. Don’t forget the Sunscreen! Very nice post Steve!

    Liked by 1 person

      • How are you? We haven’t spent much time conversing. Probably my fault and I am sorry about that. You are getting quite a following now . I am proud of you. You have put in much hard work and dedication so you deserve to reap the benefits.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks RJ, it does keep getting better on here! It can take a lot of time, I don’t know how others do it who have a lot more followers than I do. Kind of a rough day today, a number of things are not working out quite right but that’s the way it is sometimes. Such a nice day I should really be outside trying for some photos. Have a great day!😃


      • I will have the best day I can. I am a little disappointed my plans for the weekend didn’t work out. There will be other opportunities. I have learned to not give up. Someone I love taught me that, Persevere and you never know what can happen! I trust her and her wisdom! Have a Great Easter!

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    • Thanks for reading Ryan! Animals just seem to like me for some reason. Yes, that well experience wasn’t fun, that wasn’t my only encounter with old wells either. God bless!😃

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  2. Our robins have returned…nice to hear them praising God in the morning and again at night !…wells are hard to spot ! Kind of scary…

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  3. Good morning Steve, I believe it’s Thursday by now and glad yesterday was a beautiful sunny day! 😊 Beautiful and lovely pictures and birds! Really amazing shots! 😊
    Watch out from the bear! And glad you had that stick, sounds a bit risky there!
    Oh those squirrels are really cute and friendly! A new female!
    Hope today will also be sunny and beautiful! Have a great day 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning Huguette, it’s Thursday, yes, and it’s supposed to be another sunny warm day. Right now it’s still dark, bright moon. Thank you for such a great comment about my photos. I was amazed how quickly that female squirrel got friendly. Enjoy your day Huguette!😃

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      • Good morning 😀 Hope it will get better during the day then! Always my pleasure to read and enjoy the beautiful nature and birds! Oh yes she’s so cute and friendly 🙂 Have a great day as well

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you Huguette for such kind words! I just got a notice of your new post, usually I don’t, which is why I miss some. I will be over soon to read!😃

        Liked by 1 person

      • My pleasure always Steve 🙂 Oh that’s good and don’t worry at all! I also miss many posts but I make sure to check some blogs regularly to see what I missed, hope I’ll always have time to do so 🙂

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