Grab A Coffee And…

Grab a coffee and join me for another look at some beautiful country pleasures.  And really, many of these are pleasures that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter where you live.  What ever country you live in, whether you are a country dweller, or live in a town or city, many of these pleasures can be enjoyed by everyone.  So, let’s pull up a chair on the deck and take a look at some of these things.  Not only are they country pleasures but they are things we can truly be thankful for as well.

Here is Rusty this morning, filling his cheeks with peanuts, he can carry 3 of them.

It’s spring once again.  And after such a long, cold winter, spring is a very welcome country pleasure.  The snow is gone.  The birds are returning.  The leaf buds on the trees are beginning to swell already.  There is green grass starting to grow.  Other greenery is pushing it’s way out of the ground.  My landlord’s daylilies are growing. Those new shoots poking their way out of the ground are a brilliant, almost glowing, green.  Watching that new life beginning to return is a real country pleasure.

This is Sylvester, he was also busy this morning, but he can only carry 2 peanuts, he hasn’t stretched his cheeks enough yet.

As I mentioned already, so many birds are returning now.  And one of my favorites ( I know, I have a lot of favorites), is the fox sparrow.  They are the biggest sparrow we have in this area and are often mistaken for a thrush due to it’s size.  I got a few pictures last year but all were a bit disappointing.  This morning patience paid off and I was able to get several very nice pictures of this very shy bird, and from every angle as well.  I like to get pictures of the whole bird, or other animal, instead of just one side.  These are hard birds to photograph because of being so shy.  So it was a joy this morning to finally get what I wanted.  Another real country pleasure.

A beautiful fox sparrow out here this morning.

Watching the gulls soaring above, their brilliant white against the pure blue of the sky. That’s a country pleasure.  While sitting on the deck a little junco comes hopping along right around my hand, he stops, looks up at me, so I talk to him.  He seems satisfied that I’m no danger to him so he continues with his search for seeds. That’s a country pleasure.

This morning both Rusty and Sylvester, two of my chipmunks, came looking for peanuts. That didn’t work out too good.  They can get a bit territorial, so the chase is on.  They run all around me.  And over me.  Back and forth.  Finally they stop, an even match I guess.  Rusty sits on my knee taking peanuts out of the cup.  Sylvester sits on my shoulder and I hand the peanuts to him.  Peace.  These little critters are a joy and a country pleasure.  Chester was around a bit but now doesn’t come, probably because of all the squirrels.  I haven’t seen GPS at all, nor have I seen my favorite chipmunk, Skamper.  I also haven’t seen Checker yet.  Hard to believe losing 3 in one year.

A male and female purple finch at my landlord’s bird feeder.

There is such a chorus of different bird songs outside right now. But they all blend together so beautifully.  A true country pleasure. Now that spring is here and it’s warmer again there is nothing quite like an early morning walk.  Everything is so still, quiet, calm. Except for the singing of the birds in the background.  Just as it gets light. A beautiful time indeed.  Geese and ducks flying overhead.  Robins singing from the tops of the tallest pines.  They are actually the first birds to start singing in the morning. About an hour before the slightest bit of light arrives.  A real country pleasure.  Mind you, around here, that’s a good time to meet a bear.  But hey, I have my camera with me just in case.  Might be my final pictures though.  But as the saying goes, “gluing leaves on a tree on a windy day won’t help you cross a river if you don’t have a boat.”

A nice male robin showed up this morning too, but unfortunately he stayed out of the sun.

Friends.  Now there is a true country pleasure.  All too often people take friendship for granted.  Don’t.  Friendship is special.  Friends are a treasure.  Don’t forget that.  A true friend is always there for you, will help you to move forward, but remember, friendship works two ways.  If you want a friend, you need to be a friend.  Friends are the best of country pleasures.  And friendship can be experienced everywhere, not just in the country.

A friendly little junco.

I am very thankful for my friends, and that includes all my friends here as well.  Thank you for sharing my journey through Steve’s Country.  I would like to thank all of you personally on here but that would take a while.  But a special thank you to some of you who have been a great help to me in my blogging journey; Ilona; Huguette; Lydia; Lillian;

Hey, I’m old fashioned, it’s ladies first, your time will come guys. But please check out their blogs.  Well, that’s all for today, thank you so much for stopping by for a cup of coffee, and enjoying some true country pleasures with me. Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.



77 Comments on “Grab A Coffee And…

      • I actually had many many old sayings but most were lost when my apartment flooded 3 and a half years ago. They were written down unfortunately. Oh well. I will be back to emails soon.😃

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  1. Can’t grab a coffee since I’m sleeping but I was really humbled by your kindness and nice words! It’s great to have you in my community and I just enjoy your blog 😊 didn’t do anything special but really appreciate those kind and appreciative words 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊
    Beautiful spring image finally!
    Rusty and Sylvester are amazing and cute!
    The fox sparrow is so beautiful! patience paid off indeed! 😊 also the purple finch, the junco, the robin, are amazing! Country life is really amazing hearing the birds singing and the friendly squirrels playing with you 🙂 hope the chipmunks will return! Especially your favorite ones😊
    Enjoy your day and again it’s a great pleasure having you in this community and seeing all this beauty and art 😊👍

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    • How do you manage to read and write when you’re sleeping? Sorry, couldn’t resist, it’s been one of those days! Thanks for taking the time to read my post today and for the fantastic comment! See you tomorrow, have a good night!😃😺

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      • From the phone last scrolling before sleeping 😊 I’m used
        It was a great read and a great day ad it seems 😊 and have a good day Steve 😊

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      • Good morning Steve 😊 enjoy your coffee and hope you’ll have a great and peaceful day 😊 I have some regular working day

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      • Thanks Huguette, it shall be a good day indeed. Amazingly Muffin is not even awake yet, but she had a scare during the night which kept her awake, I don’t know what happened, but possibly the bear was back. Get some coffee, it always makes work feel better!😃☕

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      • Oh poor Muffin 😕 good she stills sleeping then! Hope she’ll have a great day as well 😊
        Well I did 😊it’s now 1.30pm
        Hope your day will be great 👍😁


      • I found out why Muffin got so scared. I had heard a loud noise during the night, but it sounded distant so I didn’t check until I went out to feed the birds. The bear had been here, 🐻he had knocked some boxes around I had on the deck and had put his big paws on the window,🙀 looked like he was scratching on it! I guess I need to be more careful when I go out to feed the birds, it’s barely daylight when I go out and the bear could easily still be around. Oh well, maybe get a good picture yet! I keep forgetting it’s an 8 hour time difference. Hope the remainder of your day goes well.😃

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      • Oh damn! I wonder why these bears don’t give a visit to your snitching neighbors! That would be great 🙄 this is certainly dangerous and you must really watch out! I mean paws on the window! Not a joke
        Poor Muffin sure she was terrified 😨
        Well safety first and then come picture 😊 hope the day will be great despite the bears! 😊

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      • I don’t know why he keeps coming here, I just wish he would come when it’s daylight so I could get a really good picture! Right, picture first, then safety. I will remember that.📷😂

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      • Last summer I was on my deck when a bear came walking by, that was mid afternoon. But he was a smaller one, unfortunately by the time I went inside to get my camera and came back out he was too far for a good picture. Oh well, keep trying I guess. Safety is a good thing, but I seem to be too stupid to follow that rule!😂😹

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      • I guess you just love some adventures from time to to time that’s it 😊 hope you’ll have some good shot without compromising the safety 😊
        Have a good day 🌞

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  2. That is a superb picture of the robin Steve. I love how the birds in your part of Canada sport different colours (more colours!) than the birds in eastern England. May the bears stay away from your life of contentment. 🤞

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  3. I love that you repeated the phrase “A true country pleasure” throughout this article, and again I am blown away by these shots- but most of all:


    Keep being magical my friend.

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  4. aw… life seems so fun over there. I love every animal around you and I would love to experience chipmunks running around and sitting on my shoulder, looking at the birds… hey, Steve, do you have a spare room? Can you please adopt me? hahaha 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, don’t forget it gets cold over here! Like 6 months of the year with cold and snow. I love warm places. It is fun this time of the year with all the animal life and being able to go outside to enjoy them without freezing to death.😂😹

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t under estimate me. I happened to won over my husband swimming in 11 degree C (51.8 F) in the beach of Lofoten. I can handle the cold, but I’ll only be crashing at your place when it’s a warm season haha 😂
        Joking aside, one my biggest dream is to own a house in a forest that makes it possible for me to live like snowhite (even if I’m tan)

        Liked by 1 person

      • I did live in a house surrounded by forest on 3 sides and a beautiful small lake on the remaining side. That was a nice place to live, but a long distance from any work! This is a small town so it’s not so bad and it’s carved out of the forest. It’s a beautiful town but the winters are just too long.😃🌲

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah… long winter is exhausting. It’s one of the reason why if we’re in Norway, we ran back to Spain after Christmas.

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  5. Enjoyed reading this add always! I loved seeing all the peanut shells on the ground of the sparrow picture. Your posts bring such smiles to my heart 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m loving learning these Canadian sayings. ☺️

    I used to get upset with squirrels eating from our bird feeders. I think part of it was watching others get upset in the same situation. But I finally considered: they’re animals, they need food, too. Half of it they so spill onto the ground for the pigeons and other birds. So I stopped being upset by it and learned to be amused by their gymnastics and acrobatics.

    Take care. ☺️☺️

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  7. Hey Steve! I completely enjoyed this lovey post😊 I have to say, I’m really wishing I can someday enjoy these beautiful countryside pleasure like you. Life really seems fun and exciting. 😃
    I really admire your photography skills. The picture of Rusty filling his mouth with peanuts is damn cute😍 And fox sparrow looks really beautiful. Your patience finally paid off.😅
    I loved this beautiful country experience! ❤

    Have a great day!😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, thanks so much for reading and for such an encouraging comment! And I don’t even live in the country, however it is a small town of 15,000 carved out of the forest which helps. Have a great day also!😃

      Liked by 1 person

      • Pleasure is all mine!😊 seeing Rusty’s cute picture, I just couldn’t stop myself from commenting. Hahaha😂
        Well, your town looks beautiful and stories make me believe it’s a really good place to be. I really like it (except that bird feeding being illegal thing.😁)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, I’m going to give a tour around town on my blog but want to wait for everything to get nice a green first, so people can see where I live. Yes, I agree, except the illegal bird feeding and the long cold winters!😂😹

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  8. Thanks for the cup of coffee and the visit! It felt really great propping my feet up a while, watching all God’s creatures. I even made sure to keep a watch out for those dreaded monster spiders you talk about! I’m thankful I didn’t see any this visit! I must be running though! Thanks again for the coffee. God Bless!

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