He’s After Me…

Hello everyone on this another beautiful spring day.  The sun is still shining a bit, but the clouds are quickly taking over.  Still, it is nice out there so I just had to spend time with all the dangerous animals for a while.  Speaking of dangerous animals, this one is actually not on the list, but…as far as I am concerned, it should be.  I am referring to my friendly night visitor, that 8 foot (about 2.5 meter) long bear.🐻

At least this robin was sitting in the sun.

I was sleeping, and heard a large bang outside.  I was tired, but decided I better see what was going on.  Poor Muffin. She was terrified. 🙀 The bear was standing up against the window pawing at it with his massive feet.  But he was down and gone off the deck before I could get out there for a picture.  Sigh.  And he made a mess of all the boxes of stuff I have out there too.  That was the noise I heard.  If I hadn’t been so tired I probably would have been able to go out and get his picture. A friend of mine wants a picture of this bear, so I will have to go outside to get a decent picture. Oh well.

Another male goldfinch from last spring, they don’t usually show up until May. Here he is singing.

The authorities in charge will only do something if the bear is posing a serious risk to humans.  I’m not human, I guess.😂  Sigh.  So…I decided to spend time with the other dangerous animals, the chipmunks.  Yes, they are classed as dangerous animals.  Amazing really.  At least they cooperate better than the bear.  And they come out during the day which is nice, because I don’t sleep during the day.  So that makes it easier.

Just look at this dangerous animal ready to attack. This is Rusty again this morning.

Oddly, there is not as many birds around today.  Even the fox sparrows are not here today.  I’m glad I got those pictures yesterday,📷 might not be another chance this year. They go much further north for nesting, so the only time to see them is spring, and sometimes in the fall as they head back south.  Spring is the best time though.  The loons are back now, there was one fly over the house today laughing as he went.  Yes, that one call sounds similar to a laugh.  But they are well known for their lonely, haunting call, often done at night.  Really, it sounds just beautiful. I could listen to it all night.IMG_2299

Just something short for today.  I was planning something else actually, but it didn’t work out for today.  I will try again for next Tuesday.  I need to get better organized! 🙄 Muffin is sleeping a lot today, not good.  That means she will want to be up tonight again.  It’s hard when she gets her days/nights mixed up.  Hard for me.  Not her.😹

Muffin has that annoyed look, like I would actually dare to take her picture when she is trying to sleep.

Thank you for joining me once again, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.






65 Comments on “He’s After Me…

  1. Great pics of muffin and the birds, and I also liked the one of the moon. I have seen documentary’s of those bears, they can be a real menace plus being dangerous. Cheers.

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  2. These authorities are having weeds or what 😂 OMG what do they mean by that! Now chipmunks are dangerous and the bear on your window is not yes a threat ? They’re waiting for the bear to eat someone or what! 🙄
    Anyway you must take care I guess
    Lovely pictures even if from yesterday I’m sure the birds will come more now 😊
    Muffin needs some sleep definitely 😊👍
    The moon is also a great shot Steve 👍
    Enjoy you day and always keep eyes open 🤓

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    • Amazing isn’t it? I guess the bear has to come inside to be considered a real threat. But if he comes in I will be flying out the bedroom window, which would be my only way to escape. Long way down though. Muffin just kind of woke up, turned over and eyes shut once again! I will keep eyes open for sure, especially in the morning when I put food out for the birds! Thanks for your great comment. Enjoy your day tomorrow since it already is tomorrow even thought it’s today and yesterday!😃

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  3. I pray that bear never gets in the house! That happens sometimes here in Colorado. There was also an old couple napping one day in their home up in the foothills. They had their door open for air and a mountain lion just walked into their house and came into their bedroom. They woke up and scared it out with a broom.😂 I’ve had black bears outside our tent at night while camping in the Rockies, but not at our house. I may have missed it, but did you name the bear yet? If not, you will come up with a good one. 😊 God bless!

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      • That’s funny! I was just thinking about that myself today!😂 I actually named one of my deer friends Bouncer due to his huge size, biggest deer I’ve seen and friendly as a kitten. He was a 12 pointer but bigger than others I have seen, and he and Muffin actually liked each other! He also loved being rubbed around the base of his antlers, must have been itchy there. He also liked being hugged. Just wish I had a camera then!📷😃😺


  4. Lovely photos Steve! The bird with yellow feathers is beautiful, I’m sure she or he, is trying to comfort you after the bear did that to your boxes like “here take a shot and stop sulking” haha
    But that sounds scary, especially when you got woken by it.
    And no you maybe don’t seem very human anymore for the authorities because your friends are probably rallying in your sleep with a board that says “Steve belong to our animal kingdom!” Haha 😀 Stay safe!
    PS: I love the moon. Muffin probably love gazing at it that’s why she wants to stay up at night 🙂

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    • Thanks Jessica for reading and for such a great comment! The bird is male and has a beautiful song, likely singing for his mate. Yes, maybe that’s it, I’m not human anymore! Too much time with my animal friends.😂 The moon did turn out nice considering there wasn’t much light and my camera usually doesn’t do well with that. I have my escape plan in place if that bear manages to break in sometime, which really wouldn’t be hard for him to do. Have a great day!😃

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  5. Hi Steve. I’m so enjoying your posts and the pictures! Me thinks the bear wants to be fed peanuts too! Teehee. We also have bears-little ones-they do make a mess sometimes! Be safe 🙂

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