3-2-1 Quote Me Challenge!

Well, hello to all my faithful readers today! It’s a beautiful, sunny, spring day here. Though it is a bit cooler than it has been this past week, but it’s still nice.  It’s SPRING! That’s the main thing.

White throated sparrow.

I was tagged again by Huguette over at https://huguetteantoun.com for this new challenge!  Never tried one of these before and it’s all about ATTITUDE.  Thanks so much Huguette for tagging me for this, it is appreciated for sure.  Please check out Huguette’s blog, she has a very honest and open approach and doesn’t mind saying things straight, which really is a good way to be.  She also lives in a nice warm place.  Have I ever mentioned that I like warm places?  I live in a very cold place.  Don’t ask why, I have no idea.  I could have moved years ago, but for some strange, unaccountable momentary loss of my brain, I decided to stay here.  Very strange indeed.  Anyway, do check out Huguette’s blog and let her know I sent you.  Well, maybe not.  Whichever.

Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

  1. Thank the Selector
  2. Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day
  3. Select 3 bloggers to take part in ‘3.2.1 Quote Me!’

Okay, I’m not going to do things as fancy as Huguette does, she uses all kinds of pictures and cartoons.  I don’t.  Sorry about that. Well, okay, maybe one.  This one is my quote.  Can I do that? Do I have to use someone else’s quote? I’m going to use mine anyway.  No, I didn’t copy someone else.  It’s mine. Honest.  I’ve had this one for a long time.IMG_2435

It does have to do with attitude.  Just doesn’t say attitude.  Doesn’t have to use the actual word does it?  Sigh. All these rules.  This next one isn’t mine.  But it’s not bad.  It doesn’t say attitude neither.  I’m terrible.  Sorry about that.

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.         Henry Ford

Okay, all I need are two of them.  Whew.  Good thing.  I do have lots of quotes.  Trying to find them is the problem.  I need to get things sorted out better.  I need to throw things out.  This little place is just too crowded!

This is LB digging up some walnuts he buried last fall. He had a deep hole, that’s why he is so dirty.

Now my 3 nominees for doing this little challenge;




There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? I survived, I hope you did as well.  And I hope you all will have a great weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.



58 Comments on “3-2-1 Quote Me Challenge!

  1. Congratulations Steve and thank you for sharing these beautiful quotes! No need to contain the word attitude, the meaning is enough
    Thank you for the kind words you always say, I’m humbled 😊
    you don’t need to post photos as I do, you have your own style and the birds, squirrels and chipmunks are pretty enough👍😊
    Hope you’re having a great and productive day 😊👍

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’ve never heard that Henry Ford quote, I’ll have to remember that one. I was trying to finish a short story on my almost defunct laptop and ran into so many technical issues, argh. I may need to start over but at least I have all my files backed up.

    Thank you for the tag–I’ll do my best! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations Steve! 😊
    I really loved your own quote “Negative thinking will never bring positive results”. Being an optimistic myself, these are the words I truly believe in😊

    Have a wonderfully happy day!😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so very much!😁 Yes, positive thinking will always give us better results in our lives and in everything we do, it helps in so many different ways. Thanks for reading and have a great day!😃

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the quote! Haha 😀 I did the same as you 8 days ago. Posted my own quote because there’s no rule that says you have to use someone else’s.

    Also, only Huguette can do what she does. I love how she makes her post, but I think your blog is quite fancy too. You’re the king animal kingdom! for god sake. Okay, joking aside, your photos are pretty and entertaining and make all your post (those I’ve read) very lovable.
    You agree with me, right Muffin?
    By the way, is she not sulking for not making an appearance here? She might plot another way to get your meal for revenge. 😹

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so very much for reading and for your great comment Jessica! Glad you enjoy the photos too. I think Muffin is always plotting something whether there is a reason or not!😹 Hope you have a wonderful day!😃

      Liked by 1 person

      • I m outside with a friend taking a walk, super hot but i find out, that sitting our laying down at least for me is even more tiring😁

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, that’s true, sitting can be very tiring. I prefer to be out doing something, especially when the weather is so nice like today.🌞 So I am going to eat something and then go for a walk on my forest path.😁🌞🌳😀


      • Yes, but now for very long time😁, you know i dont to force people to read and to comment, like if i read and comment your blog so you have to do same for me, many bloggers does that, i read because i like and i comment if i want to, so i want people to read if i really want to do that. And they dont have to let me know that they did it, because i wont do same for them ,i m reading only posts which is inreresting for me, is the way it should be😉😎🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I can see your point, but you could lose followers who really want to comment but can’t. I finally decided there was no way I could keep up with reading everyone’s posts and so many are not something that interests me. But I was trying to read because they followed me. However, I’m not a cook so cooking posts don’t really interest me, same with technology, sports and a few others. If I lose those because I don’t read, can’t do much about it. Now I have more time with other posts that I enjoy. Otherwise I will just go crazy and have not time to write my posts!😂😹Even today, I haven’t written anything yet, too busy reading!😁🌞🌴

        Liked by 1 person

      • Exacly, you know nobody id forced to follow me🙂😎cool people will still follow😂🤣😁

        Liked by 1 person

      • Glad to hear that!! Had to step out for a few minutes, my landlord is buying a new(but used) car and she wanted me to look it over for her. Very nice car. Enjoy your afternoon walk!! Going for my afternoon walk soon too!😁🌞🌳📷

        Liked by 1 person

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