It Can’t Be! It is.

Hello dear readers from the land of cold and snow.  This is a good time to pull up a chair, grab yourself a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate, and see what’s happening here today.  Do you really want to know?  Today is April 29.  It should be nice and warm outside.  It isn’t. This is what it looks like outside, and getting worse since I took this picture a bit earlier.IMG_2931It’s snowing!   It shouldn’t be snowing. Raining perhaps.  Not snowing.  Did I ever mention that I like warm places?  I do.  Honest.  So why do I live in such a cold place? Don’t ask.  I have no idea.  I should have moved someplace warm years ago.  But years ago our winters were not so bad as they are now.  Winter is getting longer and colder every year now.  Why am I even talking about winter??  It is a good day to stay inside and drink coffee.  Which is what I’m doing.  And probably will continue to do today.

I took this picture of a male evening grosbeak 2 days ago, looks nice a bright for a day like today.

It’s been one of those days.  And it’s only 7 am.  Aside from being cold and getting that white lumpy rain, I also broke the arm on my desk chair.  It can be fixed easily enough. But still.  There’s another problem too.  Hopefully that will be taken care of today. If not, oh well, there’s always tomorrow.  Ever notice how we always seem to like worrying about tomorrow?  Why?  It usually makes us feel terrible.  So why do it?  Personally I don’t enjoy feeling bad.  So best to take it one day at a time.  We will feel better and be much happier.

This picture is from last summer, doesn’t look like that yet this year!

Although yesterday today was tomorrow, and tomorrow today will be yesterday, nevertheless yesterday tomorrow will be the day after tomorrow because today it would be tomorrow yesterday and tomorrow will be today tomorrow, or would have been the day after tomorrow yesterday.  I think.

Better listen to Sir George, he knows what he is talking about, that’s how he lives.

Now after that, how can you possible worry about tomorrow.  You see it’s quite simple. Tomorrow never arrives.  Because once tomorrow is here it’s actually today and today can’t be tomorrow.  Simple, right?

Poor birds on a day like this.  It’s snowing quite heavily now.  The ground is covered with snow so they can’t get at their natural food.  And there is just not enough room at my feeders for all those hungry critters.  Right now there is probably 200 of them out there, all trying to get something.  Then there is the squirrels.  They keep chasing the birds away.  Sigh.  And when you get a lot of birds around like this, something else happens.  Predators arrive.  I was standing on the deck for a bit watching all the action and suddenly this hawk flies past, just missing my head, I could feel the breeze from it’s wings.  He was moving fast.  But this time it missed.  A broad winged hawk.  They are about crow sized, so one of our smaller hawks.  And they like birds for lunch. Or breakfast.  So at the moment it’s a bit quiet out there.  But the hawk left temporarily.  It will be back however.

While I was taking pictures of birds at the feeder on Saturday, this little pine siskin landed right beside me.

Even though not one of our bigger hawks, they do fly fast, especially in a dive after prey. It can actually break a person’s neck at that speed.  So I’m glad it missed me.  At the very least it would have ripped my head wide open.  Bird watching can be a dangerous hobby at times.  I have been attacked more than once over the years.  Never hurt though.  I have always been able to keep out of the way.

This is the way it should be, sunny, warm, and Rusty on my knee.

Odd things happen sometimes.  Remember the guy I met on the street?  That’s the odd I’m talking about.  I am very careful about locking my door now.  I went out yesterday and when I left I made sure the door was locked.  Fine.  When I came home the door was not locked and Muffin was kind of nervous/scared.  I have noticed nothing missing.  Still, it gives a person that uneasy feeling.  The place we live should make us feel safe.  Not uneasy.  I’m not scared.  It just feels odd.  It’s been interesting lately.  Did I ever mention that I like warm places?  Well, I DO!  Really.  I have to admit, I’m tired of this white lumpy rain.  I would like to go someplace warm.  I can’t right now.  But I would like to.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit here today and you are welcome to join me again tomorrow.  Muffin and I hope to see you again and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


73 Comments on “It Can’t Be! It is.

  1. Autumn time here in Australia. The State of Queensland is where is the warmest, still feels like summer today, no jackets needed. Keep writing and taking your photos Steve I love reading your stories.

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  2. I think it’s time you go on a holiday! 😂 If the snow doesn’t want to go, just do it yourself. 😉
    Love that pic of Rusty stuffing himself with peanuts, I’m afraid I looked like that about half an hour ago – just with some cake instead! 😁

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  3. Glad you’re avoiding the various dangers Steve. Somehow it feels as if you live a charmed life. Your posts are always interesting! Hope the snow is short-lived. On average, each year here in England seems marginally hotter. Which suits me just fine.

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    • It would be nice if it would get warmer here too, but each year it just gets cooler. Weather records indicate that we are back to winters that happened in the 1960s. Terrible thought!😲 Thanks for reading, have a great day!😃


  4. It is cold again here too. They say we could get snow. I am really tired of winter. It was so hot last week that I turned the sprinkler system on, so I pray it doesn’t freeze. I have the back flow pipes insulated and covered with a heavy moving blanket. It is supposed to drop to near freezing tonight. Typical springtime in Colorado. 🙂 I really hope nobody broke into your home. Be careful Steve, that’s really weird. I am praying for your safety. God bless!

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    • Thanks so much Ryan! Last time I measured we had 3 inches, but it has been snowing since then, but seems to be getting a bit lighter now. This isn’t really typical for us. Weather records state that our winters are more like the 1960s now. I hope that trend doesn’t continue! God bless!😃

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  5. oh no! Not the snow again 😕😕😕 December is haunting April! Sorry to hear that and poor birds indeed! Hope the sun will appear asap!
    Loved the inspiring messages through the bird and tree pictures 👍 great idea and great messages as well 😊
    Take care and inform the police Steve, it’s not really comfortable I guess if someone is unlocking your door! 😕
    Hope it will get warmer and always stay safe dear Steve 😊

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    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting Huguette, always much appreciated!! It’s actually supposed to stay cloudy with snow or rain all week. I hope they are wrong however. Rain is okay, we do need moisture, it had already dried out terribly in the forest. The police just figured I forgot to lock my door. I know I locked it though, I’m very careful about that now and always check it to make sure. Oh well, if someone breaks in while I’m home he is likely going to get a headache! Thanks for the kind words Huguette, I might do more of those ‘word pictures’ now and then. Have a great day from Muffin and me!😃😸

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  6. I can’t imagine anyone having snow right now, especially since it’s 82 degrees here! 🙀 Love the pics and the pic quotes! I wish I could send some of this sunshine over your way! Now about that odd one…🤔….sounds like someone who may have lived there before you and still had a key? And when you are gone, is going through your house. I hope he isn’t terrorizing poor Muffin! 😾 Be sage! Still praying for your safety!

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    • Thanks so much Renee! Wow, 82, we are at 32 right now! I changed the lock on the door myself just to make sure that wouldn’t be a problem, however it’s really not that hard to pick a lock, even more expensive ones. And special tools are not necessary. Oh well, just have to watch, thanks for the prayers, have a great day!😃

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      • Got it! Secret ideas…
        Day is pretty. Not too warm yet, but the kale is flowering now and so are the dandelions
        Writing for my next post…blogging is hard work! Ha! But what an experience its been so far!
        Enjoying seeing your animal friends—they do brighten my day. 🌈What’s with the creepy guy in your neighborhood?👀

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      • Not sure, apparently no one else has seen him, kind of odd. Hopefully he won’t be back. I think any flowers around here will be held back a bit by this return of cold and snow. Eventually spring will come and stay. I hope!😃🌞


      • Hopefully indeed! Hmmm…maybe he is a shape shifting bear? Nah. Couldn’t be. No one would believe it! Ha!
        Well, i hope for you, Muffin, and all the other creatures in your country—warm ♥️

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  7. Chair. Check. Hot drink. Check. Okay, I’m ready.

    I’m rather impressed with myself right for following and actually understand your tongue twisting short monologue about today being yesterday when tomorrow comes. Love that.

    😭 and Oh, Steve, I don’t have it as bad as you, but I really can’t understand what going on with the weather. It’s the same here in Spain. It should feel like summer and full of sunshine right about now, but Spain has dragged my mood down since we arrive in February. It’s mostly cloudy and raining every single damn day. Maybe all these bad weather is a way of telling you to finally move in a warmer part of Earth. But then again if you were gone all the animals around there will probably cry. Yep, it is truly sad for the birds.

    And I have yet to meet a person who enjoys feeling bad. If I met one, I probably stay away because I can no longer remember anyone.

    Please stay safe and I hope that you only forgot to lock the door. And that Muffin wasn’t scared because she knows someone unlocked it and can’t verbally inform you. Oh, poor Muffins. 😞


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    • I wish I could move somewhere warmer for sure, unfortunately that is just not possible now. Perhaps a vacation, that’s it. But then I have to come back which is why I wouldn’t like to go somewhere in winter, unless I could stay away the whole winter!
      I have known people that I’m sure must enjoy being unhappy since they are always like that!
      I didn’t forget to lock the door, I always check to make sure it’s locked now, have for a while. Muffin wouldn’t act the way she did unless someone came in. And it wasn’t my landlord since she wasn’t home at the time either. Might have to invest in a better lock! Have a great day!😃😺

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      • Oh my, that’s unsettling. You do seem to need a new lock.
        Agree, now that you mention it, I’ve seen people like that. I just never take notice because I do my best to stay away from them. Have a great day too!

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  8. You could come down here and be in 70-100 degree weather. Hardly ever snows but rains like in Noah’s day sometimes.

    Brother, what type of locks do you have on your door! Sounds like you need an additional lock. Maybe one day lock the house and go sit on a log for an hour and watch. Catch the person and press charges.

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    • If I could move someplace warmer I would for sure, just not possible though. There are actually 2 locks on the door and one is more expensive type, but I know it isn’t hard to pick locks, some people can do it so fast it looks like they are using a key. I hope whoever did come in isn’t that regular! Someone did try to open my door the other night but he took off when I yelled. I thought afterwards I should have stayed quiet, but I don’t really want to be here if he comes in, he may have a gun! Or perhaps not be alone. Oh well. And this is a good neighborhood too.


    • Thank you so very much for reading, sorry it took a while to answer but your comment ended up in my spam folder, usually I check each day but I was away yesterday. Have a great evening!

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