Unconditional Love.

Hello again everyone!  And here we are with our second collaboration between my good friend Ilona and myself.  If you haven’t done so yet, please check out her blog, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

It says it all right in the word: unconditional means there are no conditions. If we say, ‘I will love you if’, then we are putting a condition on our love. 

That is not true love. True love has no conditions attached. We give our love freely, not looking for something in return. All love must come from this one. Unconditional love does not look only on the outward, it does not look at nationality, it does not look at age, but it looks on the inward, on the heart.

The heart is where true love comes from. It is freely given to someone else. It says, ‘here is my heart, I give it to you’. It is love that does not fade or die. It is infinite. It is there forever. It is love that says, ‘I will die for you’. I think the reason so many couples separate or get divorced, is because there is no unconditional love.

But it has to be on both sides or a relationship can’t work. It is love that is pure. It is love that excites. It is love that stays no matter what, through good times or bad. Through arguments. Through sickness. It is love that continues. It is heart love. Heart love knows no conditions.

I believe true love mean than we give our entire person, our soul to our partner. All what we do shouldn t be with any request in return. When we expect to much it put some barrier, because at the end we always disapointed. We should give our best and if our partner do the same its will work. Its not point to always expect things. Give what you can and get what it offer for you. Let your heart direct your life, not only your brain.

That’s it folks, hope you have enjoyed it! Until next time,

Steve, with Ilona.

65 Comments on “Unconditional Love.

  1. Thank you Steve, you part is much longer all the credit is yours, mine is just the last line, thank you so much for taking your time for me🤗

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  2. Amazing post. Unconditional love doesn’t really exist now, does it? Because I have experienced it myself. When I tried to love someone without any ifs and buts, I couldn’t. There was always an if involved. Maybe I didn’t even love the person but the emotion is so much complex now, no one knows what love is. Both of you have done a great job❤️

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  3. Your subject is great, yes we can give full love unconditionally and we may not even get it back. But it doesn’t matter because everyone is different.

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      • I just had to make a comment after reading some of the others where they were skeptical if it still exist’s. They will say it exist’s when they feel it given from another. There’s no mistaking it!
        Yes it is going very well. It’s Friday and the Sun is shining and it’s pay day! Thankful for all of the above and more! I hope yours is going well also…

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  4. Hey Steve, to be honest unconditional love doesn’t exist, from my opinion at least, just a fantasy… the moment you want the other person to love you back, it’s not unconditional anymore and who wants to just love without being loved? We’re not prophets or saints…and I’m speaking about all kind of love…
    Probably only the mother love is unconditional
    Thank you for sharing 👍😊

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    • Well, I have to disagree, I think unconditional love is still here, always has been. Is it common? Not anymore. Wanting someone to love you back isn’t really a condition unless we say I will only love you if you love me the same way. Now it’s a condition. But in a relationship, it has to be unconditional on both sides or it won’t work, which I believe is why so many couples split up. Well, it’s not the only reason I guess. But I believe unconditional love will never stop or die, if it’s real to begin with. But like I say, both sides need it for things to work. My thoughts, whatever they may be worth. But thanks for the interaction, it’s good to see other opinions on any subject! Stick around even if you don’t agree with me!😁

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      • Oh we must disagree 👍😊 not the kind who leaves when people disagree
        I can see your point but it’s a bit hard probably to apply, maybe as you said not common anymore but got your point and it’s noted 👍😊

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      • Thanks Huguette! It would probably be quite dull if everyone agreed on everything!🤔😂 Had someone try to get in my door the other night. He ran when I yelled at him. Strange neighborhood.

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      • Yes it will be dull indeed 😌
        Really now? Hahha strange people indeed! Great he left from yelling! He’s not a pro hahha
        You should take precautions I believe it’s not comfortable 😕😕

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      • Yes, I do need to get a better lock on this door. It really wouldn’t be hard to open and very quickly if you know what to do. I could have this door open in less than 10 seconds. about the time it takes to use a key!😂 It certainly isn’t something to fool around with though so I should take care of it soon I guess. I tend to take chances too much.😕

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      • Oh well you said it yourself so don’t wait any longer! Precautions are always better than dealing with the problem so best of luck with that 👍😊

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  5. Great post! I agree that we should give without expecting anything in return. It makes me sad that the divorce rate is so high nowadays. It’s like people get married just for the fun of it!

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    • Thanks for reading Michelle! Sometimes it certainly looks like it’s just for the fun of it alright, or it’s just the wrong kind of love, it doesn’t come from the heart so it dies easily when something happens. Sad for sure. Enjoy your weekend Michelle!😃

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  6. We live in an imperfect world, and our relationships will be imperfect because we are not perfect. With faith in God’s word, a man and a woman can experience a high degree of unconditional love.

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    • That is true, relationships won’t be perfect but unconditional love can still be there even though it may not always be perfect. Unconditional love really is true love which most do not understand these days. Most love these days is based on sight and that will fade, along with the relationship. Having faith in God certainly makes things far better. But when love is real a relationship will last even if there are bumps along the way and there usually is. Thanks so much for reading and for your comment, have a great weekend!

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