It’s May! I Think.

Hello everyone on this very cold start to the month of May.  It’s unbelievable really.  The temp did finally make it to 43 (6C) today.  That is not a typical May temperature.  That’s a typical March temperature.  Maybe early April.  Not May.  Now, our spring was supposed to be warmer than normal.  Instead it turned out colder than normal.  A lot colder.  People were walking around wearing heavy jackets and gloves today.  In May.  Sigh.  Did I ever mention that I like warm places?  Wait, I love warm places.

Aha! There she comes now, time to attack!

On the plus side today, I was able to see 8 swans, wild ones.  That doesn’t happen too often.  On the negative side, I didn’t have my camera with me at the time. 📷 Why?  I have no idea really.  I had to make a bit of a trip today and decided not to take my camera.  After all, what can I see from a car on the highway?🤔  Swans.  Bison. Vultures.  I could have gotten pictures of all these.  But no. I decided to leave my camera at home.  Sigh.

Baxter sitting beside me posing so nice.

It was a long day.  Five and a half hours in a car for a 15 minute appointment.  Was it worth it?  Yep!  Sure was.  Exciting, actually!  What did I do?  It’s a secret.  Does that mean I won’t say any more about it?  Yep.  At least not now.  Maybe some day.  I know, I’m a terrible person.  550 people can’t be wrong.😂

I’m really looking forward to some warmer weather.  Might have to wait for summer before that happens.  At least I hope it happens.  Nice warm summer weather.  You know, flowers blooming, bees buzzing, dragonflies dragging.  Dragging what?  Flies usually.😂🙄  Okay.  Maybe I’m just tired.  hungry bee

And hungry.  Didn’t eat much today.  That happens when I travel.  And the rest of the time too.  Oh well.  Many people have a hard time losing weight.  Hey, just follow my diet. Guaranteed to lose weight.  What diet?  Don’t eat.🥪  Works wonders.  Okay.  Not, don’t eat anything.  Just don’t eat much.🍟🍔🍕  Works.  No big secret really.  Do I need to lose weight? No. So why the diet?  I’m not on a diet.  That’s just my diet.  You see, a diet doesn’t have to be a diet in order to be a diet.  It’s just a diet.  Get it?🤔

I’m looking forward to the return of the hummingbirds so I can get a better picture of one.

Okay, next subject.  I’m tired.  You probably guessed that already.  When I’m tired my brain bounces around a bit.  There’s lots of space to do that.😂  So much for that one.  I think my squirrels spend more time chasing each other than anything else.  No wonder they eat so much.  They need the energy to run and fight all the time.😁

You called me what?

I think I will keep this short today.  I’m not really saying much anyway.  I will do better next time.  I promise.  Until tomorrow, I hope you will all enjoy your day/night.  Thank you once again for being here today, and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


45 Comments on “It’s May! I Think.

  1. If you see vultures please run because they might be stalking you for lunch! Joke! Please smile. I know it’s cold but I’ll pray that the heat comes soon. I want to start wearing summer clothes.

    Dragonflies are one of the few insects I like, I observed them a lot while growing up but I haven’t seen them dragging flies yet. I’d love to see that.

    And always bring your camera with you because the most unexpected things happen when you don’t have anything to capture the moment. This reminds me of an Animal Planet ad in Norway, where a cameraman film a snail for hours but when he finally gives up and go then the snail pick up and a pingpong paddle and play with a ball. Oh my god I’ve never been so in love with a commercial before. It’s too sad I don’t have recorded and I haven’t found it yet on the internet.

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    • Thanks for reading Jessica! Yes, I should know better by now, always bring that camera.📷 The swans especially would have been nice, I don’t get to see them that often. Oh well. As I look outside this morning it is snowing again!😲 Seems this winter weather just doesn’t want to leave!😂 Oh well, hope your day is going well!😃

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  2. Good morning Steve, hope it’s warmer today 🙂 next time take the camera with you hahaa it’s really frustrating to know that May is still that cold! Hope it will get warmer!
    a diet doesn’t have to be a diet in order to be a diet. It’s just a diet. 😂😂😂 oh yes get it! Best way to not eat at all indeed!
    These pictures are amazing especially the hummingbird! Hope you’ll be having a great day ahead and certainly much warmer 🙂


  3. Hello Steve , we can’t enjoy spring if it is cold outside 😪 hope the weather will get warmer the next days , and you are such an amazing photographer ❤❤

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    • Thank you so very much for saying that Venus! I truly appreciate it and I’m glad you are part of my little blog! Thanks for reading and have a great day!😃🌞

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  4. I also had my winter coat on yesterday. I hope that means that November and December will still be warm enough for gardening. Too bad about not having your camera with you, but isn’t that always the way, that when you don’t have it, there seems to be many photo opportunities!!

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  5. I still can hardly believe that you can get that close to those sweet little creatures! I have never gotten that close to a blue jay! Wow! Too bad you left the camera. We all would have loved to see the swans and bison. Thanks again for sharing all of God’s creatures!

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  6. I feel your disappointment about not having your camera at hand. It happens to me frequently, but I am trying to remember to take it with me when I walk at a couple of nearby nature parks.

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    • Yes, it is disappointing for sure, especially after telling myself so many times to take it with me every time I go out! Oh well. Hopefully I won’t do that again, glad to know I’m not the only one to forget cameras! Have a great day!

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  7. Wow, there is not a doctor closer to you for said appt? That’s a long drive for that…but then again I had a dear friend that needed a hug so I took off work drove the two hours there, gave her a hug and a kiss and drove back. So I guess we do what we must.

    Sorry about you leaving your 📷 😦

    Maybe next time

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    • Oh, that wasn’t for a doctor’s appointment, a different appointment, government related. Can’t say anymore right now, maybe at some point, like summer. Or not, who knows? Leaving my camera was terrible! Especially for the swans, they are normally only around 1 or 2 days then they head north. Thanks so much for reading Stu, much appreciated!😃

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