Happiness, Or Not?…A Poem.


I woke up happy to meet the day,

Ready to face it all the way,

I’m facing forward, come what may!

But nothing rough, or I’ll run away.

We’re ready to tackle anything,

Yet pebbles can cause our mood to swing.

Being happy means smooth days along?

Anything else makes us grump and groan?

Our happiness is not based on things,

Problems should not give happiness wings

To fly off somewhere unknown to us,

Leaving us only to fume and fuss.

Don’t count on others to bring a smile,

When you frown and complain all the while.

The choice is yours, only you can make

That happiness choice, for goodness sake!

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

48 Comments on “Happiness, Or Not?…A Poem.

  1. Nice! You’re right we have the power to choose how our day is going to feel. Don’t let matters outside of our control to dull the happiness.

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  2. I loved this poem so much! Well written and so inspiring as well 😊 happiness is a choice and pebbles shouldn’t be an obstacle for our mood swing and happiness 👌
    You’re a very good writer dear Steve 😊 have a great day ahead 🌞🌞😸😸

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    • Thank you Huguette for your words of encouragement! It’s amazing sometimes how something so small can cause our mood to change! It actually takes less energy and brain activity to choose happiness than to choose grumpiness! A wet day but a good day for sure! Hope your day is good as well!😃🌞😸

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    • Thanks so much NZ for your encouragement! One older lady said about problems, ‘it came…to pass.’ Like you just said, comes and goes. Hope your day is going well, guess you still have another day for your weekend yet.😃😺


      • Weekend is lovely—spent most of yesterday flat on my back with a hot pad—but that too is passing. Gentle weeding today—plans for planting sunflowers. 🌻

        Tried something new today—posted a video. Not sure if it works or not. I think it does. Ah well. Still learning how to blog! Haha!

        Enjoy your sunshine😊💜

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      • Too much weeding. I love flower gardens and have had some great ones, can’t anymore unless I garden in containers, however that didn’t work too well here. The first year I lived here I tried some container gardening, which I have done before, but once all the flowers were looking great someone came by at night and dumped them. So I said forget it after that. This is a bad neighborhood it seems. But only once did I do good with sunflowers, and that was in a real garden, they got huge. I will check out your video. Mainly cloudy here with some rain which is okay, the sun is still shining after all!😄🌞😺

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      • Dumped them? No way. Wonder if it was the bear? Sunflowers are fun when they get big. I grow them for the chickens and birds too. Fun to watch them peck! Thanks for visiting—did the video work for you?
        We are in between showers here—starting to warm up. Yay! Yep—even on the cloudy days the sun is still shining 🙂

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      • Good morning NZ! No, wasn’t a bear, too evening spread out across the deck and no foot prints. I was having a lot of problems that first summer with someone coming by at night and making noise to wake me up. No problems last summer though. The police were informed but nothing they could do but they did extra patrols for a week a couple times but nothing happened then. I think I know who it was, my neighbor, since it always happened at around the same time at night, which was the time he gets home from work. Yes, the video worked fine and that was fantastic! How did you get that? Hope you have a nice sunny day!😃🌞😺

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      • Well, I hope your neighbor behaves. It’s difficult to love annoying neighbors!

        Oh good-glad the video works-I’d like to do more videos. That little hummer was caught in my husband’s shop window. He came with the little guy not looking so good. But, a spoonful of sugary water did the trick to bring him back to life. Like me with coffee. ;).

        Yes, sun and showers forecast today. Perfect for weeding. Ha! Weeds have a mind of their own—and living on the edge of forest—they prefer our garden beds!
        It’s ok, I don’t mind. Most of my weeds are really wildflowers that just need a bit of taming and cultivating. 🙂

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      • Well, no real proof it was him, but the time coincidence sure fits! Glad the little hummy was okay, you certainly got a good video of it! Yes, I agree about the coffee! Some of those weeds can actually be quite pretty flowers. Weeding is one part of gardening I don’t miss, but I would like a garden again, just not right now, it would be too hard to find someone to look after it for me next month while I’m away. Enjoy your weeding time, I’m after some pictures today.👩‍🌾😁📷

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