Monday’s Sunshiny Skies.

Hello to all my friends and fellow bloggers on this brilliantly sunny Monday morning.  Seeing the outline of the trees against that wondrous blue sky is enough to make this guy feel like jumping.  It gives me energy so that I want to get busy and do things.  Some people when they see a nice sunny day will just want to sit around and soak up the sun. That’s okay if you like to do it.  Not me.  I get energy.  I want to get moving.  I want to get things done.  Especially when I’m by myself.  I don’t want to just sit around and waste time.  I want to be busy doing.  Doing whatever needs to get done that day.

A male purple finch in the sun showing off his bright red plumage.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with relaxing.  I think that is very beneficial.  Something we need to do now and then.  There is a time to sit quiet, contemplate, enjoy our natural surroundings.  We should take time to enjoy nature.  Stop and take a look at that flower growing beside the road.  Or one growing in your own lawn.  Usually people call them weeds.  Some of those weeds can be very beautiful.  And slowing down like that can help us unwind.  It can definitely help reduce stress in our lives.  Go for a walk around your neighborhood.  If that isn’t such a good idea, go to a park, drive out of town somewhere, enjoy nature for a while.  You will be surprised at what that will do for you.

Meet Choco on the new, um, squirrel feeder.

Unfortunately, most of the time we ‘relax’ too much.  Usually in front of a screen of some kind.  Normally a TV.  I’m not against doing that.  But it can become too much.  And to be honest, it won’t help you to really relax.  Might help temporarily.  And it definitely won’t help reduce your stress.  Might even make it worse.  Depending on what you are watching, and how much.  On could talk on that subject for a while.  But I won’t.  I’ll be nice.  It’s too beautiful today to rant.

I know, another picture of Baxter, but we are good friends and he doesn’t mind posing for pictures.

More flowers are beginning to bloom now so hopefully my collection of wildflower photos will grow this year.  Still a bit early yet.  Normally it wouldn’t be, there should be many different wildflowers blooming by now.  Oh well.  It will happen.  Someone is out mowing their lawn right now.  One of the sounds of spring.  One sound I haven’t heard yet are the frogs.  There is a wet area across the street, not a pond, just a wet area, lots of water and grass.  And lots of frogs every spring and through the summer.  But like everything else, they are probably late this year too.

IMG_3390 - Copy
One of our early violets, the yellow sweet violet.

There are still some birds that need to come back yet and they are also late this year.  Like everything.  Choco and Chatter were arguing again this morning.  Choco won.  And she is the smaller of the two.  I love to watch them jump when they are chasing each other.  Sometimes I will intervene and toss a peanut to each of them.  Then they will actually sit fairly close.  And chatter at each other.  While eating their peanut.  Amazing they don’t get indigestion.

I’m sure these are not wild flowers, but I have no idea what they are. Small, only grow about 4 or 5 inches (10-12cm) tall.

I was going to talk about something different today.  But I will leave that for my adventures tomorrow.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


50 Comments on “Monday’s Sunshiny Skies.

  1. Good morning Steve! Sounds like another great day in the country! Also, these pictures are stunning! I agree with you, sunny days are for seizing the day! I for one drove to one of my favorite cafes and had a wonderful drive! Cheers to a great start to the week! 😃

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    • Good afternoon Mr. R. A very beautiful day for sure. Thanks for reading and your great comment! Definitely a great start to the week and I hope yours is great!😃😺

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well thank you so very much for stopping by and reading today Nova, it is very much appreciated! I hope you are having a wonderful day!😃😺


  2. Wow it was some beautiful sunny day 🌞🌞Glad to see the birds again especially Baxter😊👍
    I agree, too much relax is not so good, it makes us become lazy and enjoying the nature in a sunny day is just perfect and healthy anyway 👌🦋🌞
    Choco is so cute! Look at this shot 👌😊and she’s the winner as well! 😂This is great
    These flowers are amazing and there’s an application you can install, it can give you the flowers names, I don’t know the name but it’s very good 🌞
    Have a great day ahead and thank you for sharing this beauty 😸😸🌞

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    • Thanks so much for your great comment Huguette and for taking the time to read!! Choco is cute but she is a very nervous squirrel for some reason, but she is allowing me to come closer all the time so hopefully she will be sitting on me soon. Right now is a bad time for getting to be friends with a female squirrel since they are pregnant and that always makes them nervous. I do have a book on our wildflowers but I couldn’t find that one, so it is probably escaped from a garden, I am going to ask my landlord. Muffin is enjoying following the sun around to all her favorite spots! Thanks again for stopping by Huguette, enjoy your night!😄😸🌙

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      • Oh there’s a reason then for being nervous! It’s good to know all these things 🙂
        Book for wildflowers is actually great, maybe it’s a new genre who knows!
        Must be amusing for Muffin to chase the sun 🌞🌞😸😸 hope Muffin is great as well 🙂
        it’s my pleasure always and I wish you a great day 😊😸

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      • That would be nice, I could get a flower named after me. Scary thought. Would go nice with my blue eyes though. Poor Muffin, she has to change often to follow the sun! Can’t get a good sleep that way!😂😹

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      • 🤨🤨 not bad actually 😁 a new flower named after you
        Poor Muffin 😸😸 hope the sun won’t confuse her more often 🌞🌞

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      • It’s actually comical to watch sometimes, I guess she notices when she cools off, she wakes up and looks around then moves on to the next place. She knows where to find the next spot too.🌞😂😹

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      • Good morning Steve, hope you’ll have another sunny and funny day 😀
        You should film this I guess, I’m sure it’s funny and amusing 🌞😄😄

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      • Good morning Huguette, I’m a bit late, your comment got buried! Yes, another sunny and warm day ahead, should be all week actually, and that will be nice! I have tried to film it but as soon as I bring out my camera, they stop and look at me. Hard to believe. It’s like they know!!😂😂🌞

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      • Good morning Steve and don’t worry 😊glad it’s a sunny and warm day and it’s for the whole week!! 🌞🌞
        Ohh so you should hide then 😂 best solution to have some shooting corner 📸 😁

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  3. Beautiful post. On this amazing Monday I decided to listen to my body and rest. I usually just keep going but strange things has happened to me when I don’t rest properly. 🌺🌞

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    • Thank you so much for reading! Yes, rest is essential to keep us going but for me a sunny day just makes me want to go without stopping! Have a great day!😃🌞

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    • Thank you so much Betul! Your comment is much appreciated. Yes, it is nice to relax on a sunny day but more often I just get too much energy and want to keep on going! have a great day!😃🌞

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  4. So true! That’s why any kind of screen is not allowed in our dinnertime or family time. We bring it to the beach to take some pictures but that’s it.

    I wonder where is the borderline of weeds to garden plants? A lot of “weeds” are as beautiful (or personally even more) than the roses. My husband always gives me “weeds” or I rather call wildflowers when he gets a chance and for me, it’s more romantic than receiving those planted in the garden or greenhouses.

    Beautiful shots by the way Steve. That icy blue flower is my favorite color.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading Jessica! Yes, for me a lot of so called weeds are very beautiful wildflowers. My landlord rips them out of her garden all the time and I just can’t figure why?😂 Oh well, everyone is different. I used to have a large wildflower garden at my cottage, very easy to look after them too! Thanks Jessica and I hope you have a great day!😃🌞


      • Yes! I remember when I was in grade school, the school gardener pulled out a huge wild plant from the garden and throw it. It was wilted but I brought it home and planted it in a big pot and put on the side of the house, beside door. Within an hour, despite the heat, the flower stood up tall and proud. When I woke up the next day however, someone had ripped the plant in pieces and break the pot 😢 I cried for hours.
        Have a nice day too. Sorry for a depressing story 😦

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  5. What could be better to walk or jog through the nature? It is more stress relieving than TV I know that for sure. I love moving too Steve, especially near the ocean along the high cliff and watch magpies and some other birds. Today is so cold and it looks like I am stuck at the gym. 😂😂😂😂 I love btw how birds are posing for you. 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Margo, sorry for the delay in answering! Yes, being outdoors in nature is far better stress relief than TV. Thanks for your great comment, have a wonderful day!😃🌞

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