Monday’s Musings.

A big hello to all of my readers today!  Yes, I know I’m a bit late getting my post out today but some other things had to be done first today.  I was hoping to get more reading done today as well, but, that also didn’t quite happen as planned, though I did visit a few of you earlier today and I will check in with more of you yet today.  I was hoping to get a nice picture of the neighbors cherry tree today, but, it is a rather wet, rainy type day and the color just doesn’t show up the way it should.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Male purple finch in the apple tree. Something scared him so his feathers are a bit ruffled.

That fellow Murphy was certainly a smart person. Like those laws of his. Or whatever they are. Certainly fits me anyway. Doesn’t matter what it is, if I am doing something, there will be problems. Always happens. And at the worst times too. Like when I am in a hurry. Speaking of being in a hurry. I was late getting my supper.  Picked up the pot of corn too quickly and the water splashed out. All over the stove. And the counter. And on my hand. And down my leg. On jeans I had just put on. And on my socks. Which, amazingly, I had only changed twice that day. And when it splashed on me, it was of course, quite hot. So I ended up jumping around and dropping the pot. Which just missed my foot. Which then spread the contents all over the floor. Which I then stepped on and went sliding. But amazingly didn’t fall. 

Canada goose 1
One of our Canada geese.

Muffin decided to come and see if there was anything good to eat, but quickly realized there wasn’t and since I was still jumping around she decided to leave. And so my supper was a little late again and without my veggies. By the time the cleanup was finished my supper was not exactly hot anymore, and, and…sigh.  Things happen to me all the time. One day I was taking apart an old desk. And the top fell on my head. Which made me lie down on the floor.  Don’t ask how the top fell on my head. But it did. And it left a rather large lump.  But the lump disappeared after a while.  Things happen to me.

The daffodils are a bit late this year.

I inherited this from my Dad. He was very accident prone, as you all know, well, many of you know, except for my new readers. But you will soon find out too.  So things just happen. All the time. Speaking of phones. One day I wanted to check on something about my phone. So I call their phone. But, of course, no people answer, just a machine, telling me to press the number for what I wanted. Except there was no number for what I wanted. So I pressed the number that I thought was close. I have done similar things before. So I should know better. Anyway, all I get is more choices. I press a number again. And I get more choices. I press a number again. And I get more choices. This is now getting annoying. But this time there is a number for an actual person. Great! A lady answers. I’m sorry, she says, this is the wrong department for that. So she tells me to go back to the main menu and start over. At which point I hung up. I was not about to go through that again.  Sigh.

An unknown little flower in the yard.

Surely things like this must happen to other people too.  It can’t just be me.  Or could it?  Oh well.  Livens up the day.  And gives me something to write about.  Sigh.  Anyway, enjoy the remainder of your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


35 Comments on “Monday’s Musings.

  1. Oh poor you! I hope you will be better soon. You know everything has the reason even hot water spills. 😊 I always saying if something like that happens: I don’t know why it happened to me but thank you universe for that experience. Another great post Steve. 😊 Thank you for that experience. 😊

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  3. I was trying to do karate moves (my version) and hit my knuckles against each other. Then I cut two to three fingers today while cooking (shallow). I regularly say “ow” or make a startled noise in my house. Welcome to the group of accident prone geniuses. 😉🤣👍🙂

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  4. 😂 It seems if I am gonna spill something on the floor, it will happen right after I have just recently mopped…so I can relate 😂 The pics were great! And Muffin was very smart to get out of dodge before she got splashed with the contents of that pot! 😄

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  5. Oh, I hope you are alright now. The make purple finch that you took picture of is amazing and beautiful and so are the flowers and the geese. It’s do refreshing to read your posts 🙂

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  6. First I’m sorry Steve for this incident 😕😕hope the hot water didn’t burn you and the rest will be manageable
    Beautiful flowers and the finch amazing as usually even if scared
    A goose photo 😊 this is new and the flowers also beautiful, hope you will manage to have this cherry tree picture 🌞
    Hope today is better than yesterday and stay well 🌞🌞

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    • Thanks Huguette! The hot water just turned my skin red but it wasn’t too bad. I put aloe on burns right away and that helps a lot. Yes, it was nice to add the goose in there, I’m trying for pelicans now, but they are a bit harder to get! It has been a fantastic day, warm and sunny, hope your day was good as well and I imagine it’s about over now, take care!😁🌙

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      • Oh this is good then! Aloe is great actually 👍 let me just be pissed from the comment “beautiful flower” or whatsoever !! No comment!!
        My day was good, official holiday in Lebanon for Fitr occasion, so it was a long day in my hometown and it was great 😊
        Glad your day is great 🌞🌞 take good care and hope less accidents will happen 😁🌞

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      • Now you have me curious, I will have to look at that comment again, I really can’t remember what I said. That’s me. Nice to have a holiday so you can relax a bit. Were you with family? 😁

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      • Yes my mother and visited my grandparents also so it was good 😊 it’s someone’s comment on your post not your comment
        I mean people like these don’t read!
        Have a great day, mine is over for sure 🌞🌞

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