I Can’t Believe Those Mice!


They are crazy, crazy, crazy,

Let me tell you, tell you, tell you.

They nibble on your toes,

They kiss you on the nose.

They climb right up the wall,

But let me tell you, that’s not all.

They run right over here,

They run right over there.

They run right up your leg,

And they run right through your hair!

They are crazy, crazy, crazy,

Let me tell you, tell you, tell you.

They eat up all the cookies,

They eat up all the cake.

They dance right on your pillow,

And they keep you wide awake!

They like to play with marbles,

Or even a small rock.

Or hit you with a bottle,

And that’s really quite a shock!

They are crazy, crazy, crazy,

Let me tell you, tell you, tell you.

They eat your favorite cereal,

And play all through the night.

They’ll whip their tail across your face,

It’s really quite a fright!

They look at you with beady eyes,

They show their teeth and squeak.

They’ll hide and jump right out at you,

And make you want to shriek!

They are crazy, crazy, crazy,

I could really make a list.

But when they go, I’m telling you,

They surely won’t be missed!

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

93 Comments on “I Can’t Believe Those Mice!

  1. Loved that! I saw a neighborhood cat with a field mouse in its mouth the other day. It went to the front door of its owner’s house, sat the mouse down on the deck, and started purring. It wanted to show its owner his glorious victory.😊 God bless!

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    • Thanks Margo! All of these things have actually happened to me, though not all at the same time. These were jumping mice which are very cute with their big round ears. But I don’t like them in bed with me!!😂😂I didn’t have a cat at that time and that apartment had a mouse problem.😁I have another mouse poem too that I might share sometime. Have a great day!😁🌞😸

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  2. This is based on a true story? Haha! This is a cute Children’s story—the illustrations would be a riot. Totally Dr. Seuss. Well done! 😊

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  3. I agree with you on that. Mice are not my thing. However your Poem is quite creative, expressive, visual too…yikes
    Great job😊

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  4. Mice, no thank you, but I think they are incredibly cute…
    Well, your poem is very good penned and I saw all thise mice in my mind… gosh…
    I wish you a wonderful day, and Muffin🦋

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    • Thanks Lillian! I hope all those mice didn’t bother you too much. Everything in that poem happened to me, but not all at once, at one apartment I live in. I moved away from there to a nicer place, but amazingly there are mice here too! Not many at least, and Muffin takes care of them quickly. I hope your day is going well!!😃🌞😺

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  5. So funny and nice way for the horrible things that we face 😕 you’re completely right, I know all these things and they are awful
    Great poem as usually 😸

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