A Short Country Walk.

Hello everyone on this another beautiful, sunny and warm day.  I am really enjoying this warm early summer weather.  For me it could be even warmer, but I like this weather anyway.  Sure is a lot better than that cold we had not too long ago!  Muffin would disagree with me however.  She likes her sunshine, but only for a time, then she likes to cool off.  But right now there is nowhere for her to cool off, except to sleep as close to a window as possible.  A window not in the sun.  She is more of a cool weather cat, since she doesn’t like it cold either.

The trail begins, heading north toward the river.

Since it is such a nice day I decided to check out a little trail that is close to my place.  I have noticed this trail before but never checked it out.  Well, today is the day, I wanted to see where it went.  I figured it must go down to the river which isn’t too far from here, in a straight line.  I discovered this trail is no straight line.

Now it changes and heads west, parallel to the river.

But it is very beautiful back there and it is a nice wide trail and easy to follow.  I never did go all the way to the end of the trail since it didn’t seem to be heading towards the river.  However, perhaps it turned that way a little further on.  I will explore that possibility next time.

There was a lot of starflowers blooming all along the trail.

There is a lot of bird life back there but they didn’t want to cooperate with me for some reason.  However, there was a lot of wildflowers and they were much more cooperative. Well, mostly.  It seems every time I went to snap the picture a gust of wind would come and move the flower.  Amazing how many times that happened.  But I did get some pictures even if they are not the best.  Maybe next time it won’t be windy and I can upgrade my pictures.

Flowers on a Saskatoon bush, they produce delicious berries.

Mostly this trail seemed to be following the river and not getting closer to it.  But it was a nice easy walk anyway.

There was a wet, somewhat marshy area and…some wild iris, called larger blue flag.

Except there was a few mosquitoes.  At any particular time I could have over 30 of these critters on my arms, neck, face.  They didn’t seem to mind.  As long as they got some blood who cares where?  The odd time they attacked my ears.  That was too much.  Dig into me, fine, but leave my ears alone.  Fortunately mosquitoes don’t bother me.  No lumps.  No itching.  No problems.  Which is why I don’t care if they are biting me.  They need to eat too I guess.

I ended my walk just up ahead.

But it was a very nice walk.  I hope you enjoy the pictures today.  Just keeping this one short, once I walk to the end of the trail I will do something a bit longer perhaps.  Enjoy your Friday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

73 Comments on “A Short Country Walk.

  1. Thanks for this small ride… You love nature and these little walks with it dont u? and that mosquito bite am too sensitive for that and may be that is why i hate these kind of nature visit. Your photos are inspiring me to go for a walk to such place. That will be my next post if i do it. And that goes to my top to do list. Thanks for inspiring ✨✍️✨

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    • Thank you for reading today and for your great comment! Yes, mosquitoes can be a problem to most people, for me it doesn’t matter since I get no reaction at all. That does help a lot. But mosquitoes are not always a problem and usually not so many as I encountered! You should try a visit to nature somewhere, it is so calming and refreshing. Have a wonderful day!😃🌞🌲


    • Thank you so very much JoAnn, glad you enjoyed them and thank you for following as well, I hope you will continue to like it here! Have a wonderful day!😃😺

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  2. What a great trail dear Steve 🌞👍 amazing, guess I can spend the day in such place!
    Glad many wildflowers since the birds are not so cooperative 😊
    How understanding you are regarding the Mosquitos 😂😂 they need to eat! Really hahhah about me I don’t allow an alive mosquito in the same place where I am 😁
    It was a great and beautiful walk 🌞 thank you for sharing 😸😸

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    • It is a nice trail and one day I will follow it to the end and see just where it goes. It does look like it will continue to be a good spot for wildflowers throughout the summer, which is good. I would think the same about mosquitoes if they gave me some reaction like itchy spots. But since there is nothing I don’t care. What does bother me is a mosquito at night that just buzzes around being annoying so I can’t sleep! Hope you have a great weekend!😁🌙😸

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  3. Those photos are really beautiful. It’s wet and rainy in Calgary today, but it looks really nice in your part of the country. Your photos are a reminder that we should all spend more time outdoors and stop to smell the roses 🌹 (literally!)

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    • Thanks for reading Hilary! Yes it is very nice over here right now, it got up to 32 and 36 with the humidex. My kind of weather for sure! Yes, I think spending time outdoors is one of the best things to do, even if it’s just being out in the yard. Enjoy the greenery, flowers, birds, it’s very calming and relaxing and a great way to relieve stress! Have a great evening!😄😺


  4. The pictures are amazing, Steve! Love them! Thank you! And yes mosquitoes are really nasty sometimes. 🙄😊😊😊

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  5. hi Steve! What beautiful places, verdant nature!
    I decided that in my posts, (as you suggested some time ago), I’ll put photos of the landscapes I describe before the recipe! So people can see my Italy! Thanks, see you soon! Alessia di Piattoranocchio

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  6. Looks like beautiful place to paint, have you ever tried to paint acrylics on canvas? The view looks so beautiful, missing the chair and canvas, you should try it on, maybe you can do wonderful things, you never know until you dont try 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, there are some beautiful places for painting, and I have thought about it. I even bought some paints and canvas to try and see what might happen. Somehow I’m not expecting too much though! But I’m going to try anyway.😁


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