Thank You My Friends!

I just wanted to take some time and thank all of you for being here and putting up with me even though I am sometimes very slow at reading everyone’s blogs.  It’s not deliberate, that’s for sure, I think my problem is I just don’t read fast enough!  But I am trying so if you don’t always see me around, know that I will be back.

And I have read some very nice things that you have been saying about me and my blog and I want you to know I am truly thankful for it all!  So periodically I will pick someone to feature on my blog just so you know I do pay attention, though I undoubtedly miss some things at times, so if you have said something please let me know and I will gladly include you in this series of thank you posts!  Today I will start with my good friend Ilona over at and what she posted about me recently.0b169e68-7008-4db3-b45b-b569a67a5955

My favourite Bloggers STEVE

Someone who not just a fellow blogger, Steve is the person who cares when you got a problem and he is always ready to listen here is his blog i’m huge nature lover, so his blog is very important to me, his passion for all the little creatures makes me want to follow and to read his blog, i think first i started to like the personality and only after i started to pay attention to his blog.

Steve is a kind person, but when he need to stand by his own truth he can do it easily, he lives in Canada and he has a lovely cat, you can see pictures of Muffin and a lot of other animals on his blog, especially if you love photography, because pictures are really good.

Thank you for my good friend Steve for nominating my cat Leya, she’s huge helper in my blogging journey, huge thank you for beautiful Muffin, check Steves blog and follow, is the best decision i ever made about following someone.

Thank you so very much Ilona for all your kind words, encouragement and help, and I know there has been much more that you have said!  I certainly appreciate your kind words and wonderful friendship.  I am so glad to have you here at Steve’s Country and that you are a major supporter of my blog.

As I mentioned, I am very thankful to all of my followers for making this blogging journey a real joy.  It has been great getting to know so many of you and I hope that will carry on and that you will continue to enjoy your time here each week.

I hope to see you all here again this coming week and that you will all have a great weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

85 Comments on “Thank You My Friends!

  1. Very nice of you Steve! Ilona is a very nice young lady and very fun to read. You are also a very nice… ahm hmm young, no that’s not right, older man, no that’s not right either! Ah ah, you’re a great guy! With a poor throwing arm! Your poor dad! 😉

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  2. You are great Steve! We all reflection of each other and how you treat people the same they treat you. 😊😊😊

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  3. Good morning Steve 🌞 hope you had a nice weekend and you’ll be having a great beginning of the week as well 😁
    Thank you for this post and you certainly deserve all the support and respect with the content you provide, the funny touch and the lovely pictures + your respect to the readers! Certainly Ilona was so kind to say these words but they are so true and this is great of you to write such an appreciation post as well 😁
    wish you more success and prosperity here and in your life as well 🌞😸 Have a great day

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    • Good morning Huguette! Nice to have you visit again today. Yes, it was a good weekend, very wet, but good. We had a lot of rain which was nice, we certainly needed it, now the ground is soaked, good for all the plants/trees that are doing their main growing now. Thank you for such kind words Huguette, I truly appreciate your support here and all the great times of ‘talking’ here as well🙂. I am hoping for a nice sunny day again and more pictures.📷I hope your week goes well and especially that your Monday is great, what’s left of it!😁😸🌞

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      • This is great to hear that it rained, I’m sure it’s good for plants 😊 the matter is to keep a good warm day 🌞🌞
        It’s my pleasure Steve and I enjoy also the coffee breaks and the chats 😊 which is the greatest part about blogging 🌞🌞
        It’s almost 1.30 pm so still rolling 😸
        Hope you’ll have a great day ahead 😸😸🌞🌞

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      • It was so very dry here that the threat of forest fires was very high. So having the rain should help that situation for a while, although here it only takes 3 warm sunny days to dry it out again.🌞 Just not much soil on top of the granite rock so it dries very fast. I might do another coffee break today if I can get my pictures sorted!😂Well, the clouds have almost disappeared so hopefully a nice sunny day ahead. Thank you again Huguette and I hope you will have an enjoyable day!😃😺

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      • Thanks God for the rain then 🌞 🌧 and hope it will keep showing after it gets dry!
        Coffee break will be great especially that the sun is shining 😁
        Enjoy your day! 😸😸😊

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  4. I found part 1! *3 days later* Lol 😂 I like Ilona’s blog too, she was actually one of the first people I found on WordPress when I started blogging last month, umm, 2 months ago now! Wow, time flies! Either way, great meeting you two! Love your blogs! 😄

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