Thank You, Part 2.

Hello once again to all my faithful readers!  It is always such a joy knowing that you are willing to stop in here to visit with Muffin and I each day.  And although I may not show up at your blog every day, please know that I have not forgotten, I am just not able to read 400 posts a day.  I read much too slow!  But I will be around regularly so I hope you don’t mind and both myself and Muffin do appreciate such wonderful support from all of you.

So, as we continue, today I would like to include what Huguette from said recently and I would just like to say thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement that have helped me learn a lot about blogging.  I am very happy to have you a part of Steve’s Country and I hope you will always enjoy stopping by.

What I still have about Steve that I didn’t mention before? Steve enjoys life, he’s fun and honest and likes to explore new places, (especially warm places), he loves the outdoors or just being outside, he enjoys photography and loves to take his chances with bears.

Check his site for lovely posts and amazing photos and lot of greetings from both Steve and the lovely Cat Muffin. Thank you Steve so much for the kind nomination.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you are able to get out and enjoy the days/evenings ahead.  God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

48 Comments on “Thank You, Part 2.

  1. OHH I certainly didn’t see this coming 😁 Thank you Steve for this thank you post and as Ilona I only stated the truth and I really appreciate this post so much 😊😊 I’m also glad to have you in my community, to have such a kind person, a real reader (even if your read slowly but you read truly 😁) beautiful posts and photos and adventures 😁☀️☀️ you always take us in a beautiful and interesting tour through your posts so we must thank you for that!
    Have a great Monday 😁☀️☀️

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    • Hello again Huguette! Good, I like surprises! And thank you so much for all you say for me and my blog. I just hope I can continue to provide what everyone has been enjoying here. Yep, I’m a slow one!😂But improving. Sort of.🙄 I hope your day is going great and soon your work portion is done and you can relax a bit.😃🌞😺Our day is slowly waking up and it’s heavy clouds again, so not as much daylight yet as there should be.😁🌥

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      • Great surprise indeed 😁 hope the sun will show up and it will get warmer 🌞🌞
        You love blogging and you have provided many new things like poems for an example and the new adventures so I’m sure the blog will always gets better and improve 👍👍😊
        Work doesn’t actually bother me but mean people and bitchy attitude do 🙂 so far all is good, still 1.30 and I finish at 6. Pm you just feel it’s a very long time stuck in one place that’s it
        Have a great day ahead 😸😸🌞

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      • It is all blue sky above me now, but still some clouds in the east blocking the sun. Hopefully I can keep it up with my blogging! I have new ideas ahead😃 and hope to get a lot of pictures over the summer to use next winter. That way I won’t have to talk about snow and cold all the time!😂 I can have summer adventures in the winter too, at least sometimes. To be honest, work is a very good thing, having too much free time is not always the best, even though we might think it would be great. Sir George was back for a second breakfast, probably taking most of it back to his babies. Lady Pearl is back these days too so I know the young have hatched.🐣 Have a wonderful day!😃🌞😸

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      • Great then, I’m sure the ideas will keep coming and each day will bring something new so we never know how things change actually!
        You’ll have lot of pictures I’m sure and in winter you’ll find lot of subjects to blog about and why not about cold and winter from time to time 😀
        Yes I agree, work is good, but I would have preferred less hours to be able to pursue other things not to be lazy or so 🙂 It’s great to know that Sir Georges and lady pearl have babies now! Where are the pictures Steve 🌞😸😸

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  2. Huguette is really awesome and so are you Steve. 🙂 🙂 No matter what I will keep on checking out here to see for any updates. You have a good one.

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  3. You two are some of the best people on WordPress! Huguette is truly wonderful! She went out of her way to wish my fiancee a happy birthday (which I barely mentioned in a photography post). Huguette, if you’re reading this, you made my fiancee’s day! Thank you! 😄

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  4. I think at least half of the bloggers I love (jyoti, ilona, keziah, Lydia potter, Lydia Rose… just to name a few…) enjoy your blog, so I figured it must be awesome and I should come check it out! 🙃😉🙃 So… Hey 🤗 I’m an anonymous teenage girl who loves blogging, horses, cats, dogs and has an unhealthy obsession with Australia and koalas! I also only do mirror emojis as you may be able to tell! 🐨🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺🐨 Hope you are having a great day xxx 😆

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    • Glad to have you join in here at Steve’s Country! All those that you mentioned have said this is an awesome blog so better for me to let them talk!😂😁There is lot’s of fun and adventures here though so hope you will find something to enjoy, have a wonderful day/evening/night, wherever you happen to be!😄😸Afternoon here.

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