Continuing Our Adventure.

Hello everyone on this beautiful Saturday!  In my last adventures post with my Dad and I this time, I didn’t quite finish it so decided to do the last part today.  For my new readers I just want to say I am not making fun of my Dad in these adventures we had together.  We both enjoyed them very much and also laughed about all the comical things that happened to him, and sometimes to me as well.  Dad was accident prone.  And I have inherited that little trait it seems, which is why so many weird things happen to me on an almost daily basis.  No, I don’t write about them all.  It would be too unbelievable.  But it is almost daily, trust me.  Anyway, back to our adventures of hunting for insulators.  This time, our coffee break, which we really did need after getting wet.

A beautiful sunrise, crisscrossed with an amazing array of wires.

Dad and I had decided to find a nice sunny spot to sit and have our coffee so we could dry out a bit and relax after our little adventure, as you might recall from the last adventures post.  Actually it was a fairly hot day so getting wet was not really so bad.  Although dad wasn’t so happy about his part.  After all, he not only got a bit wet, he was also covered with mud.  Well, part of him was covered with mud.  Mainly his backside.  We climbed a little hill overlooking the area nicely.  A great spot to see where we will be heading next.  A fairly large hill coming up.  Sometimes they can be quite productive.  Though not always.  But sometimes.

Chatter, after a ‘discussion’ with Choco.

Dad, as usual now, sat as far from me as he could.  Odd.  Toss my sandwiches, called dad.  So I did.  He missed them.  They bounced off a boulder and slid down the edge of the rock hillside and right over the edge to the tracks below.  It was only about a 20 foot (6meter) drop.  Dad just stood there looking over the edge.  Then he called out, BONEHEAD!  Odd that he would be enjoying that.  Oh well.  You can go down and get them, he said.  Me?  Yes, you.  Sigh.  Off I went.  Came back up.  Dad said, toss them gently this time.  So I did.  He missed again.  Knocked his cup of coffee off the rock where he had it ‘safely’ out of the way he said.  Should have realized that no place is safe, he said.  Not sure what he meant by that.

This is Cheeky, one of two that have mastered getting on the squirrel feeder.

I poured him another cup and brought it over to him.  Careful, he said.  I’m not going to spill it, I said.  I didn’t try to anyway.  But I stepped on a little rock which moved and I lost my balance, dad’s eyes got real big and he tried to get out of the way but somehow we both ended up in the same spot and I kind of threw the cup of coffee and his stomach ended up getting rather wet.  BONEHEAD, said dad.  You shouldn’t have moved, I said.  I shouldn’t have left home this morning, he said.  Odd thing to say considering he likes insulatoring so much.  And this trip out was his idea too.  Can’t imagine why he changed his mind.  Oh well.

Chipmunks are back looking for peanuts.  So are Baxter and Betty, their young ones must be getting quite big by now.  Soon they will be bringing them around.  Guess that means it’s time to quit.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


176 Comments on “Continuing Our Adventure.

  1. Oh my 😂😂 glad I’m not your father 😂 it’s certainly funny to recall these memories and I don’t know why would people think you’re making fun of your dad because he’s an accident prone 😕
    We remember things as they are, and these are your memories and this was your father!
    It’s nice to share beautiful memories and also cheeky and choco are so cute, so they will bring their little ones? They have babies? It’s so nice 😸😸
    Hope your day will be great and the thunderstorm will go 😸😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure why people would say that, but they have done so. Oh well. The squirrels have their babies now and should bring them around by the end of the month. Those baby squirrels are cute, only half size when they show up, sometimes smaller and they are so comical to watch as they play out here. Usually they have 4, so that will mean 16 babies if they all survive. The thunderstorm is gone and Muffin is out once again, but not quite relaxed yet.😁😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. To remember is to live and the moments with your father are never erased. Your story is still very funny and easy to get involved. Needless to say, the photos improve every time. They illustrate the narration very well. Greetings.

    Liked by 1 person

      • You’re not laughing at me are you? She’s hiding under the bed at the moment, sure is a lot of lightning with this one, not good, considering how dry it is that could start forest fires.😲🙀


      • Hey, those poor tress need water too… Do you think they sit there and go gee I hope it rains without thunder and lightening? Nope they are just happy not to be on fire right then. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Around here when it’s this dry, a thunderstorm like this one can actually start dozens of fires the next day. Most lightning is on the edge of the storm where it doesn’t get much rain and as soon as it starts to dry, up come the flames. This was a big storm lasted over an hour and a tremendous amount of lightning. Must be over, Muffin just came out.

        Liked by 1 person

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