Welcome everyone on this beautiful sunny afternoon!  It is a bit warm sitting on the deck today but the breeze makes it quite nice anyway.  It’s amazing how different everything looks now that all the leaves and plants have grown  to fill all that emptiness we had for such a long time.  Looks so much nicer now than it did even a month ago.  It is so nice like this.  But the time is so short.  In 6 weeks the leaves will start to fall from the trees.  Most years it’s like that anyway.

A beautiful peony.

Not much happening outside these days.  All the birds have gone.  Still have Rusty and Sylvester, the 2 chipmunks, plus 2 of the squirrels.  And Sir George of course that I mentioned before, plus one of his friends showed up this morning as well.  But in time things will return to normal I’m sure.  Or not.  One of those things.  My neighbors should be happy anyway.  And the town.  Since none of them wanted me to feed the birds anyway.  Sigh.

A smaller brilliant yellow daylily.

But it’s a beautiful day.  The sun is shining.  Lovely breeze.  A great day to just sit outside, relax and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding me.  Listening to the birds constantly singing.  The chestnut-sided warbler, black-throated blue warbler, song sparrow, wren, robin, yellow warbler, and so many more out there singing today.  An amazing chorus, such wonderful melody.  How can anyone be stressed listening to all of this?  Time to get outside everyone.  Are you stressed, worried, anxious, depressed?  Go outside.  Listen.  Look at all the wonder around you.  No matter where you live, you can find wonders to look at.

Oriental poppies.

Like all the garden flowers around me here.  Quite a variety and they are not all blooming yet.  But such beauty abounds all around.  We just need to look for it.  And truly it will help with so many problems we might have.  Time to give it a try and see for yourself.  It definitely is worthwhile!!

A bee enjoying herself on a little white flower.

That is all for today, I hope you enjoyed our little visit again and I hope you all have a great week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

37 Comments on “Relaxing.

  1. Good evening Steve, beautiful flowers and lovely summer already in your place, well things happens, people always like to cut other people freedom, they knew you liked it so they did all to remove this pleasure from you, you still have the right to feed other beautiful creatures, glad I see your post, because I love to see growing flowers, good to know, that you enjoyed your day, which one is your favourite flowers?😊

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    • Hi Ilona! It is beautiful summer now and hopefully it stays a while!😁Yes, nice to have the little chipmunks and squirrels at least coming around still. It has been a wonderful day and yet…🤔
      Hard for me to pick a favorite flower, I like so many, but from this group I like the peony and the poppy, hard to choose between them!😃Which do you like the best?😁😺

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    • I see it’s time to leave again, sigh, I have run out of energy today! Hope to talk again soon, maybe tomorrow? Good night for now, unless you are staying up late, I will be gone for 2 hours.😁🌙💛😺

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      • Goodnight Steve, take a good rest and don’t rush, take your time and it’s okay to skip the post😁

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      • Good night Ilona, though I’m sure you have already gone to bed, but I hope you sleep well. I hate skipping posts!😁😁


  2. I like pivoenes, what happened with your energy? I will sleep soon it’s late here, but good to see you around I will have nice dreams after watching all this beautiful flowers, I hope that the energy will come back soon, have nice the rest of the day, enjoy the weather😊😊

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    • Good choice Ilona! I don’t know what happened with my energy, ever since I got up this morning just didn’t have any and yet I slept for 7 and a half hours which is a lot for me. Thank you so much Ilona and I hope you do have very nice dreams tonight and sleep well!! Nice to talk with you today, made my day brighter for sure!!😁😁😸😸


  3. Oh, I can feel why you like to relax. Everyone is with you in that weather so of course.
    Right now the heat here in Spain is almost unbearable. It’s 2am but the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.

    The sight of the bee in the picture is enough to make me feel sore (allergy) 😀

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    • Hi Jessica, it’s 7 pm here and it’s 30 right now but supposed to cool down to 20 overnight. Hotter in my apartment than outside. Poor Muffin does not like it this warm. After being in Nice this really doesn’t feel hot to me, but our humidity here is low, only 25%, not like the 75 or 80% in Nice. Such nice weather! I miss it already. Thanks for reading Jessica!😃🌞😺


  4. Hey Steve! Awesome Photography ✨👌 Liked that little natural ride with you, As always your familiar flowers were an eye treat to us. This is great👌

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  5. Such lovely flowers, Steve. Even though their beauty may be short-lived, there’s a reason like everything else in life. Just think of what you have to look forward to next spring and summer! 🙂 And me, well I love autumn and the lovely gold and magenta leaves. Make it a great day!

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    • Thank you so much Eugenia!! Yes, it is always a joy looking forward to the new growth in the spring and summer. It is a wonderful day for sure, I hope yours is too!!😃🌞😺


  6. So true, how can anyone be stressful after seeing all this beauty and hearing the lovely birds songs! It’s a very beautiful day 😊 (or was since it’s yesterday 😊 )It’s really too bad that the summer is so short! Lot of beauty and great weather! 😁
    the peony is so beautiful! and so all the other flowers 🌞
    don’t know what’s the damn wrong with feeding the birds :/ it’s really non sense!
    Hope today will be great and the birds will start to visit as well 🌞😺

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    • Thanks Huguette for reading this today! Yes, I think being outdoors is the best medicine for dealing with stress.😃🐿 Except perhaps for certain neighbors!😂Sometimes a strange world we live in. It’s beautiful and sunny once again, did some grocery shopping and I think time to be outside again. Have a great day Huguette!😃🌞😺

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