It’s Coffee Time!

Hello everyone on this very beautiful, sunny morning here at Steve’s Country.  Today is Canada Day here!  That means it’s Canada’s birthday and our country is 152 years old today! We are a young country compared to most countries of the world.  Maybe I will do a post about this later.  And of course today is Monday!  So Happy Monday to everyone! I know, you don’t like Monday, but why is that?  Monday is just a day, it can’t be good or bad in itself.  It’s what we make it.  So why do we choose to make it a bad day?  Why not make it a good day instead?  It’s just as easy to choose and say today will be a good day.  And good days are so much more fun and enjoyable.

A great spot to sit while we have our coffee.

And if we make Monday a good day, then it will help to make the whole week a good week.  Make the choice friends and choose a good day.  Go into the day with a good and bright attitude.  Put a smile on your face and help to make it a good day for the people around you as well.  Spread some sunshine friends, make someone’s day bright!  It really doesn’t take much to do that and it costs nothing.  It’s been a while since we had one of our coffee times so come on over and relax for a while.  We have coffee, tea and hot chocolate available for everyone and plenty to go around.  And today we will head off to another park in the area.

Looking west.

This one is called Memorial Park and is not too far from where I live actually.  But it is quite nice there and in the morning like this there is usually no one else around.  There are lots of picnic tables to sit at here as well.  It is a beautiful and peaceful little spot.  This morning there are many birds around singing loudly.  Mostly it is the little warblers.  They are very small and colorful birds, for the most part, and most of them sing quite loudly.  There is the oven bird singing now.  It says Teacher, Teacher, Teacher, getting louder each time.  Amazing that such a small bird can be so loud.

Looking across the bay from the park, a lot of people store their boats here.

There are others of course, such as the Cape May warbler, Chestnut-sided warbler, black and white warbler.  Plus there is a robin in that maple tree singing so nicely.  Over in that shrub is a black throated green warbler.  These birds are amazing to see up close with those brilliant colors.

Perhaps no pictures of the warblers but here is a nice tiger swallow tail butterfly.

Even here in this little park some wild flowers can be found.  Smaller ones that no one pays attention to, otherwise they would have been picked until none existed, like so many wild flowers that used to be common here and are now rare.  Don’t pick wild flowers folks.  It will kill them and soon there will be no more to enjoy.  Better to enjoy them where they are.  And if you have a camera, take a picture of them.  That way you leave the flowers for others to enjoy as well.  A much better way to do things.

A beautiful little violet for all to enjoy.

Well, guess that is all for today, I hope you enjoyed your coffee time and that you will join me again next week for our next coffee post.  However, I will be posting throughout the week too so feel free to join me anytime right here.  I hope you have a great week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

70 Comments on “It’s Coffee Time!

  1. I am relaxing Steve, and Happy birthday to Canada and all of you who lives there❤️. I enjoy reading your post when it rains and thunders here in Norway…
    I wish you a beautiful day.
    And Steve, I love the picture of the butterfly, but it may not surprise you…

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  2. Happy b-day Canada, beautiful pictures as always and another wonderful day, happy Monday to you as well Steve, and to Muffin, have fun guys🤗i had very tiny amount of time to take my coffee, but i really enjoyed it, have great day ahead👽

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hey, hey, thanks so much Ilona for stopping by again today and for leaving such a nice comment!! And a Happy Monday to you as well, though your day is mostly over now! Muffin is acting strangely today for some reason, not sure what is wrong with her. But it’s a happy day anyway and we will have fun! Thanks again Ilona, say hi to Leya for us!! And enjoy the remainder of your day!!😃😁🌞😺

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      • Thank you Steve, enjoy your day and i guess its time for another cup of coffee?:D

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      • Yes, more coffee needed for sure, only 22 here today, actually feels quite cool. I miss that heat!! Plus other things. Hope your day is going great!!!😁🌞😸


  3. A relaxing morning steve ! Have a great week ahead. Enjoyed the little ride. You keep exploring. Yes its monday obvious the park will be empty.😜… Photography is awesome ✨👏 Enjoy the day….

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    • Hi Simon! Thanks for reading! Well, around here the day doesn’t mean much, this is tourist country, nothing closes, except government and banks. And parks are busy every day, but not so much in the morning. And this town is full with tourists now making it hard to even go shopping! Hope you are having a great day and thanks!😃🌞😺


  4. Oh well so the previous post was from after yesterday and this one was fro yesterday! Easy on us Steve haha Happy Canada day, or happy 152 anniversary…Canada is a great country, at least we see it this way from here, and we wish we have some of the respect the country has for their citizens! Sorry missed your coffee break and it’s really awesome, the park is amazing and the view and green! it’s really too bad that summer days are short :/ 🌞
    glad there are lot of birds and some are loud 😁😺 it’s entertaining!
    These flowers are beautiful, you’re right people shouldn’t pick them it’s such a loss for all this beauty!
    Hope today will be sunny and I guess the coffee break for today is about to start 🌞🌞😺

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    • Hi Huguette! I’m tired out from shopping, my least favorite activity!! Which means I don’t like it at all. Oh well, have to eat. So many people in town now and so much major construction right downtown and the traffic!! Sometimes you just sit and sit and don’t move for 20 minutes or more. Going to do another episode of Steve’s adventures, only more recent, from yesterday, came close to not coming back from that one!😲🤪Enjoy your day!😁🌞😸

      Liked by 1 person

      • I hate shopping to and I prefer bringing my things from a small store and only go to big markets if I had to! same here, traffic and construction work and so many cars and people…
        Why? what happened yesterday?
        enjoy the rest of your day, it’s evening here🌞😸

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yesterday? Secret. I take too many chances sometimes. I was trying to get a picture of some ducks and was kind of crawling over this big granite rock and slipped. It was a round smooth rock so nothing to hold onto. And the river below, about 60cm away. There is a very strong current there, no way out once in. People drown in our river every year because they think they are strong enough to handle that current, not possible. That’s why the river never freezes, no matter how cold it gets. i would have been gone for good in there. But did stop and manage to move slowly to the side where I could roll off safely. It was a bit scary that time.😁😺🌞📷

        Liked by 1 person

      • You just can’t stop Steve 😀 you can’t keep doing so, just think what if something happen? you need to stay in bed and unable to go out :/ to not mention that you could have gone in the river! this is so dangerous! So you must take really good care and think this way so the pictures don’t become more important from your safety :/ So thanks god for your safety then 🙂

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      • Yes, I need to pay more attention to safety for sure. Being single I always figured there’s no big deal if something happens to me, not like I will be missed by anyone real close to me. But still, I am going to be more careful from now. I hope. Yes, thank God for my safe return for sure.🙂😀📷

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      • This is a wrong way to think! we are living first for ourselves to enjoy and embrace the life we’ve been given, regardless who will miss us if we go! Life is a gift and blessing by its self, nothing else is needed, so yes you should take the minimal care to be safe 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s what I do now, minimal care, but I think I need to upgrade that just a bit! I would like to stick around just a little longer if possible.😁😸😀🙄

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  5. Thank you for the much needed coffee break, Steve! I loved this trip to the park! As I read your words I could hear the birds and feel the sunshine on my skin. You’re really selling Canada here! Lol Also, glad to see that you’re back with Muffin! 😄

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