Wandering With Wednesday.

A big HELLO to all of my dear readers on this very wet Wednesday.  We did get a lot of rain overnight and this morning, and we certainly needed it.  As long as it stays outside.  Some of you may remember when my apartment flooded due to heavy rain.  And, of course, my apartment was at the bottom of a hill.  Bad combination.  The worst part was waking up at 2 am, my clock wasn’t working, neither was the lamp by my bed.  Electricity is off because of the storm, I figured.

The wild strawberries are ripe and plentiful this year.

But I got up.  Put my feet on the floor.  Now, my feet should have touched carpet.  Instead they went in water.  Quick way to wake up thoroughly.  That’s why no electricity.  My clock and lamp were plugged into a power bar which was on the floor.  Which of course, shorted out.  I sloshed my way to the light switch.  Worked fine.  At least I had light.  And could see things floating in the water.  I was glad I had just purchased a new, high bedframe.  Kept my bed from getting wet.  There was only a few inches of water.  Kind of brown water.  That was due to the dirt from the hill.

I couldn’t coax this little critter to spread it’s wings. Too bad, such a nice pattern too.

The water came in so fast the floor drain could not handle it.  But the rain had stopped by then and the water was quickly draining.  Too late though.  And I had been changing things around at the time so there was a lot of things on the floor that normally wouldn’t be.  Naturally.  I lost a lot of stuff that time.  One way to get rid of stuff I guess.  Except it was the wrong stuff.  Sigh.  Things happen which we have no control over.

Getting such sweet nectar from the delphinium.

Even though it was a bit rough at the beginning, especially since I lost a lot of things that are not replaceable, you still can’t just sit and moan about it.  Get up and keep walking.  I learned some things.  I fixed and replaced what I could.  Personally I think things are better now than before.  My furniture is better.  And better equipped to handle another flood, even worse than the first one.  I lost a lot.  But I still have more than what I need. And friends stepped in to help out.  Friends can be amazing people.  You find that out when something like that happens.

At least this one would spread it’s wings, it just didn’t want to sit still.

Keep looking at the positive side.  Even when everything seems to look negative.  There are always positive things, even in a bad situation like that.  It could have been worse.  Just 2 inches (5cm) more water and I would have lost a lot more.  Most of the important things were safe.  It was not sewer backup, which would have been bad.  It was “clean” water.  Meaning rain water, with dirt from the ground.  Not so bad.  I had friends to help, a very big positive.  It actually ended up with getting a better apartment.  Except for the huge spiders that live around here.

A different female merganser, this one had no young, probably lost her nest. She is swimming with eyes underwater looking for some minnows for lunch.

But we should always try to look at the positive things.  We will feel a lot better when we do.  And that will help us to deal with the problems that may have arisen.  Looking at the positive side of things is also good for your health.  Both mental health and physical health.  Hmm, time goes by so quickly some days.  But I guess it’s time to go once again.  I hope you enjoy the remainder of your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

46 Comments on “Wandering With Wednesday.

  1. Thanks Steve for such a happy positive post this morning! Even though you lost some things, you saw where you were blessed with greater things in the long run—A better apartment! What would any of us do without wonderful friends to help out?! Loved the pics! They were cool 😎. Loved the bee.😄🐝 Hope you are having a great day!

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    • Thank you so very much Renee!! Too often we overlook the blessings by concentrating on the problems. Friends are a great blessing indeed. It is a great day for sure, hope you enjoy yours also!!😃😺

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  2. It’s currently 4am here, I’m just planning to jump in bed. Man, never see eye to eye when it comes to sleeping time.
    Jealous of the wild strawberries. It’s one of the one things I miss in Norway.
    “Keep looking at the positive side. Even when everything seems to look negative. There are always positive things, even in a bad situation like that.” Great advice. I’m keeping this 🙂

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    • Wow, that is amazing! You’re just going to bed when I’m getting up!! Such a great crop of those wild strawberries this year, haven’t seen so many. I’m glad you liked that Jessica, I learned a lot during that time even though I always did like looking at the positive side of things. Thank you so much Jessica and I hope you enjoy your day/night!!😃🌞🌙😺

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  3. Good morning Steve and hope Thursday will be great 😃
    This is some experience! I can imagine waking up on this :/ But glad the electricity was cut and not like caused some problem with the water it can be so dangerous! And this is great that you always search for the positivity even in such incident and losing many things and this very good! And a reminder to all of us as well 😄
    the merganser shot is really amazing! Couldn’t imagine they even swim this way to search for food!
    Both butterflies are beautiful, spreading their wing or not, good shots! 🌞
    The wild strawberries look really delicious, it’s always enjoyable to cultivate and eat directly 😸
    have a great day ahead and always great to read your experiences and advices 🌞😸

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    • Thanks for reading Huguette, yes, it could have been very dangerous if the electricity was still working there, I probably wouldn’t be here now. yes, 2 ways to look at it, sit and cry or look at the positive side. So much better to look for positive things, there always is some. I like watching the mergansers swimming like that, then they suddenly dip underwater and come up with a minnow. I noticed that even the babies will swim like that sometimes,🙂 but wasn’t able to get a picture.📷 Maybe this afternoon if I go back down there. Those wild strawberries are so good and I have never seen so many!🍓More flavor than the store bought variety, even though they are smaller. The day is going great so far, except perhaps for the lack of internet earlier,😂 and will get better yet! Enjoy your evening!!😃😺

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      • Oh yes it’s dangerous! Thanks God the electricity was cut :/
        Negativity never served anyone, positivity is the way always 😁
        lovely mergansers indeed! hope you’ll have the pic for the babies as well 😁
        Hope your Friday will be great as well and internet is back to normal 😁😺

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      • I was down to the river again yesterday afternoon but the ducks were on the other side of the river unfortunately. Did get some other good pictures though. That is just such a nice walk back there!😄🚶‍♂️ Even picked a few wild blueberries, only a handful were ripe though, but more will be coming. Overall it doesn’t look like a good year for berries though.😕 Have a great day!😃🌞😺

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      • Oh that walk to the river is truly amazing 😃 nobody knows what affect the fruits maybe the weather :/ glad overall it was a good year and you took some good pictures as well 😃 hope today will be productive and fun as well 🌞😺

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      • I wish I had known about that river walk 2 summers ago!🌞 Oh well, it is nice and a healthy walk too which is good. I have a lot to do right here today so may not get too much time outside, but maybe this afternoon for a bit. Enjoy!😃😸

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  4. It is true that we can always look at the positive side of things. Thank you for your great post and amazing photos! Thousands of Blessings to you and everyone!

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      • That’s really awesome but here strawberries are very hard to find and are very costly too!! I get them in very less amount!!
        Really jealous!!😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s too bad, strawberries are my favorite, even when I have to buy them, though I don’t buy them often, especially in winter the prices are high.😃😺😸🍓

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      • Yeah in winter the prices go very high! Strawberries are my favorite too 🍓🍓😺

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