Sunny Sunday Pictures.

Hello everyone on this beautiful sunny morning!  I have noticed several bloggers doing this so thought maybe I would start as well.  Meaning that each Sunday I will post some pictures for your enjoyment.  This is what I have for today, I hope you like them.

Relax and enjoy the pictures.


Cedar waxwings.


Well, I hope you have enjoyed these pictures, have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

43 Comments on “Sunny Sunday Pictures.

    • Thanks so much Simon!! Actually that little squirrel is a female, tired out from looking after her little ones no doubt! Enjoy your Sunday too Simon, it’s beautiful here today!😃🌞🌳😺

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  1. Thank you for sharing more beautiful pictures for the lovely nature and flowers and birds 😊👌and Sylvester? Maybe I’m wrong 🙂
    Hope your Sunday is great so far 🌞🌞😸


    • Thanks for checking them out Huguette. Not Sylvester, this is a squirrel that didn’t come around much, named her Jumper since she liked jumping so much. She got run over by a car last week. Hope her babies were old enough to look after themselves.😕

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      • Oh this is so sad 😕 I’m bad sometimes with distinguishing between squirrels and chipmunks
        Hope her kids are safe 🙁

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      • They should have been old enough to take care of themselves by now.🙂 You probably don’t have squirrels and I know you don’t have chipmunks over there. Squirrels have bushy tails, chipmunks are striped on their body.😄😺🐿

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      • Nope we have none actually 🙂 glad they are old enough though and yes when I see both of them, it’s easier than seeing one only 😸🌞 have a good start of the week 😸

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      • I’m going to do a post on chipmunks soon. Many of my readers never see them since they are mostly a N American animal, though they have spread a bit. Hope your Monday is going great!😃🐿

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      • Yes that will be great actually 😊 Monday is good thank you, regular working day 😊 Hope your day is great as well 😁

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      • It’s a good day so far, staying sunny and finally got a picture of baby geese, though they are quite big now but still look like babies.😃🌞📷😀

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  2. I don’t like them. I ENVY that you’re the one who get to see them and take the shot. 😂 It’s a lovely photos Steve. Thanks for sharing. Have another great day.

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