Marvelous Monday!!

Happy Monday to all my readers on this beautiful, sunny morning!  Even if it is a bit cool. Actually, it’s very cool, only 57F, 14C, this morning.  That’s more like May should be, not July.  Our weather just seems to get cooler every year.  Especially that white season of the year that I really don’t like to talk about in the summer.  However, it is still a beautiful morning.  The sun is touching those emerald green leaves making them glow against the deep blue sky.  That in itself makes this a beautiful day!  And a real country pleasure, which can be enjoyed even in the city.IMG_5097

Beauty is all around us, we just need to open our eyes so we can see it.  Usually on Monday people are feeling terrible because it’s back to work, back to school or whatever. But if we look around us carefully, we can see beauty everywhere.  It could be a little weed poking up through a crack in the cement.  That’s beautiful?  Sure.  It shows us that no matter how hard things get, we can still grow and bloom.  That’s beautiful.  It could be a little sparrow hopping around on the sidewalk looking for whatever bits of food it can find.  It shows determination to not just survive, but thrive as well, no matter how hard things are in life.  That’s beautiful.

White-throated sparrow (slight variation)

Walking down a forest path I stopped to see a tiny wildflower.  It was no bigger than the tip of a babies little finger.  But there it was.  Growing and blooming.  And on that tiny flower, an even tinier flying insect getting nectar.  Amazing things can come in small packages sometimes.  That’s beautiful.  A mother deer came by one morning with her fawn.  That little fawn wasn’t more than a week old.  Mama was a favorite deer of mine and she came over right away for her morning hug.  The fawn stayed far away.  I sat down on the grass.  Mama made this soft gurgling sound and the fawn came slowly but steadily right over to me.  When it was right beside me I let the little fawn sniff my hand. Mama stood tall and proud as she introduced her fawn to me.  That’s beautiful.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera at the time, would have made a wonderful picture.

The very tiny Bicknell’s Cranesbill.

I had a bird feeder one time right outside my window.  At night a family of flying squirrels would come for food.  The mother would regularly sit on my hand and I would bring her inside and give her peanuts.  She enjoyed having her head and tummy rubbed. They have such amazingly soft and thick fur.  One night the mother and both babies sat on my hand to eat.  That’s beautiful.

Watching white puffy clouds floating across the sky on a summer day.  Listening to the cooing of a dove in the early morning.  Watching a bee as it travels from one flower to the next, getting itself covered with pollen.  Seeing your garden growing day by day producing it’s abundance of vegetables, fruits or flowers.  Watching an eagle soaring higher and higher until it’s finally out of sight.  An elderly couple walking down the street holding hands.  All of these things are beautiful.IMG_4986

We moan and groan about Monday.  Why is that?  Perhaps we need to stop and look at all the beauty around us.  Perhaps we need to remember all the beautiful things we have seen in our lives.  Perhaps we need to listen more closely, while we are outside, to all the beautiful sounds we can hear.  Perhaps we need to stop complaining and start being thankful.  That’s beautiful.

Deptford Pinks.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed, or are enjoying, your Monday.  It’s a beautiful day.  The sun is shining here, everything is so lush and green right now, there is so much life out there.  That’s beautiful.  So why waste so much time complaining?  It wastes time, energy and always makes us feel bad.  So what’s the point?  Enjoy the beauty of your day instead, whatever day it is.

Thank you for reading again today, enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


47 Comments on “Marvelous Monday!!

  1. It’s Always great to have reminders like this. Everyday is a good day. Whether we realize it or not. Hopefully we so though.

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    • Thank you so much for reading today and for following Steve’s Country!! I hope you will continue to enjoy it here, have a great day!😃😺


  2. Hey Steve! another beautiful day with you. Thats a cute sparrow😍. What a tiny little flower but you named it so big🤔 Squirrels loves you steve, you have a Fans out der😉. Thats a nice day with you✨. As you said at the end, We should stop complaining what is bothering us around and start being grateful for every little things to stay happy and young forever. Great post steve! Have a good day.✨🤗

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    • Thanks once again for reading Simon!! I always get a bit of a chuckle with that flower, so tiny with such a big name!😀 That squirrel was one of my favorites but it got run over by a car last week.😕 Yes, complaining is just a waste of time and energy and certainly can’t make us happy.🙂 Glad that you enjoyed the post Simon, hope your day is great!!😃🌞😺

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  3. Sorry for the late 🙁
    Beautiful picture Steve 💞 very adorable sparrow….. always grateful for everything we have ..
    Have a great time

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  4. I believe Monday is like other days, what if we had Monday OFF and we needed to start our day on Tuesday? it’s the same, we need to always focus on positivity and beauty
    This sparrow shot is amazing as mush as all these beautiful flowers! Catching the beauty around us and enjoying it is something amazing and we learn to appreciate the small things as well! Like this tiny flower blooming 🙂 I’m sure Mama and her fawn would have made a great picture but sometimes it’s enough to enjoy moments like that I guess 🙂 Same as the squirrels moments, these are priceless I guess 🙂
    Hope your Wednesday will be great, and sorry for being late on the coffee on Monday but I’m having it now 😁😁

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    • Good morning Huguette (afternoon),I’m the same, days are days, why waste so much energy groaning about a certain day?🤔 Thanks for your encouraging words about my photography!😃📷 I have had a lot of great encounters in nature without having a camera and the memory is always clear.😀 Unfortunately people don’t like to believe these things happen without a picture to prove it.😕📷 That’s okay, never a rush, coffee is always on around here!!😄🌞☕😸

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      • It’s always a pleasure having a walk in nature and seeing all these beautiful pictures 🌞 well they don’t need to believe, you know you lived that and you experienced that and this is what matters the most 🙂
        Yes Coffee is always around gladly 😄🌞☕😸 now I’ll have a second cup also, even if it’s afternoon 🙂


  5. Wow! Steve, I realized I had missed this post when I was going through and reading my saved posts to try to get some of my awards done. It must have been a busy day when I had saved this one for later. I’m so glad I did!!! This was an amazingly beautiful post! I am totally in awe at how trusting the mother deer was with you and especially to bring her sweet baby dawn to meet you!!! I truly believe you have a God-given talent. To see the beauty in nature and for that nature to see the beauty in you! Thank you for sharing these encounters with us! You have no idea how refreshing, calming and magical this is in an otherwise chaotic world! God Bless friend! When that Moma deer comes back for a visit, please give an extra hug and tell her Renee says hello😁 🦌

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    • Thank you so very much for reading Renee, it is much appreciated!! Wow, thank you for such kind words Renee, you have helped to make my day so much brighter!! I will let her know next time I see her for sure. Enjoy your weekend Renee!🙂😺

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      • You’re welcome! And you have just made my day much brighter also, with the thought that I will have a part in hugging a deer!! At least in my imagination anyways. 🙂

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      • My pleasure! Sorry for the late reply, we lost our electricity for several hours last night so couldn’t do anything until this morning.🙂


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